Friday, 8 June 2012

doily gone wrong + fabric + cards

I meant to post yesterday and just completely forgot, and now today I'm having the most stressful day in living memory!  Work is a nightmare and I bought the wrong colour tile-paint. Perhaps not a nightmare on its own, but it does mean that Mr CA couldn't paint the bathroom tiles and is working this weekend so now I'M going to have to do it!

I'm taking 2 minutes out of my nightmare to whip up a quick post!  It's all over the place this post, a bit like my brain today.

Random topic number one - big fat fail
I don't know if you remember I told you I was working on a doily and it wasn't going well?  It turned out that I was using the wrong hook.  Oh, the number was correct, but a UK 6 and a US steel 6 are very different creatures...  why??? why do we need 2 systems??

Here's how it was looking:

I frogged it and started again.  It's going much better with a smaller hook, but each round is taking me twice as long as it should as I get to the next round and realise I made a mistake at the beginning of the last round!  I didn't get an in-progress shot but I will soon.

Random topic number 2 - my first FQ bundle

I mentioned to my brother that I'd love to make another quilt for my nephew, my brother was quite chuffed, so I got online and looked at fabric.  I already knew which line I wanted to use.  Over at Prints to Polka Dots I found a bargain FQ bundle and snapped it up.  Want to see?

Yum!  I laid it all out so you could see the different prints.  I just fancied bragging about it!  For any US readers that are amazed I've never bought an FQ bundle before - this cost me £50 (€75), and that was on sale.

Did you see in the corner of the top picture my sewing machine cover?  That's the back which faces the window and all the prints are so faded now!  I real lesson about what sunlight does to fabric.

Random topic number 3 - lovely gift from a friend

I think you may have noticed that I'm joining in the Zakka Style SAL?  One of my friends Fiona is in Latvia and couldn't get hold of the magnetic sheet for week 6.  I said I'd send her some and look what she sent me in exchange!

Luscious, luscious Latvian linen!  Love that green... and a wonderful card.  I can't believe I recognised the buildings in this, it was 9 years ago that I visited the beautiful city of Riga.  She also sent me some chocolate, but I scoffed that. 

Random topic number 4 - Beaded cards

I showed you my teeny-tiny beading a week or so ago.  I made them up into cards at the weekend and I'm pretty chuffed with them.  Somethign tells me everyone will be getting beaded cards this year...

I needed to make an acceptance card for a colleague's wedding reception and an engagement card for my brother and his lovely missus, so I decided to do them both the same and just change the wording.

Very simple, the beading is attached to card and layered on gold card.  The wording is embossed and layered up the same way.

Random topic number 5 - my competition

I have had 10 entries for my competition so far - 10!  I can't believe it, I really didn't think anyone would enter!  But you've still got plenty of time ladies, remember, there's a prize!  To read about it, go here.  You can enter as many times as you like, enter by adding your link to the comments of that post or email me directly.  I have other comments on that page too and as I'm taking email entries, what I'm going to do is write a "final" post with a picture of each project and a link, plus a number.  I'll use that to choose my winner.  The more entries you submit, the more chances to win and it doesn't have to be sewn!

Random topic number 6 - a giveaway

I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by telling you about other people's giveaways, but this one is too good to miss.  Shape Moth is running a giveaway to celebrate the launch of a new German sewing supplies on-line shop  There are loads of prizes to be won and it's open until the 7th July.

Random topic number 7 - my Friday evening

Mr CA is on site tonight.  I will be working til quite late I think, then I have to go to B&Q to buy tile paint.  Mr CA bought some in Brilliant White.  We then decided it wouldn't match the Antique White we were painting the walls so I took it back.  It was traumatic, I don't think the shop assistants had a brain between them and said I couldn't exchange it for a different colour as I didn't have my husband's credit card on me.  Make sense?  Erm no.  I "talked" them round.  I bought Ivory.  Hubby painted the tiles (thankfully only a few).  It's yellow.  I'm going back to buy Brilliant White.  Then I'm going to the tip.  Then I'm going to Asda. 

I know, I know, I have the most exciting life you've ever know.  Seriously, I could weep.


SJ Scott said...

Absolutely love the beaded cards! Brilliant!

Sandra :) said...

Yes, those beaded little bits really are adorable - I have the book on my official wishlist now - I *need* it :D Love the FQ set - I've never bought an entire line of fabrics - I think I've gotten sets of about 8 FQ's but that's about it. I prefer to let someone else do the color and pattern matching for me - bundles are the way to go!

Celtic Thistle said...

I love your beaded cards, I think you will need to do a tutorial on them soon as I have a few birthdays coming up and they would be ideal!

Who would have thought that two crochet hooks with the same number could be different sizes, not me that is for sure? Crazy system!

Hope you get the bathroom sorted. Maybe you should go for shadow stripes to account for the variations in the whites :)

Glad you liked the linen and the chocolate!

Fiona said...

The beaded card are amazing.. such dainty work....
Fantastic linen ....

JoJo said...

LOVE the beaded cards!!! Sorry about the doily though! I had a major stencil fail this week but kept at it till it worked!

Kara at Petals to Picots said...

Tomorrow will be better:)

Pam said...

Love the beaded cards... stunning!!!

Nancy Lee said...

Jessalou Wendy! That FQ bundle is so cute, but at that price, you could save up a bit more and get a plane ticket to North America and do some serious fabric shopping. I ran into a friend today at Fabricland. She found some fabric to make tablecloths for our local sheltered workshop. It was $2 a meter on clearance. It was a $1 per meter if she had a membership. She didn't. I put it on mine. She bought the whole bolt for $11. It was Liz Claiborne cotton home decorating fabric.I am sad for you. :-( and not just about the tiles...

Just-Do said...

Did you really write this post in 2 minutes?! LOL. And what a nice post it is again. The doily going wrong: well, I always think of this kind of mistakes as if I just have to make them to get a step further. They are kind of one step in the proces, aren't they?
The bundle is gorgeous. And I agree with you, the prices for these in Europe are way over the top. It's usually cheaper to order them in the USA, but I'm afraid that when we all would do that, there won't be a quilting shop left over here.
groetjes, Dorien

mdgtjulie said...

It's exciting to those of us who aren't living it, Wendy. Love the beaded cards. They're darling. And have fun with the quilt. I can't sew a straight line, lol, so I've never made one.

Allie said...

You get a lot more excitement than I do, lol. LOVE those beaded cards, your fq bundle [aren't they exciting!!!] and your gifts!!