Saturday, 11 February 2012


I got behind on the TAST challenge.  I blame Tunisia (as in my work trip to Tunisia, not the country itself).  OK, so I could have caught up with the one week I'd missed when I got back, but I just kept putting it off.  I considered dropping out but I'm sick of dropping out of stuff and I really want to see this challenge through.  So I sat down and just TASTed.

I'm joining in with

Week 3 was the feather stitch.  I'd already mistakenly done some feather stitch during week 1 when I got confused and thought it was a continuous version of fly stitch.  But I did some more.

I had some random spools of variegated thread.  I think they're around perle 8 in size, but they're not branded.  Do I mean perle 8?  Is that thinner than perle 12?  If not then I mean perle 12.  The first one is a normal feather stitch, then there's one with long arms, then one with straight arms and finally a circle and a square, just because.  I actually really like that circle.

Week 4 was cretan stitch.  I struggle with this one.  I did some of it recently on my Embroidery Journal Challenge (also not abandonned, just very very late) and found it really hard.

Yep, still struggling.  The first three are just attempts at getting it to look like cretan stitch, then I tried lacing it and finally a close cretan stitch which is rubbish.  I think I might have been better off working on Aida, but I thought the linen would be better for surface embroidery.

Week 5 was herringbone stitch.  LOVE IT. 

I tried ordinary herringbone, then one a whipped version, a tied version, a twisty version and a veryclose version.  Then at the bottom is a laced one and one where I did two lines of back stitch, then put the herringbony bit on top without going through the fabric.  I should have offset the bottom set of stitches, but as I didn't read the instructions properly, I got this version. 

And finally, week 6 which was the chevron stitch.  Wow, how boring.

I didn't play around with this one much as it was boring.  One ordinary line, then stacked one on top of the other.  Yawn.  The blue in the corner is week 2.

Here they are all together, just room for one herringbony-type stitch or one chevron-type stitch - depending on how much I like it!  TAST week 7, I'm ready for you!


Celtic Thistle said...

Well done for persevering with the challenge. Some of these stitches look very complicated to a novice like me, even the boring ones :)

Sandra :) said...

Good for you getting caught up! Now we expect to see all kinds of embroidered projects coming out of your craft studio ;)

The Dotty One said...

Ooooh pretty - I like! Especially the feather stitch. Have you got a plan for something to embroider when you've learnt all the stitches?

Allie said...

You are doing so well with this, Wendy! It's funny, I think a lot of my sewing machine's decorative stitches are based on these. You know, the ones I never use, lol. I'll have to try them out and see!

Ady said...

I was working on a project today and was thinking of incorporating some embroidery stitching but couldn't decide what to do. I settled for a plain cross-stitch in the end - I should have visited your blog first. Great samples of decorative stitches, Wendy.

Raphaela said...

Beautiful TAST sampler. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.

Katherine said...

Fun sampler, Wendy! Glad you're sticking with TAST. Happy stitching!