Thursday, 5 July 2012

Purse palooza - project bag

Hello again ladies!  I've been sewing again.  About bloody time, I can hear you all cry.  I've finally got my backside into gear and made something for the Purse Palooza extravaganza.  Oh, does Palooza mean the same as extravaganza?  Someone did tell me what it meant, but I've forgotten...

But, before we get to that, I have to arouse some jealousy in you.  I've been winning giveaways!  I won a total of 3 in the past couple of weeks.  First up, I won a bundle of Vintage Summer by Blend Fabrics on a giveaway at Sugar Bee Crafts, the fabric was very generously donated by Skye Reve Fabrics.

I didn't know this range before I won it, but it's gorgeous!  Look!  If you want to see the full range, go here.

I also took part in the Bella Solids parade, hosted by Mommy's Nap Time and 13 Woodhouse Road and sponsered by Fat Quarter Shop.  I was lucky enough to win 2 yards, in my favourite colours!  These are mauve and indigo, the photo is really crap, I'm sorry!

I am so in love with the Vintage Summer fabric, that I had to make something right away.  And something for ME.  I did toy with the idea of making a quilt, but I don't really have time, even for a lap quilt.  What I do need is project bags to keep my ever-growing pile of WIPs organised and clean.  Another bonus would be that I could enter it into the Purse Palooza.

First up was a bag for my cross stitching and embroidery projects.  I have a few that fit in my 11" Q-snap frames.  Yes, frames.  My mum bought one but doesn't get on with it so she gave it to me!  I knew a tote bag would be the best choice, but I didnt want it to be a boring old tote.  I had a flick through 200 Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match by Davina Thomas and chose the "Three Patch Quilt Block".  But I had a problem.  Or rather two.

Firstly, it didn't tell me the finished size of the block, but I guessed it'd be around 6" from the measurements given.  I wanted mine to be 12". 

Secondly, it didn't tell you how to construct it!  So I wung it.  I took some photographs of the process, not as a tutorial but rather as a "how would you have done it oh experienced patchworker??"

I guessed I needed a rectangle about 7 x 3.5" for the base.  I knew I needed to add a HST to each end, but wasn't sure what size or even how, so I cut a 5.5 inch square and cut it in half.

I folded the rectangle to find the centre and drew a diagonal line.  I held the triange RST with the rectangle and sewed along that line.

I pressed, then drew another line on the back and sewed on the other HST in the same way.  I realised that I'd end up without a point to the blue triangle, so then sewed it again 1/4" to the side.  Open and press and this is what I had.

I trimmed a seam allowance, then trimmed the block.

Rather a lot of waste!  I sewed the other squares either end of the horizontal blocks, then added the white centre.  I was rather chuffed with it at this point.  I'd read a tip which said to match points you should pin the seams.  It works!! 

There is a slight problem with this block though.  See the top and bottom triangle blocks?  Yep, I think I trimmed too much, or sewed too wonkily.  Never mind!

I've wanted to make something with appliqué bunting for ages.  I cut some ribbon, unsewed my seam allowances a little to thread the ribbon through, then appliquéd the bunting triangles on top.  Very festive, if slightly puckered...

A bit more maths... I sashed the block, then sewed up the shell and boxed the corners, without loosing the sashing!  Yay for me!  A couple of simple handles and I was away.

I added a flush zip to the back so I can put scissors or a pack of needles or something in there if I want to take my project out.

I lined it with another of the Vintage Summer fabrics.  I love red and pink together.

Here you can see a bit of my favourite of the fabrics poking out as the pocket lining.  I am regretting using that up now, but hey, fabric is to be used, not to be stared at!

And here it is in action with my half-done cross stitch hanging out.  It was when I took this photo that I realised I'd forgotten to add a hanging tag to clip my book-ring of threads onto... damn, I wish I had a memory!

I have plans for more project bags, drawstring ones for my crochet projects (I desperately need one for my giant doily rug as I spilt coffee on it yesterday!) and a couple of zippy bags for smaller projects, sets of thread etc.  I'll make them all in the same fabrics so they look lovely in my living room. 

Now I just need to get them done by the 11th to enter them in the Purse Palooza, when's the 11th?  Next Wednesday?  Oh, maybe not then.  I've got a class on Saturday, something jewellery making but I can't remember what!  If anyone knows of a memory for sale, please let me know!

Don't forget to enter my Something Old, Something New competition.  The deadline is 31st July and there is a prize!

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Celtic Thistle said...

I haven't come across that Vintage summer line either but it looks lovely, I could really do with someone sending me 2 yds of solids though!

There is a way to make your flying geese units without wasting so much fabric, have a look at this tutorial

I like your bunting, very summery :)

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Lovely bag - I love those fabrics! Celtic Thistle has a good idea with that tutorial. That sawtooth star block will be easier for you next time:).

Sandra :) said...

I've ordered from Sky Reeve Fabrics before - I love how they package their goodies!

Great project bag - very Purse Palooza-y :D

Lelanie Denso said...

this turned out so cute! I am definitely pinning this.

thanks for sharing and have a fun weekend!