Sunday, 20 November 2011

Birthday presents

It was my birthday last weekend so it's about time I showed you my birthday presents - the crafty ones of course!

At the Hobbycrafts show earlier in the month, we came across this amazing glass artist - Sharon Baldry Glass Designs, go and check her out, she's seriously talented.  I fell in love.  Mum told me I could have a piece as a birthday present and I said I'd think about it as it wasn't cheap (and nor should it be), but I kept coming back to stare and in the end we left with this piece:

My photos are seriously not doing it justice.  It also has the added problem of changing colour depending on where you look at it from and the light.  Here's a close up:

It's absolutely incredible.  I've never seen anything like it and this is my first piece of real art! I can see myself adding to the collection with other pieces from this wonderful artist.  She also does fused glass pieces.

I also go another 7 craft books which brings my total to 119!  This doesn't interfere with my pledge not to buy any more craft books (which I've repeatedly broken anyway) as they were gifts.

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As ever, if you want a review on any of these books, or any of the others I have, please just ask.I also got some non-craft books.  As you'll know if you read my last post, I've already finished one of these!  I've always loved books about life in Communist countries/times, perhaps brought about by my time in Poland and travels in Siberia, but I'm also fascinated with polygamy and travel in general.

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I got home made goodies from my ultra-talented mum, along with some books and the stained glass and of course the weekend away (yep, my parents are incredibly generous and just all-round wonderful)

She's knitted me a few of these sparkly scarves before, but knew I wanted a red one.  It's really hard to photograph due to the sparkle.  I'll try again.

Nope, that picture wasn't much better was it!  And I got this gorgeous heather coloured scarf which is unusal as one end tucks through the other - no annoying dangly bits!

Two fat quarters of Sweetwater fabric, pictured here with a metre of Bliss I found in Durham at just £7!

He also bought me a layer cake of Grace.  Oh, and I might have accidentally bought myself a layer cake of Ruby as it was on offer!

For our weekend away, me and Mr CA drove up to Beamish, near Durham (in the North-East of England) to meet my parents.  We stayed at this, very posh, hotel, where I was delighted to discover the had bunnies in a wonderfully big enclosure.  One of them looked just like Colin so we called her Colinette.  We had a day out at the Beamish Museum which is a real treat.  It's a living museum, divided into areas and time periods.  You travel round on old trams or buses from one area to another, including a hall from the 1930s where we saw a spinning wheel (sadly the lady wasn't spinning at the time), a town from 1913 complete with real shops, a pub and a cafe.  I bought these in the drapery shop:

Gorgeous fat quarters at just £1.50 each.  You could go into each of the shops or the bank or the dentist and into the houses and talk to the people "working" there.  We also saw a lady making bobbin lace and she gave us a demonstration.  On to the pit village where we saw rag rug making and 3 gorgeous bunnies!  Unfortunately some areas were closed due to the weather so we hope to visit again in the summer to see it all.  You really need at least a full day there, but the entrance ticket buys you free admission for a year.  I'd really recommend it if you're ever in the area - forget fuddy-duddy museums, this is an experience.

Look at the detail on the end:

How talented is she?  By the way, she sells her knitted creations in our Folksy shop if you're interested:  Fat Bunny Designs

My lovely husband bought me some fabric.  OK, it was off my wish list!


Nancy Lee said...

Happy birthday dear Wendy, happy birthday to you! I hope more surprises and delights await you in the coming year! Your art is lovely. I love glass too. As for your crafts books, well, I would love to have a glance through Kristie's book. I always liked her and Phil on the real estate show they did. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Cheers!

The Dotty One said...

Wow - you did well! I really love the glass piece, v unusual, I'm definitely going to check out her website.
Is the Kirstie Allsop book any good? I was thinking of asking for it for Christmas. I'm a bit alarmed by the very over-photoshopped picture on the front!
Glad you had a lovely birthday :o)

Stitchin' time said...

So who was spoilt on their birthday?? Sounds like you had a great time.
I figure you've told friends/rellies etc that you want books for pressies so you can still keep to your pledge as there's more than one way to skin a cat! The "One Yard Wonders" will warrant a book review so I'll be looking out for anything you make from this.

Allie said...

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL birthday, Wendy! Love that glass. And the books and the scarf and everything - you're so blessed!

Katherine said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Wendy! What lovely gifts your received to mark your special day. I still have some of those very items on my wishlist and thanks to you, I think I would like to add some

Sorry my parcel didn't arrive even in time for your birthday. Maybe it will be there for Christmas? lol