Sunday, 18 August 2013


I'm having a bit of a bracelety week.  It all started when I decided it was about time I made the Shamballa bracelet I've been promising my friend for donkey's years.  I had to look up the instructions as I'd forgotten how to do it.  It took all of about 15 minutes - why do we put off the things that don't take long to do?

She chose the baby pink Shamballa beads, not my style!

When I'd finished that, I thought I'd make one for myself with some chunky clear beads lined with copper.  Black seemed to be the only choice of cord.

I like the way this looks better than the Shamballa beads.  I used 6 knots between each bead, the same as for the pink bracelet.

A final attempt was called for.  I had some wooden beads in the colours of the rainbow and I went for white cord this time.  As the beads were quite big, I only did 4 knots between each one.

I'm undecided as to how much I like this one.  I like the colours but I think the beads might be too big.  I'll probably wear it a few times and see how I feel about it.

More braceleting to come this week...


Maria said...

I love all three of them. I've been looking at tutorials for doing this kind of closure on bracelets and have pinned some to my pinterest board. Now I hope it doesn't take me as long as it did you to make one. LOLL

Alison said...

The bracelets are gorgeous, the last one is my favourite!


JoJo said...

I love all of them! So totally my style! :D The art of knotting eludes me.

Cath said...

They look lovely. I've always fancied making these. They are quite popular at the moment .X

Anna said...

Beautiful all of them ! Love the first one !
Have a nice week !

Jane Galley said...

I think I prefer the middle one too, but your friend will be delighted with hers, it's beautifully made

moira said...

nice. my MIL is looking for black cord like that - perhaps you could let me know where you got it?

Anonymous said...

I really like the second one you made, but all three are great.