Monday, 1 September 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I know some of you don't like blog hops, and I'm not so keen on the 2-week long ones with 20 people each day, but I do like this one as it's one blogger leading to three others, who lead to three others... I've found some fab blogs to follow through this hop.  Today I'm joining in.  So here we go (intro shamelessly copy-and-pasted!)

I was invited to join in on the Around the World Blog Hop by Kris from Sew Sunshine
The idea is I get invited by someone. Then when it is my turn I get to tag 3 other bloggers in my post. The following week those three write a post and tag their own 3 bloggers.
I have 4 questions to answer, I hope you're interested enough to read on, but if not, skip to the bottom and go and visit my nominees, you may find your new favourite blog or a new bloggy friend:

1. What am I working on? 

Lots of things!  I'm a serial starter.  Here's a few of them:

This is a large blackwork sampler.  I love all kinds of needlework and I'm a bit obsessed with this one, I find it hard to put down.  You can see more in this blog post, including links to the previous posts on the subject.

This is a Stained Glass quilt I'm making, using Cuzco by Kate Spain.  I started this a good 2 years after the quilt-along finished!  You can read about it here.

That's pretty much all I can show you as I am terrible at taking photos of works in progress.  Other projects currently on the go are a knitted rabbit, a kumihimo necklace, a bead embroidered brooch, a quilt using Bluebird Park, a wall hanging using fusible bias tape, a large cross stitch, a small embroidery and a crochet dishcloth.  Maybe one day I'll get round to showing you.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I don't think it does.  I don't have a style of my own, I use a lot of other people's patterns (I'm a craft book addict and not ashamed of it).  I don't think there's anything wrong with that as if no-one followed patterns, no pattern designer would ever make money.

Where I do think I'm a little different to many crafters is that I'm multi-craftual.  I wouldn't like to only quilt or only embroider, I like to do it all, try everything, have a go at new skills and techniques.

I also like to focus on my mistakes and failures.  This makes some of my readers annoyed or even angry and they tell me off.  But I don't mind my failures, it's fine.  If I've messed it up, I'm going to show you.  I certainly don't want to come across as one of these "perfect" bloggers who makes "perfect" stuff and takes "perfect" photos.  OK, you can pick yourselves up off the floor now you've enjoyed that good laugh.

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 

Because a life where I only go to work, watch TV and sleep would be very, very dull.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Generally I spot something - a pattern in a book, something on Pinterest or on someone's blog, or I see some fabric or something else that triggers an idea in my head.  I either then find all the supplies I need and get going, or a I buy the bits I need and wait for them to arrive, or I store it on my massive to-do list.  Occasionally I'll start and finish, more often I'll start, then start something new, then something else, then go back to the first project for a while.  I don't have a fixed way of working at all.

I do have more of a system with blog posts.  I try to post every 2 days.  I only get a chance to take photos at the weekend (especially as we're now heading into the dark end of the year), so I tend to write a few posts and schedule them throughout the next weeks.  Sometimes this means eeking* them out to one post every three days, other times I'm squeezing in a post a day.  Not having posts ready makes me anxious.  Yes, I know that's stupid, but I can't help it.  It's the same when I know we're running out of Marmite or milk, and especially toilet roll.  The panic of the last roll... not good for my heart.  

*I can't figure out how to spell that!

Anyway, got a bit sidetracked there, where was I?

Ah yes, on to my nominees.  I have chosen three ladies who are also multi-craftual.  They will be posting next Monday so make sure you go and visit.

First up is Jo who blogs at Explorations in Stitch. Jo is a quilting, appliqueing, cloth doll making, beading adventurer into all things fibre.  She's always working on plenty of fab projects, so go and see what she's up to now.

Then we have Wendy.  Yep, another Wendy.  She blogs at Wendy's Quilts and More.  She makes some amazing quilts, including a medallion one she's currently working on.  She also does needlework, you should see her gingerbread village, and wool applique.

My final nominee is Chris who blogs at UK City Crafter.  I emailed Chris asking if she'd like to join in, but didn't get a response (I hope she's just on holiday), but I think she's worth checking out anyway!


Rachel said...

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..."

It's always good to find out more about fellow bloggers, and the range of things they do.

You aren't the only one with "posting anxiety". I have it to an advanced degree!

margaret said...

your blackwork is coming along beautifully, so good to see a photo of it all. Also really like the quilt you are working on when you can tear yourself away from the blackwork

Anna said...

Tout est très beau !!! Mais ta broderie est vraiment magnifique !!!!!
Have a great week !

pennydog said...

I decided to do this blog hop too, even though I hate them. I think that's because technically, this is a meme....

"I also like to focus on my mistakes and failures. This makes some of my readers annoyed or even angry and they tell me off."
- WHAT?!?!?

Eking out was nearly right ;)

Celtic Thistle said...

What, you a serial starter no I find that hard to believe :) Think you have coined a new word too with your multi-craftual, it's a good one!

Celtic Thistle said...

What, you a serial starter no I find that hard to believe :) Think you have coined a new word too with your multi-craftual, it's a good one!

Kris said...

Wendy I can relate to being a multi-craftual too! It is all good. I focus on my mistakes to but then I try not to show them..ha I know they are there I am already dwelling on it. :)I don't know how you get all these crafty things done. I can't wait to see more of your fun blog in the future. Thanks for playing along.

Fran said...

I love Kate Spain fabric, that will be a fabulous piece when it's finished.

Jane said...

This definitely made me smile this morning. I'm definitely with you on wanting to try everything

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

I didn't realize that you did stained glass too. That would be very interesting to try. I'd also like to do mosaics, provided I had a good selection of old china to use. So many hobbies, so little time!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh I love (insert any color here)-work, but this is the most fantastic blackwork I've seen. I'm off to read your original post about it.

Allie said...

I love everything you create, and I love how brave you are to jump right in and try something new, and I love how you always make me laugh!

Jo Ferguson said...

That was a great post. I follow your blog, as much for your work, as I do for how you write. I love the whole package so don't change a thing. You know I'll be checking out Wendy's(the other one)and Chris's blogs. Thanks for the nomination.

Jo Ferguson said...

PS: The stained glass and bibs are incredible.

Jo Ferguson said...

PS: The stained glass and bibs are incredible.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know a little more about you. And reading you I realised that I'm a serial starter too LOLLL.
I love you work, and that blackwork sampler is beautiful


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I enjoyed reading this post. You always have a lovely variety of different in progress things on your blog :)

Glinda ♥ said...

My first time here - so glad I got the chance to stop by. Loved reading all about you - and your multi-craftual talents! I'll just stick to quilting until I get a bit better at it but would love to try embroidery one day. I'll be back :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination Wendy, you were right I have been away and need to get back into routine!
All your crafty endeavours are brilliant but I do love that stained glass.

Paula said...

I consider myself multi-craftual also! (I like that word!)

Love those bibs! I'm going to have to try something like that! So cute!

Pamela said...

I love the blackwork! I really want to stitch this one.