Monday, 31 March 2014

March round up

It's the end of the month, we've all lost an hour's sleep and, if you're anything like me, are very grumpy about it, so let's have a look how my challenges for March went.


This month was g
oldwork and I worked on a goldwork canvas piece.  As it happens, I finished it well in time, but haven't had a chance to show you yet, watch this space!


This month on the Sew Kitschy paper piecing bom we had a bowl and wooden spoon.  I got it finished and made another trivet.  I still haven't done February's cookie jar.


The first quarter of the 2014 FAL is over.  I failed miserably!

         1. Restart and finish Crewel Flowers - YES!! This, I did do.

         2. Finish hooking my rug - yeah, no, I didn't.
         3.  Finish Jacob's quilt - so close!  this may have happened had my darning foot not died on       
         4. Sew chair cushions for my dining room - I thought about it once or twice, does that count? 
         5. Handquilt/machine quilt my And Sew On quilt - I'm taking this out of the running until I've 
             taken Trudi's FMQ class in June
         6. Finish the wrist warmers I'm crocheting - didn't happen, and now it's spring so I won't need 
             them, she says, hopefully.
         7. Cross stitch the last Silhouettes picture for my dad - and another fail!


Something Old, Something New

Crewel flowers was my "old", so success!  Goldwork was my new and that was successful too!


Something New for 2014

I shared my Soutache attempts and I also learnt to do goldwork on canvas.


A Lovely Year of Finishes

My goal for this one was Jacob's quilt.  Fail.


Craft Book Sew along

I made a cushion from Playful Petals, which I also reviewed.


Rainbow Scrap Challenge

March's colour was teal/aqua.  I didn't join in as I'd already made my blue scrap bucket.


Smalls SAL

Not this month.


Sampler Along

This month was crewel, so I elected not to join in.  I'm looking forward to the next one though.


So, all in all I failed but not particularly spectacularly with 8/18.  Never mind, April is another month!

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Jane Galley said...

Oh, don't think of it as failure, you just didn't get as much done as you'd like. Can't wait to see the goldwork in all it's glory

margaret said...

well done your crewel work is beautiful, you have certainly achieved a lot this month, looking at your list I do not think all that could have been achieved if you stayed up all night but you did do plenty very good

Christine said...

I think you've achieved a lot. I particularly like the leaf design cushion

Rachel said...

You've done a fair amount, all the same, and life in general does have a habit of interfering with our good intentions!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Don't think of it as failing - you got so much done! I don't think I finished a thing this month :S I really like that cushion you made with the flower petals, and the crewel flowers!

Sandra :) said...

You got 8 projects done on your To Do list - I'd say that's pretty good!

JoJo said...

Well I think you got lots done!

Sheryl S. said...

The crewel work is lovely, really pretty flowers. I´m interested in the goldwork and am looking forward to seeing the finished design.

SuperMomNoCape said...

I think you did great! And everything is so pretty.

Jo Ferguson said...

Oh how I wish thinking about a goal was the same as finishing it. I'd be a huge You did great on your goals and you've accomplished some absolutely beautiful finishes. You should be proud of yourself and take the word "failure" out of your vocabulary. Sometimes life happens and we simply can't finish our goals. That's the excuse I'm going with.

Karen Nagle said...

It really can't be a failure when you're being so much more productive than you would if you hadn't set yourself some goals. You're creating beautiful things and enjoying the process and that's what matters. Thank you for such a lovely blog.
Karen x