Friday, 16 September 2016

Silencing the windchimes

I seem to have been writing about clay rather a lot recently, it just happens sometimes that classes come in waves, and over the summer we did several clay workshops.  Back in July wonderful mum and I went to a workshop at Katherine Fortnum ceramics to make windchimes.  You can see this post to see the unfinished item.

I made a flat style of windchime to hang against a wall.  I wouldn't dare leave something like this outside as it would be likely to get smashed by some of the less desirable people that live in the area.  (I know that sounds really snobby, but we have been burgled and someone set fire to our garden gate, right next to our rabbits, one night, also you should see the amount of rubbish in the streets and young or drunk people hanging around)

This is the hanging bar.  I had to carve out the back so that the clay was all roughly the same thickness otherwise there'd be problems with it drying and in the kiln.  I painted the whole thing in the same blue/minty green shade.

I varied the patterns on the hearts so that the outside ones were the same, but the middle one was different.  All the hearts get smaller as they get towards the bottom.

The middle string has one extra heart on it, just for a bit of interest.  It's all strung together with Fireline, a jewellery making material that's similar to fishing line.

The hearts are only painted and engraved on the front, so the backs are a boring brown colour, but that's up against the wall and doesn't really matter.

I hung it on the first floor landing.  It's all alone on that wall, but maybe one day I'll fill it with quilts and embroideries and other made pieces.  The rate I'm going I'll fill the whole house!  I don't think Mr CA has noticed it yet...

Hmmm.... maybe I should have measured that Fireline so they were hanging symmetrically! 


Anonymous said...

It's turned out beautifully and at least hung indoors you can enjoy it more often. :o)

Christine Barnsley said...

What pretty windchimes.... sad you can't have them outside but I like them on the wall and you have used one of my favourite colours to paint them! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

Rachel said...

My mother in law has a chronic aversion to wind chimes, but I think she'd love your silent ones. What a great idea!

Jane Galley said...

Funny thing is, I hadn't noticed until you said, there is something about the design which suits it not being symmetrical. Love it, can't wait for you to make something else to fill up the wall,lol

Sarah in Stitches said...

These are so pretty! Great job :D