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My quest to conquer all crafts!

When I started out as the Crafter's Apprentice, my aim was to try lots of new crafts.  I've tried a few and got hooked on some, but there are so many crafts out there, maybe I haven't found the one that I'll love even more!  So, here's my master list of crafts.  I'm going to tick them off as they're done.  Suggestions for crafts I've missed?  Please leave a comment!

note - I'm only adding "tried" to crafts I've tried since I started my blog, I did a lot of crafts as a child, but I want to try them again!
clicking on information will take you to the Wikipedia page for that technique
clicking on how to will take you to a tutorial for that technique
clicking on pattern will take you to free patterns for that technique
clicking on blogger will take you to a blog where the author writes about that craft (only for the more niche crafts, clearly not knitting/sewing/crochet etc!)
clicking on examples will take you to pictures/ a picture of a completed piece
clicking on the craft name itself will take you to my posts about that craft/technique (only if I've tried it of course!)

If you've written a tutorial / an article / a free pattern for one of the techniques below or you blog about one of the more unusal crafts, please let me know so I can link! 

By the way, every time I come in to add something, Blogger completely wrecks the layout so
excuse me if it looks a mess or items are in the wrong category - it's not my fault!!

Yarn crafts

beaded knitting - how to * 
cable knitting - information * how to * patterns
entrelac - information * how to * patterns
fair isle knitting - information * pattern * blog * how to

finger knitting - information * how to
french knitting / spool knitting / corking - information * how to
illusion knitting / shadow knitting - information * how to
intarsia - information * how to * patterns
knitting - information  * patterns
knitting in the round / circular knitting - information * how to  * how to

lace knitting - information * how to * website * patterns * patterns
loom knitting - how to * patterns * blog

loop knitting - information * how to
sock knitting - how to * patterns * patterns
sock loom knitting - information
amigurumi  - information * patterns 

aran crochet
Bavarian crochet - how to
bead crochet - information * how to * pattern
beaded filet
Bosnian crochet/ slipstitch crochet/ shepherds knitting  - information * how to * pattern
broomstick lace / jiffy lace / peacock eye crochet - information * patterns * how to
bruges lace - information * how to * example * patterns
bullion crochet - information

celtic crochet
clones lace crochet
clothesline crochet
crochet - information * patterns * resource
double-ended crochet / cro-hook / cro-knitting / knook - information * how to * how to * patterns * video how to
filet crochet - information * how to * how to * patterns
freeform crochet - information
hairpin lace - information * patterns
hyperbolic crochet
interlocking crochet -
irish lace - pattern
Jacquard crochet
mosaic crochet
overlay crochet
painted crochet
siberian stitch crochet - 
slip stitch crochet
stained glass crochet
surface crochet -

tapestry /intarsia crochet - information * pattern
tunisian crochet - information * patterns
tunisian crochet in the round
waffle-weave crochet
wiggly crochet 

Other yarn craft-
dorset buttons - how to

dyeing - information
spinning  - information
weaving - information

3d felting
crocheting then felting (fulling) - information * how to * patterns
felting wool (fulling) - information
knitting then felting (fulling) - information * how to * pattern
needle felting - information
nuno felting - information
wet felting - information * how to * patterns *

Fabric crafts
cloth dolls - information

covered buttons
dressmaking -

fabric flowers -
felt toy making -

hand sewing - information -
Kanzashi flowers
leather carving - information
leather work - information
machine sewing - information * patterns -

millinery - information
rag rugging - information
smocking - information

sumami (japanese fabric folding)
upholstery - information
yo yo making -

art quilts - information

corded quilting - information
english paper piecing - how to
foundation paper piecing - information * how to * pattern index
free motion quilting - information * resource * patterns
hand quilting - information

long arm quilting - information
machine quilting - information
patchwork  - patchwork

quilt as you go
shadow trapunto - information
trapunto - information

broderie perse - information - tutorial
hand applique - information -
machine applique - information -
needle turn applique - information 
raw edge applique -
reverse applique - information

Lace Making
bobbin lace - information * how to * pattern * blogger

   - tape lace
   - torchon lace
   - plaited lace
romanian point lace -
tambour lace - information
teneriffe (needle lace on a loom) - information

Trim making

beaded kumihimo
bias tape making
cro-tatting - information
kumihimo (making cord) - information
macramé - information
micro macrame
needle tatting - information
pom pom making - information 

shuttle tatting - information
tassles - information
tatting - information

Beads and jewellery
3d beading - information
beaded beads
beaded boxes
beaded flowers 
bead loom
beaded jewellery - information 

bead quilling
bead stringing
bead weaving - information
chain maille - information
copper clay
crochet with wire
enamelling - information

knitting with wire  -
knotted cord -
loom beading
memory wire 
metal stamping
paper beads
pearl knotting
shrink plastic - information
silver clay - information
soutache - 

twisted wire -
viking knitting -
wig jig
wire weaving
wire work
wire wrapping information

silver smithing

fold forming
hollow forms
lost wax casting
stone setting
rolling mill


Counted thread-
assisi - information * patterns * patterns * how to * examples
bargello - information * patterns * examples * how to * blog

beaded cross stitch
blackwork - information * patterns * resource * patterns
canvas work - information * example * information

celtic cross stitch - information
chicken scratch - information * how to

cross stitch - information 

hardanger - information * pattern * pattern * stitches *
needle point / petit point / tapestry - information * information * information * patterns * stitches  
White work
broderie anglaise - information
candlewicking - information * history
Carrickmacross lace - information
drawn thread - information * how to * tutorial

hedebo - information * examples * information
hem stitching - information
Lefkara lace - information
mountmellick - information * how to
needle weaving - - information
poltava-style drawnwork - - information
pulled thread
schwalm - examples
silesian whitework - example
whitework  - information * patterns
Needle lace
needle lace - information * patterns
   - Aemilia Ars - information
   - Brussels lace - information
   - Carrickmacross lace
   - Coggeshall lace
   - Danish lace / Hedebosyning
   - English lace
   - French lace
   - German lace
   - Irish crochet / Irish lace - information
 -   Lefkaritika or Lefkara Lace - information
   - Limerick lace
   - Merletto - information
   - Spanish lace
   - Venetian point lace
Embroidery techniques
aari - blog * examples
arraiolos - information
bayeux embroidery
bead embroidery - information
Beetle wing embroidery
brazilian - information * examples * patterns * patterns
Broderie Anglais
Canadian weave smoking
Punto Toscano / Punto Antico  - how to * example * information

chikan/Chikankari/Indian shadow work - information * examples * information
colbert - information
couching / laid embroidery - information
crazy quilting - information * blog
crewel embroidery  - information * blog 

cut work - information * patterns * patterns
doodle stitching - 
filet lace - information * how to
goldworkinformation * patterns * blog

guimaraes - website
hand embroidery  - information * patterns * blog 
Indian embroidery
Japanese embroidery
japanese rozashi - information * examples 
kamal kadai / navar work - information * how to
kamal kadai beaded - how to * how to
kantha - information * stitch tutorials * information

kashmiri embroidery / kashida / zalakdozi / aari work - information * information * how to *examples * information
kasuki -
kasuti - 
information * examples * examples * information * how to * how to * how to * example
kogin (Japanese pattern darning) - information * patterns * patterns
kutch work - how to * example * information
long stitch -
naverson - 

needle punch - 
paper embroidery - information
parsi embroidery - information * examples

pattern darning - information * how to
phulkari - information
puncetto / punto avorio - information
rabari embroidery -
reticella / ruskin lace - 
information * how to

sashiko - information
shadow work embroidery -

sichuan - information
silk ribbon embroidery -

silk shading -  * patterns
sitara -

suzani - information
suzhou - information
swedish weaving/huck embroidery - examples * example
tambour work / Point de Beauvais
temari -
ukranian cut work - - information
zardou -
zardozi - 

Embroidery styles
armenian - information * examples/how to
berlin wool work - information
castelo blanco - information
colcha - information * examples
deerfield - information
guangdong - information
hunan - information
hungarian embroidery - * patterns
jacobian - information * patterns
redwork - information * patterns
Richelieu embroidery
rosmaling - examples 
Ukranian counted thread work - information
wessex stitchery - information

(I do not know what half of these are - but I suppose I'll have fun finding out!)

card making  - information  

cartonage (French box making)
collage - information
decoupage - information

dry embossing -
heat embossing -
iris folding - information
marbling - information
origami - information
paper cutting - information * how to

paper flowers
paper making - information
papier mache - information * how to

paper tole / 3d decoupage -
parchment work - information
quilling -
scrapbooking - information 

stamping - information 

bath bomb making
bath salts

cold process soap making - information
hot process soap making - information

lip balms
soap making with moulds - information


dichroic glass
glass blowing - information
glass casting

glass engraving - information
glass etching - information
glass fusing - information
glass painting - 

glass sculpting
lampwork - information

leaded stained glass
stained glass (copper foil) - information

assemblage (3d collage/sculpture) - information

calligraphy - information
doodling - information
drawing - information

encaustic art - information
mod podge

painting - information
tole painting - information

Mixed Media

altered books
artist trading cards
Collagraph plates
create peeled paint effect
Matte Medium
mixed media - information
stamp board


candle making - information
container candles
gel candles - information
soy candles - information

Clay and Ceramics
air drying clay

ceramic painting

hand building
pinch pots
polymer clay beads - information
polymer clay - information
polymer clay extruding
polymer clay millefiori

pottery - information
pottery- slip casting
pottery - wheel work
slab building
slip decorating

Surface Design

botanical printing - 
batik - information
dyeing fabric - information
fabric dyeing: ombre/gradation
fabric painting -

fabric stamping
free motion embroidery  - information-
freezer paper stencilling - information
gilding - information
letter press - information
lino cuts - information
machine embroidery - information
mono printing
photo-sensitive die
rust dyeing
screen printing - information
shibori dying -

silk painting - 
stencilling - information
sun printing - example
tie dyeing - information 
wood block printing - information

black smithing

copper smithing
metal embossing / repoussé and chasing - information
copper scribing
metal work - 

tin punching -


fret work
furniture making
pyrography / wood burning - information
scroll saw
spoon carving
stamp making -
wood carving - information
wood cuts - information

wood turning
wood work - information

wood work with traditional tools

Misc crafts

book binding - information
book folding

book making -
basketry / basket weaving -

clock making - information

concrete art
copper embossing
copper scribing
fantasy film
flower pressing - information

friendly plastic
latch hooking
loom flowers
mould making
mosaic - information
plaster of paris
rope bowls
rope craft - 
rug hooking - information
scraper foil
string art


Mruna Mistry said...

How about adding Ikebana? would that count?

The last list has stamp making twice :p

In the needlework list...
kutch work
chikan ( chikankari )
mirror work
These are all indian embroidery techniques.
You could add Phulkari, Rabari embroidery, Parsi embroidery to that list!

Irina said...

LOL, I can't add anything in that super list, but boy did I add things into mine!!!

...tiktakro... said...

You can add "trapunto " and "shadow trapunto" in quilting section and perhaps "making tassels" in trims ? :D
It would be lovely to be able to link , at least to the definition of, for some curious, interesting at not so usual techniques ( but sooo intriguing :D)
Wonderful list....hmmm...I think that I won't be bored this summer, must try some of these :))

Kristy said...

What a great idea to make this list!!! And the blogger thing, ugh! I totally understand...have had the same problem!

sherri s. said...

Wow, what a list! Love about making Dorset buttons? I LOVE these, and it looks like fun! Something else to try?


Rie said...

I think you've missed...
Buttons - fabric covered

What about spinning, weaving & dyeing yarn or fabric?
and Tyedye?

Em said...

Leaded stained glass (a different technique than soldering)

Trims: bias tape making

Reverse applique

Fabric dyeing: ombre/gradation

A family of boys said...

Great list! Can I borrow it to help keep track of things to try?


RobynLouise said...

Is locker hooking also known as latch hooking? The main knots/stitches used being Ghiordes and Smyrna knots.

Jules said...

Love this! Nothing to add, except thank you for going to all the effort to do this. Just looked up felting! This is a great idea.

Unknown said...

Awesome. This ends my search...

Unknown said...

This is awesome. I've been searching for a list of arts and crafts like this for over 3 months and this is where it ends. Now, I have delve deeper into each item on the list.

M-4-Ideas said...

Your list is tremendous, I hope you have much time to explore everything you find out too ...
My suggestion is similar to freeform crochet, but not the same.
What I've done is crochet over a shirt, complete with all pockets turned inside. This keeps the shape you want, and gets you around the arms and other shaping. I use a curved needle and sew the crochet onto the inside of the shirt when turned outwards as I build up.
You can do any shapes, use up odd bits leftover, make roundels, join by crochet, mix thin wool's together. Sometimes I use thin upholstery cotton wound together, all for the variety.
I use wool from charity shops, all kinds, the more unusual the better.
People have called it 'organic crochet' and I intend to get a small group together to have a natter whilst doing their own crochet.
I've taught many people, and they all love the freedom of doing it, we even do a bit for 10 mins, then pass it onto the next person!
I've never heard of anyone else doing this, but I love it.
I hope you enjoyed this suggestion,

Unknown said...

I'm writing to ask if you could make the link for this pattern available. I noted in the original blog that you were posted in the comments as someone who had downloaded the pattern and had successfully finished the project

the dress ornament is as located here >

I have been trying to no avail to find it. I would love to make a set of these for my 4 sisters. Thanks for your help.

Robin Morey

Preeti said...

Wow !! That's a great master list !! I also like to try various crafts mostly related to needlework but still I find myself rarely come out of my comfort zone of crochet and cross stitch.
You have already added fabric flowers, but there is a specific Japanese flower named Kanzashi flower I like to try. Also maybe you can add one more crochet - painted crochet. This technique uses multiple thin coloured threads and switch one by one to different shades giving an effect of gradual color change.

glassbead, isinglass design said...

What a list! I can't believe you're planning on trying all of this stuff. I'll be adding it to one of my pinterest pages. I think I am a no-reply blogger and likely to remain so, but thank you for your comment on my blog.