Saturday, 30 June 2012

Glass Class update

Good morning.  I'm up bright and early this morning, not through choice, but because my stepdaughter requested that I pick her up so she could talk to me about boys!

I haven't shown you a glass update for a while, I missed a class through migraine, then I just got too busy, but all the glass fusing is done now so it seems a good time to show you.

I've shown you the rose before, but here's a little reminder in case you weren't paying attention!

Above is the stem, three leaves and the square.  I mentioned in my last glass post that the tutor had accidentally slumped my square, then I didn't explain what I meant, just assuming you all know what that means.  You can create glass bowls by placing your piece on top of a form which is shaped like a bowl.  As it gets hot in the kiln, the glass slumps down into the mould and takes on its shape.

I love the texture on the leaves.  For glass fusing you start with a base shape of clear glass.  You then add your coloured glass on top.  I left a gap round the edge as these pieces will be encased in the lead strips to form the window.  I also left a gap in the middle as I like the effect.  I hope you can make it out in the picture above.  Fused glass is very tactile, it's smooth and rounded at the edges.

You can see above where the pieces fit onto my pattern.  The stem is made up of three fused sections.  The top and bottom sections are similar to the leaves, the middle section is made up of small squares of glass.  My colours aren't great in the above photo, it all looks a bit dull and flat, but it's actually more vibrant than that.

Now the fusing is done, I've started the long task of cutting the stained glass for the background.  This won't be fused, but will be leaded to join the parts together.  We only have 1 class left before the end of term, then there's no more classes until September.  I've ordered a glass cutter and some pliers and I've picked out some pieces of glass so I can get the cutting done over the summer. 

I'm afraid you'll have a long wait until you see the next step which is the leading!

I'm going to spend a couple of hours catching up on my blogging, then I think I'll spend the rest of the day sewing.  I have a Zakka Style project to do and I agreed to be a pattern tester for a bloggy friend - it's due to be finished tomorrow but I'm really not sure if I'll get to it.

Hopefully bloggy service will now be resumed, but please feel free to link up your LANT projects in the meantime in case I run out of things to blog about!!

Oh, I saw that one of my projects had been pinned, it was my post about Ungar and the pinner had commented that my blog also has really cute pictures of real life bunnies.  I thought I'd better live up to that.

Here are Colin and Ellis, contemplating going upstairs, but not sure if they have the energy!

And here are Harry and Tiff, wondering why a massive bag of rabbit poo is sitting outside their hutch...

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Just-Do said...

Oh and aah! This glass is so beautiful. The finished piece will certainly be worth waiting for.

Sandra :) said...

HAHA I'm glad you explained slumping -I had no idea what it was, and I meant to ask you but didn't get around to it :D The glass piece is coming along beautifully - it seems some of the pieces are "bumpy" (background pieces) and some look like they were poured - is that because the bumpy ones were cut, and the poured-y looking ones were constructed somehow?

Ady said...

Wow - that is going to be spectacular when done. can't wait to see the finished piece. Your bunnies are so cute.

Celtic Thistle said...

Hope the "boy talk" went well!

Your glass window is coming along nicely, I guess glass is something that you just can't hurry with. It will, undoubtedly, be worth the wait.

JoJo said...

Beautiful glass work!!! And adorable little buns too!!

Gill Pinkney said...

hi Wendy, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. I have enjoyed looking at your blog and am amazed and delighted by the number of varied craft activities you enjoy. The glass piece you are working on is beautiful.

Sarah said...

That rose is wonderful, love the placement on the background. Also love your blog title.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my embroidery.

Recipes We Love said...

That is so neat and pretty!

Liz said...

The glass looks great!! I want to learn that, too! Liz

Lelanie Denso said...

I can't wait to see the final look of this work of art! thanks for sharing and have a fun weekend!