Monday, 16 July 2012

Wiggly bags

Hiya ladies, I hope you all had a lovely weekend?  Mine was quite nice, though it went so fast.   I didn't get much sewing done as I wasn't feeling great on Saturday, I think I'm run down as I just wanted to sleep.  I did have a small nap on the sofa which is most unlike me, it's hard to sleep whilst crocheting! 

On Saturday I made some wiggly bags for the Olivia Holmes Foundation.  I read a request on the Brit Quilt Flickr group by the lovely lady at Strawberry Patch asking if anyone could help out making a wiggly bag for kids in hospital.  I'm not entirely sure what goes in them, but I think it's their bag of medicine.  Anyway, if it helps sick children, even just a tiny weeny bit, then I'm in.  I have loads of novelty fabrics which I think will work well for younger children. 

If you think you can make some of these, you can find the pattern here and just leave a comment on the post.  You'll get an email with the address to send them to. They really are quick and easy.

I made one to test out the pattern, not that it needed testing, I mean to make sure I understood it correctly.  I did.  This is quite small, I started off with 6" squares and after the french seams it ended up just under 5".

Yep, that's right, french seams!  I had no idea what they were before I started this project so I've learnt something too!  There's a piece of velcro on the inside to hold the bag closed.

I cut out loads of 6" squares, but didn't have enough ribbon to match the bags, I need to go and buy some more, oh how terrible for me!

It was nice to finally use some of these fabrics up.  They started life as fat quarters and I've been using small bits for loads of projects, most of them are now gone or there are just a few scraps left.

I'm hoping to get time next weekend to sew some more up.  I've got some cut out that I think will suit older boys who I bet are the hardest to sew these for.  If you think you can donate some small scraps of fabric, a length of ribbon and 15 minutes of your time, I urge you to join in and make some!  I'm pretty sure these are required in hospitals in other countries too (this project is UK based of course), try googling it if you'd like to help locally.

Don't forget to enter my Something Old, Something New competition.  The deadline is 31st July and there is a prize!

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Celtic Thistle said...

I am sure making all these dinky little bags will help to put a spring back in your step! Ribbon (and fabric?) shopping will no doubt help too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm going to make a couple of these tonight. They're for a child's "wiggly" which is a nickname for the tube (Hickman line) attached to their chest to give blood and medicine and stuff. It makes me very squeamish thinking about it (poor souls, I couldn't do it) so I like your thought of medicines better!

Jane said...

What clever little bags and the fabric is perfect. They should bring some smiles to the happy recipients

JoJo said...

Those are adorable and I'm sure will be cherished by the kids and their families!

Sandra :) said...

Cute bags - and you can also file them under LANT!

Fiona said...

Lovely cause to support.... and those are such sweet fabrics you have used I'm sue they will bring some smiles...

Gilly Tee said...

I have some fabric that would be great for those bags, will have to see what I can do.

Allie said...

Wendy, you are just the sweetest. What a great cause, and great bags!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to use up fabric leftover from other projects and are sure to bring a smile to the children who will be using them.

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

these are great! would love it if you could share them on my linky party that runs from Saturday till Thursday @

I Gotta Try That said...

Cute little bags Wendy. If you get a chance come add them to my linky party on Monday!
I Gotta Try That

Liz said...

Lovely little bags! Liz

Unknown said...

what cute bags and what a great cause. I would love to make some but then I'd have to wait until the tourist season ends as I am so swamped with work : ( thanks for sharing though. I am bookmarking the site so I can get back to it later when I can get back to sewing. I am pinning this project, by the way! I hope to see you at the party this week.

Have a great weekend!


The Olivia Holmes Foundation said...

Hi Wendy
From us all at the Olivia Holmes Foundation thank you very much for the lovely wiggly bags. These will be such great help to the children with Hickman Lines keeping them safe and clean.

Best Wishes
Lisa Holmes (Olivia's Mum)

Face Book Olivia Holmes-Foundation

Unknown said...

Anyone know who I can ask to make these or can anyone make them and send them to the Seattle's Children's Hospital there in need of them