Saturday, 29 June 2013

nightmare hat

I have just realised all my recent posts are sewing-related... my apologies for my non-sewing readers, I will try to do something else in the near future!  

This, my ladies, is #21 fleece baby hat from the infamous list.  Perhaps not so infamous...  It is taken from Scandinavian Needlecraft, so also counts towards my craft book challenge.  Links to two of my ridiculously long lists in one paragraph, doing well.

I started this hat ages ago and abandoned it as the fleece was impossible to sew.  Then I bought some Stitch n' Tear and thought it would work for the fleece.  Then I lost the Stitch n' Tear.  I strongly suspect that Sandra stole it, but she's returned it now so the hat could go on.

I had completed all the embroidery and thought I'd sewn the motifs in place, but found the snowflake only attached by a pin.  I didn't think to measure, or make sure it was straight or anything sensible like that, I just sewed it in place.  Hmmm, bit wonky then.  Just like the bird!

Every seam that was sewn was ripped out and resewn.  It took me ages to fold up the hem and then stitch it and I was finally left with a little circle to stitch to the top.  I didn't even attempt it, it was clearly NEVER going to happen so I didn't try.  I hand stitched the opening closed in a "funky" pattern (i.e. the only thing I could think of) instead.

The hat was given to my friend who had a baby boy a few weeks ago, but clearly he won't be wearing it for a few years, it's enormous!  I'm not sure if the pattern was off or it just stretched a LOT whilst sewing.

The seams should have been topstitched with a zigzag in a contrasting colour.  I tried twice.  Even I have my limits and clearly they come from sewing this fleece.  Oh, it came from a blanket I bought in IKEA for a couple of quid.  I thought it was a real bargain.  My sewing machine disagreed and won the ensuing fight.

So pleased it's done, even if it is a little odd.


Celtic Thistle said...

Yay for a double list hit! Way to go :)

Baye said...

That Sandra! So this is how she does so much sewing!

Sometimes I just have to admit defeat with a project. That hat was sooo much work! I'd have chucked it. Congrats on the patience to finish. It's cute as can be and will keep someone nice and warm.

Sandra :) said...

I stole - I stitched - I tore - I returned - life is good, and the gnomey hat is cute!

JoJo said...

You're getting there!!!!

heart of charnwood said...

Cute hat, and it would probably fit your head if you borrowed it back :o)

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Seriously cute hats - even if it sounds like they about made you tear your hair out in the making of them!

Jane Galley said...

It may have been a nightmare to stitch, but it has charm, and will be loved