Monday, 23 May 2011

Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day

    Giveaway is now closed

Hello and welcome!  If you are visiting from Sew, Mama, Sew, then I'm very happy to have you and I wont keep you long.

I entered all the giveaways on the last giveaway day but didn't win anything.  I have, however, won loads of stuff since then so I felt it was my turn to give something away.

So, down to the bit we're all really interested in - what am I giving away?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

Tilda!  I know it's hard to get in some countries so I hope you like it.  Now, I must apologise for the small amount here.  There are 4 fat eighths, 3 of them in the latest design, just released.  I would have loved to give away a fat quarter bundle, but the price of fabric in the UK is horrifying.  We pay about $16 for a metre of Moda and an incredible $29 (£18) for a metre of Tilda.  Not cheap!  However, these fat eights are metric so you will get more than you get in a fat eighth from the States or Canada.  Australians, you're with us on the metric I think?

Anyway, stop waffling.  So, what do you have to do?  Not much.  First of all, please DO NOT follow me.  I don't get all this "follow me to win" business.  I want people to follow me because they enjoy reading my blog and seeing what I've messed up recently.  I will notify the winner by email, so there is no need to follow.  Having said that, I'd love it if you bookmarked me and came back next week, or next month, when the giveaway day and catching up on your blogs etc is all done.  Then if you want to follow, I'd love to have you.

So, in order to win the fabric, please leave me a comment below and answer the following questions:

1. Which crafts have you tried?
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
3. Which crafts would you like to try?

Answer the three questions in ONE COMMENT.

Please make sure that if your blog isn't linked to your email (never recieved an email reply to a comment you've left on someone's blog?  You're not linked) you leave your email address in your comment.  If you don't want the spambots to get you write it like this:
myemailaddress (at) wherever (dot) whatever

I will post internationally.

1 comment per person please.

Entries close on 10am on May 26th (UK time.  No idea what time that is elsewhere, but it gives you a while!).  I'll chose a winner on the 27th.  Or maybe even the 26th if I get over-excited which is likely.

I'll use that random number chooser thingy to choose a winner if I can figure out how.

Go ladies, go!

And if you have no idea what this Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Business is, then pop over to the blog to see hundreds of other giveaways.


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RobynK said...

Lol, I love reading your posts! Always something humourous.
I've crafted for over 30 yrs so I'll keep my list short!
1. Tried sewing, quilting, cardmaking, scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, macrame, leatherwork, cross stitch and a few others that I think are more arts than crafts.
2. I've kept doing the first 7 in the above list.
3. Interested in trying felting and punchneedle.

Sandra :) said...

OMG Nancy will DIE when she sees that prize!! I'll enter your sweet giveaway for her, with fingers crossed ;)

1. I've tried sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, cross-stitch, woodworking (I have my own scrollsaw, and I know how to use it ... HA!), latch hooking, polymer clay, beading (LOVE IT!) ... and more :)
2. Regularly I sew, quilt and bead :)
3. If budget and accessibility was no problem, I'd try working with stained glass!

Good luck to everybody that enters :)

Nancey said...

I agree, I didn't do the "follow me to win" thing this time. Your prize looks fun.

1. I've tried knitting, crocheting and scrapboking, also glass etching.
2. I regularly sew and do paper crafts like making cards.
3. I'd like to try sashiko Japanese embroidery and get into felting.

Thanks for the chance!

hueisei said...

Glad I am the first person who give comment :)
Here are my answers:
1) Wallet, wrislet, tote
2) tote(Im staying in a place that banned plastic bag)
3) Pencil case (which I plan to start this weekend)

From: hueisei
Penang, Malaysia

BrittanyGale said...

I actually haven't done too much crafting besides random projects here and there. Like making a teddy bear as a gift, for example. I'm buying a sewing machine next week and plan on quilting. I've always wanted to make quilts and I'm really excited.


Beth said...

I've been a cross-stitcher, knitter, crocheter, paint-by-numbers gal, quilter.

I currently quilt, and have started crocheting again.

I'd like to learn to do that funky little needle punch craft.

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Sarita said...

I sew, quilt, embroider, knit, crochet.

I do all regularly.

I'd like to try stained glass window making. Someday!

Peach Rainbow said...

I have tried Sewing, Knitting & Crochet!

I regularly sew (and crochet sometimes)

I'd like to try appliqué :D

Thanks for the chance :D

Fran said...

I have tried knitting, crochet & needlepoint when I was much younger but didn't stick with any. I tried quilting nearly a year ago & was immediately hooked & LOVE it to distraction. I would like to try making small fabric toys in the future. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sarah said...

Love the humour in your post, i'll try come back sometime :P

I've tried sewing, knitting, cross stitch, long stitch, crochet and a few bits and other pieces.

I cross stitch most of all but knit semi-regularly. I think crochet will become regular as well but that's a new skill.

I'd love to try more complex embroidery sometime!

You can contact me through my blogger user profile

Kate R said...

Beautiful fabrics! Living in Japan, I know what you mean about expensive fabrics - wish everywhere charged US prices!

I've tried most things once...
I regularly quilt and occasionally embroider
And I'd like to take up knitting!

Anonymous said...

I'm UK too so appreciate the generosity of your giveaway - isn't the cost of fabric here a joke?
I 've tried sewing, knitting, cardmaking. But its sewing that I do everyday. Next on my list is to learn how to crochet - I think it is magic that you can make something so pretty with just a big hook!

Aisling said...

I knit constantly, crochet a bit and have taken up sewing recently but it's not as easy to do in front of the fire in the evening so I don't get as much of that done as I'd like. Love the fabric you have - I hear you on the price of material, it's ridiculous here in Ireland too.

Sunnybec said...

Hi Wendy, I have tried knitting, crochet, embroidery, applique, quilting, card making, cross stitch. I now sew regularly - not sure what I want to do next...I have tried most things I am interested in, what I would like is to improve on the things I do like to do!!

Leila@Where the Orchids Grow said...

1. sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery, crochet, spinning, weaving, drawing, painting & some more I forgot!
2. I sew/quilt and crochet
3. I would love to try screen printing

Deryn Du said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
crochet, knitting, sewing, fimo, icing pictures, papercrafts....
pot painting,....up for anything really
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
knitting, crochet, sewing
3. Which crafts would you like to try?

the frog princess said...


1. Which crafts have you tried?
Beading, embroidery, sewing, knitting, crochet, latch-hook rug making, woodworking, spinning and associated fleece-prep, weaving, dying... need I go on?

2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
Knitting, spinning, sewing :)

3. Which crafts would you like to try?

I'd like to actually do a crochet project, I've only done bits n bobs. :)

Stitched Together said...

My first craft was cross stitch, then moved to ceramics, then crochet and knitting. I then tried sewing, quilting and jewellery making. I do more knitting and sewing than anything else now, but I do everything but cross stitch and ceramics now.

I want to try embroidery - I have the materials and books, I just need to get my ass in gear.

Rie said...

Which craft haven't I tried!!! The only think I don't do is scrapbooking. I adore crochet & have recently taken knitting back up again too.

Elisabeth said...

Oooh, lovely giveaway, thanks!

1. I have tried knitting and it just wasn't for me!
2. I love my sewing machine and couldn't exist without it.
3. I would love to try my hands at printing.


Trash said...

Hoorah for not having to jump through hoops!
1.Things I have tried - (some of them even successfully!)
2.Still quilting/toymaking/knitting/painting and occasionally embroidering.
3.Would love to try silversmithing and enamelling.

beccy said...

Hi Wendy! I learnt to sew, knit and crochet when I was little from my mum and gran but I didn't take them up seriously until about five years ago and I still do them all.

At college in York I learnt ceramics, jewellery, woodworking, blacksmithing, stonecarving and all kinds of 3D making. I now spend a lot of time making ceramic sculpture although I still dabble in the others.

A friend at a farming museum gave me a lovely fleece and my aim is to try spinning my own wool (when I find time to learn how!)

LisaT said...

I have tried crocheting, painting, sewing clothing, scrapbooking, quilting.

Quilting is my regular craft.

Would like to have a longarm and perfect machine quilting.

Cassiescuddles said...

Tee hee, you wrote that you have Tilda fabric on my blog, so I came to have a looksie...whoooo. Thanks for the chance to win. I mainly like to sew, but I have tried candle making, cooking, parchement craft, rubber stamping. What would I like to do, start and finish a quilt (maybe I could use Tilda fabric ;D).

Michell said...

1.x-stitch, latchhook, crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, teddybear making, longstitch

2. x-stitch, quilting/sewing


SewHappyGeek said...

I've tried jewelry making, sewing, quilting.
I regularly quilt and sew. Design handbags and quilts.
I'd love to learn how to knit or crochet, but there isn't anyone around to teach me.
I love finding fellow UK craft bloggers, so please come visit me at my SewHappyGeek blog!

Pam O said...

Thanks for the giveaway.
1. I've tried sewing, knitting, crotchet, copper work, string art, tiling and macrame.
2. I regularly sew.
3. I'd like to try quilting
... allmap(at)y7mail(dot)com

Gina said...

I live in Gloucestershire, so yes, I agree that fabric prices are ridiculous! It's sad, I have found that it is cheaper to buy online from USA sites (without going over the customs fee amount of course!). As for your queries for the giveaway, I have tried sewing/quilting, cross stitch and also scrapbooking/cardmaking. I regularly sew and love it! I would love to try to knit or crochet. I tried once in the past, and became frustrated with the terminology. I think I just need someone to show me how to do it since it's such a hard thing to learn from a book (at least for me!).

mooncalf said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?

knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, cross stitch

2. Which crafts do you regularly do?

all of the above

3. Which crafts would you like to try?

I'd like to try some proper embroidery. I haven't done it since I was a kid. And I'd like to get better at the sewing.

Quilter in the Gap said...

I honestly believe I have tried ALL crafts over the years. I settled on quilting which is what I do regularly. I can't think of a single craft I would like to try because I think I have already done that. Thanks for a great giveaway. I will be back.

Patty D from NC said...

I knit and quilt all the time and have tried many, many crafts. I want to try hand -quilting.

Oops-Lah said...

1. I've tried quite a lot of different crafts (knitting, crocheting, folk painting, embroidering and more)
2. My first love is quilting followed by French Cartonnage (box making) and then beading
3. Can't think of something at the moment. I have decided that three craft hobbies is enough, otherwise we'll have to move to a bigger house ;).
thanks for a great give away. Cheers

The Sewing Directory said...

Nice prize, it is crazy how expensive Tilda fabrics are!
1. I've mainly do sewing but I have tried papercrafts and was rather into painting and drawing when I was younger.
2. Not as regularily as I would like but the answer is sewing.
3. I would like to learn to quilt, I started learning last year but didn't have enough free time to keep going to classes so it's on the to do list.

Anonymous said...


1. Rubber stamping, embossing.. Not a lot!
2. I am starting a quilt, so hopefully that will be regular..
3. I would like to try a lot of things: felting, real sewing, embroidering, cross stitching...

Ninu said...

I do embroider,cross stitch,tatting,crochet,sew and fabric painting too

Now a days I am more into crochet,sewing and cross stitch!

I would love to learn quilting and knitting and oil painting!


Anonymous said...

I have tried embroidery, knitting and sewing.
I currently love to sew having recently been brought my first machine as a gift.
I'm thinking of trying crochet as I love little crochet flowers.


Victoria said...

I have tried embroidery, knitting and sewing, I love to sew having been brought my first machine recently as a gift. I'm thinking of trying crochet as I love the look of crochet flowers.

Sincerely, Sara said...

1. I've tried many crafts. Scrapbooking, drawing, painting, home decor, kiddie crafts, quilting, sewing..
2. Right now sewing, namely quilting is my main endeavor.
3. I would love to some day learn to knit and crochet.

Faddict said...

I'm a total sewing addict! I've done lots of crafty stuff though, my mum taught me to knit and crochet, I love fabric paints and recently have tried some simple quilt blocks!
I'd love to try some hand sewing, I've seen the cutest embroidery patterns, but do I have the patience? that is the big Q?!
Thx for the giveaway chance:)

jojoebi said...

I love the don't follow me rule! I don't ask people to follow either and for the same reasons.

1. Which crafts have you tried?
too long to mention!

2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
sew, carve stamps, make stuff out of boxes and sellotape...

3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I really want to try glassblowing, that is next on my list.

Anonymous said...

Fun questions! Let's see, I've tried plastic canvas, cross stitch, crochet and knitting. I regularly sew/quilt, scrapbook and make cards. I would love to learn enough knitting to make a sweater!

floreksa said...

1) I've tried loads of stuff. Knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, hair clips & headbands. Wreath making.

2) I regularly sew though. That's about it, unless my DD needs a headband to match an outfit.

3) I'd love to try my hand at more home decor and furniture refinishing.

Tids said...

I love discovering other UK bloggers!!

1. Knitting, crochet, jewellery making, patchwork, decoupage, painting with acrylics, sewing...
2. Crochet and patchwork.
3. More knitting, watercolours, dress-making (gulp!).

Tids xx

...tiktakro... said...

Wonderful fabrics ! indeed they are very expensive in your country, but at least you can find them there:D.
1. I tried a lot of hobbies : knitting, crocheting, fashion-sewing, fabric dyeing, felting, decoupage, painting, wood-working,jewelry-making ,quilting etc.
2. Still in love with quilting and sock-knitting almost daily.
3.I dream to dive in mixed-media with all my forces...who knows? some day ....:)

Lesly said...

Those are gorgeous fabrics! And we in Canada are also on metric - some small compensation for the higher prices we have to pay (not as high as yours, though, it's true).
1. I have tried quilting, knitting, crochet and beading.
2. Regularly do only quilting - it's the only one I seem to be any good at!
3. I would love to improve my skills at crochet - and I would love to be able to do some woodworking, and perfect glassblowing. Fabric dyeing may actually be on my realistic do list.
(P.S. Don't be mad but I may follow you anyway - loved your comment about not making people join for giveaway chances. Funnily enough I have a giveaway post today where I said pretty much the same thing - too much like buying friendship in grade school, isn't it?)

notes of sincerity said...

Good Morning. :o)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful fabrics with us. :o)
I have fallen in love with quilting, and most recently, crochet. :o) I am not the fastest at it, but sure enjoy the process. :o)
Sincerely, Trish

jane p said...

1. I've tried fabric bag-making, crochet, tatting, beading.
2. I make bags most of the time but I would like to spend a fair amount of time on beading.
3. I'm dying to try knitting.

Pincushion said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
Erm... what haven't I? Patchwork and quilting, dressmkaing, beading, cross stitch, all sorts of hand embroidery, knitting, crochet etc etc
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
Dressmaking and embroidery
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
Weaving, rag rug making

Head Pin said...

Thanks for the chance to win :-)

1. Well I have been sewing all my life but really got into crafting by making cards, since then I have rediscovered sewing, dabbled in knitting, beads, carpentry and felt.
2. regularly sew and papercraft.
3. I am currently having crochet lessons from a friend...hopless at the mo but hoping to improve!!

Thanks byrney3 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

AstaD said...

I mainly like sewing, it used to be a lot of bags but lately got into quilting.

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Well, I follow you already anyway! :)
1. Which crafts have you tried? sewing, basket-weaving, woodworking, painting, pencil drawing, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, jewelry making, scrapbooking, hair bows
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? sewing, basket-weaving, and woodworking (with some painting there), embroidery
3. Which crafts would you like to try? I think I do too many already! I would just like to do a little more scrapbooking and jewelry making.

elizabethdee said...

I have serial obsessions when it comes to crafting. I have tried beading, cardmaking, decoupage, origami, cross-stitching, embroidery, knitting, sewing, quilting, and tatting.
I regularly knit, sew clothes and accessories, embroider and quilt.
At some point I would like to learn crochet but I also know that I will be back to learn more about beading and all the rest. Except for tatting -- done with that, thank you.
P.S. Bookmarking your blog; I like the way you write.

Victoria van der Laan said...

I could more easily answer "what crafts haven't you tried?" ;) I was raised by a crafty genius who can do everything from tatting to calligraphy so I guess it's genetic. These days I am mostly sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering. I'd love to try my hand at printmaking, letterpress and bookbinding. (Thanks so much for the giveaway!)

Mirva said...

1. I've tried knitting, crochet, sewing, wood carving, ceramics and lots of random things involving paint.

2. I'm an obsessive knitter and do often also sew stuff.

3. I would like to try jewellery making and glass blowing.

Linda said...

1. wreath making, paper tole, quilting, knitting
2. quilting and knitting
3. rug hooking and crochet
Quilting is my absolute love.

Millie said...

I have tried dress-making, quilting, cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, card-making and jewellery making.
I make mostly clothes and quilts nowadays.
I would love to master crochet!

Cherval said...

I don't follow you but I'll sure come back in the future to check this blog again!
1. The crafts I tried are, knitting (I don't have the patience to do it)Crochet, beading, carving stamps, sewing and painting.
2. I regularly sew and crochet
3. I would like to try needle felt.

Bree said...

I actually found you from OCD, I'm glad you linked up over there! I'm doing a giveaway too, so feel free to stop by if you'd like.

1. Which crafts have you tried? - I feel more like I should say what crafts I haven't tried! I like to sew, knit, crochet, woodworking, jewelry making, and probably much more that have been pushed aside over the years!
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? - Sew & crochet, but mostly sewing lately
3. Which crafts would you like to try? - Hmmm...nothing comes to mind right now. I think if I add anything else I might go crazy!

Nugglemama said...

1. I have tried knitting, sewing and cross stitch.
2. I love sewing.
3. I would love to get into scrapbooking or stamping.

kbzelazny said...

Beautiful fabric! I crochet, quilt, and make small items-totes,purses,small bags, and wallets. Thanks!

Catherine said...

I have tried quilting, jewelrymaking, scrapbooking, bookmaking, and pottery.

I make jewelry regularly.

I would like to try weaving or painting.

Donna said...

pretty! I love pink!!
I have done so much: rubberstamping (card-making & scrapbooking, gift items), fimoclay work, jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, latch hook, sewing - I try to learn something new every year!
what I do on a regular basis is make cards and lately sew.
One of these days I would love to learn stained glass
thanks for the giveaway!

Candace said...

1. Which crafts have you tried? Let's see -- quilting, hooking, knititng, embroidery, crewel, sashiko -- and I think that's about it :)

2. Which crafts do you regularly do? Quilting and hooking. Everything else I do as the mood strikes me.

3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I don't know if this counts but I'm working on hooking with thread. It's feels so different from hooking with yarn that I spend a lot of time frogging it to do it again :)

Chantal said...

1) I have tried knitting, sewing, pottery, and papermaking

2) I most regularly knit. It relaxes me!

3) I would love to try crocheting and quilting! :)

pinkundine said...

1. I've tried a few - sewing, knitting, jewellery making, papercrafting, origami...
2. On a regular basis - knitting and sewing
3. I'd love to try spinning and dyeing fabrics and yarn

Thanks :)

Michelle said...

I have tried scrapbooking, regularly make kids' crafts, and would like to try more sewing projects--this would inspire me to do just that!

Alexis said...

i like what i've read so far, so if it's ok with you i'll follow you (not in a stalker sort of way!)
1. over the years i've tried quite a lot, sewing, knitting, french knitting, macrame(!) pottery, papier mache,.
2. i sew, sew, sew!
3. i really want to try proper pottery, as in with a potting wheel

Happy said...

1. Which crafts have you tried? Sewing, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, scrapbooking
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? Sewing is my love
3. Which crafts would you like to try? I'd like to learn millinery

isabel f. said...

count me in :)) thanks for the giveaway!!
I've tried sewing, crocheting knitting, embroidery........
lately I have crocheting a lot :)
I would love to try paiting, and is something I will do some day, I'm sure :)

Sasha said...

1) I've tried knitting and crochet (I'm pants at both!)
Sewing, quilting I'm not too bad at, I'm definitely improving.
Counted cross stitch (Emily peacock cushions) I'm good at, but really that just takes patience!
2) It's all about sewing - childrens clothes and quilts.
3) I'd like to try glass blowing, it's always appealed but i'm not sure why!

quiltilicious said...

Well done for your comment about following - totally and utterly 100% agree with you. I've never asked people to 'follow' me either!

Anyway, I make quilts. Have done for about 15 years. Before that I was brought up on knitting and tapestry but it all fell by the wayside when I discovered quilting!

Anonymous said...

I've tried lots of things - knitting crochet, quilting, sewing, spinning yarn, beading, paper crafts (making cards and books etc.),

Anonymous said...

I've been crafting for decades and have tried spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, sewing and scrapbooking. Nowadays I only knit and sewing.

Thank you for the opportunity to win those sweet fabrics!


btsoi. said...

I've tried a bit of papercrafting and I'm just getting into sewing.
I don't have the chance to do anything regularly but I'm trying to make time to sew a little each week.
I'd like to try painting.

Melissa said...

I've tried scrapbooking, crochet and just started sewing!

I'd like to try jewelry making.

As of right now I'm sewing the most since I'm teaching myself that :)

jmniffer said...

Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance.
Over the years I have tried embroidery, latch hook, plastic canvas, knitting, counted cross stitch, paper crafts, mosiacs and recently quilting.
I still do counted cross stitch, paper crafts, mosiacs and quilting.
No new crafts on the want to do list; but that can change.
Thanks again.
jmniffer at comcast dot net

Katie said...

I've tried sewing, knitting and crochet. I regularly knit and sew. I'd like to try crochet again, esp. as a dress I'm knitting for my daughter needs a crocheted neck to finish it...

k.gattiker (at) gmail (dot) com

erica said...

I am kind of a dabbler so there isn't much that I haven't tried but my favorites are sewing, crochet, and embroidery. I have tried knitting in the past but it is something I would like to learn better.

Kassia said...

Hi there!

1. I've done lots of different crafts over the years- cross stitch, sewing, scrapbooking, card making, knitting, crochet, quilting, to name a few. :)
2. Knitting is my current addiction. The yarn stash is trying to take over the house. :D
3. I'd like to try my hand at embroidery!

Skooks said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
Oh LOADS. I started a blog just so I could tell people about the stuff I have been trying lately.
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
I mostly sew . . . I'm in a few quilting bees which is a new pursuit for me, but I love making stuffed toys and dabble in making bags.
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
Throw me something I haven't tried . . . I probably want to!


Sarah W said...

Hi - I mainly quilt, but try to scrapbook too (still haven't done those wedding photos) - not much else, but I want to be a hell of a cake decorator one day. I'm temporarily living in London, and oy vey, fabric is expensive. It has forced me to cut back on buying, so you are being very generous to share.

Lotti said...

I agree that fabric is so expensive over here! Ok so i've tried to many crafts to list but if it involves fabric or yarn i've tried it plus extras such as making jewellery and glass beads! The crafts I do regularly are quilt making, embroidery and any type of sewing. The craft i'd like to try is lino printing

Deborah in Atlanta said...

1. Which crafts have I tried? Knitting, crochet, quilting, cross-stitch and then that plastic cross-stitch stuff.
2. Which crafts do I regularly do? Quilting
3. Which crafts would I like to try? Even though it's still "quilting", I'd like to try applique. I also think scrapbooking would be cool, but I've already spent so much money on fabrics, I need to go ahead and stick with the one addiction. I can't afford to get addicted to something new!

I love RED fabrics, and these are lovely that you have. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

1. Quilting, bag making, general sewing, knitting
2. I make bags and quilt the most
3. Not sure what I'd like to try next. Maybe embroidery?

Anonymous said...

1. I've tried cross stitch, embroidery, sewing, and crocheting.
2. I like to sew bags and pillows, and also make stuffed animals out of crochet.
3. I'd like to try quilting, but honestly, the time commitment kind of freaks me out. I love small, quick projects that give me results right away. I'm impatient, I know. :p

Kristy said...

Gorgeous fabric! Fun entry questions and LOVE the name of your blog!

1. LOTS! Crosstitching, sewing, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, bow making, floral designs...Oh my! I think I have a bit of a focus issue! lol!

2. I regularly sew and love it!!!

3. I would love to learn to quilt and knit. Ya know, since I've so little to do otherwise! ;)

triesti said...

I'm entering this for my mom who is a quilter among others.

1. crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, velt
2. lately I dont have time to do any craft eventho I keep saying I want to make more stuff animal, my mom still do quilting and sewing
3. I would love to learn how to sew properly

Callie said...

I've tried so many crafts but the ones I regularly stick with are home improvement projects (sewing my own curtains, anyone?), some quilting, and simple sewing. (my own alterations if they're easy enough and lots of baby gifts). I'd like to learn to reupholster furniture.

catherine(dot)alley(at)gmail(dot)com said...

The fabrics are gorgeous and you know that a good crafter can make anything with the smallest amount of fabric. Reading your post was lovely and I am glad to have found you. I think I'll pop in every now and then (hate the you must become a follower thing, too)

Now to the questions: I have tried crochet, sewing, patchwork, knitting. You can see the result of it on my blog.

I regularly do sewing and knitting.

I would love to try quilting.

Kind regards to England, Claudia x

gill said...

I found you a few months ago then lost you again so now I'm following!!
I've tried most crafts.
I mostly sew and crochet.
I'd love to be able to knit well!!

scott said...

I knit, crochet, sew everything from quilts to dolls, I make art dolls, pottery and some mixed media stuff. I regularly do all of the above except pottery and mixed media stuff. If housekeeping was a craft I would like to try that but since it isn't I would say some type of excellent cooking. Thanks for the great giveaway. Eve

Erin said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I am excited to be getting into sewing on my first ever sewing machine.
1. Which crafts have you tried?
card-making, crochet (which was a total bust btw, hehe)
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
starting to get into sewing
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
clothes-making, carpentry

Barbara said...

I've tried quilting, embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, garment sewing. I regularly quilt, cook and take pictures.

Stacy said...

1. Which crafts have you tried? sewing, paper crafting
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? sewing, paper crafting
3. Which crafts would you like to try? knitting, crocheting, welding

Tawny said...

I have mostly tried sewing crafts with fabric. I regularly sew a lot of baby bonnets and bibs. I am just learning how to macrame, so macrame crafts are the ones I'd like to try.

sherri s. said...

Ooh, lovely. I do so admire all of your craftiness...I aspire to such creativity (but fail). I've tried many crafts (knitting, sewing, embroidery, needle felting, quilling). I continue to sew, knit, embroider. I've tried crochet (my grandma was a real wiz at it) and would like to try again. Also? Watercolor and calligraphy. Can you say "dilettante"? I'm giving away vintage sewing supplies over on my blog, Foziewisp, if you're interested. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I have tried most of the sewing crafts. The craft I do the most often is quilting. I would love to try knitting

rowan said...

Hi there. I'm with you on the shocking price of UK fabric. Oh, to have the choice & price our American friends have, they don't know how lucky they are. Anyway...
1. crochet. I was rubbish, all fingers & thumbs.
2. Quilting. Love it love it love it.
3. Dressmaking. But the patterns scare me!

bearpaw said...

I have tried, quilting, needlepoint, crocheting, knitting,embroidery, anything that involves a needle or a hook really!
I regularly crochet and patchwork/quilt.
I would like to try felting and weaving.
Lovely giveaway, thanks!

Pomona said...

I have tried glass painting, cardmaking, stencilling in the past. I currently sew and knit, but would love to crochet.

Thank you for such a lovely giveaway - and hope you might enter mine in return?

Pomona x

Emma said...

I have tried patchwork, knitting, crochet, dressmaking and scrapbooking. I knit and crochet regularly, and would love to give machine quilting a go.

Auntie Em said...

I think that I have tried them all!

I love to sew and am starting to enjoy quilting as well.

eesuiter (at) hotmail (dot) com

Adeela said...

I have tried knitting but it took a long time to finish a project so I gave up on it. My regular crafts are sewing and crocheting. I would like to try embroidery though my hand sewing is very bad.

Deb said...

Thanks for the chance!

I've dabbled in a lot of random things ove the years, but now I mostly focus on sewing/quilting. I'd LOVE to learn how to knit. I've tried, but I just can't get the hang of it at.all.

Dawn said...

I've tried beading, cross stitch, paper crafts, origami, pottery, knitting, crochet, quilting... I think that's all. :)

Right now I regularly knit, crochet, and quilt. I'd like to try sewing garments. I've purchased a pattern and fabric to make myself a dress, but am too afraid to start!!

Erin M. said...

1. Sewing, Quilting, Knitting, Cardmaking
2. Quilt piecing
3. Knitting again- hopefully without tears this time.

Thanks for the beautiful pink fabric.

Homemaker Honey said...

Quilting, quilting, quilting!

G'Day! I'm here for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day! Please visit me, too:

Homemaker Honey
homemakerhoney @gmail .com

Maggie said...

1. Tried: sewing, quilting, embroidery, scrapbooking.
2. Regularly: I pretty much only sew.
3. I would like to try to knit or crochet!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Paleo said...

1 silver smiting, scrap booking, painting, beading, fused glass. pottery
2 quilting and knitting
3 spinning but where the time???

Kae said...

Crafts I do: fashion sewing, home sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, crewel, drawing, painting, printmaking, felting, paper crafts, floral, beading & jewelry making.
Right now: Knitting
Want to: make glass beads
Thanks for the giveaway!

FLO said...

1. I just finish a quilt. My first one
2. I am new to sewing but after the first quilt I am now starting #2.
3. I will love to sew a jacket for my daughter

thank you for the giveaway

Stephanie said...

I knit, crochet, and now sew (all as regularly as possible given my hectic life). I just took up sewing in hopes of one day learning to quilt. That's my to learn craft at the moment.

Melanie said...

I've tried knitting.
I love quilting.
I would like to sew clothes.
Thanks for the chance! thurbs8(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Quynh said...

I had no idea UK fabric was so expensive. We are lucky our US fabrics is so reasonably price and you can get them on sale!

I have tried all sorts of crafty projects, using paper (making paper flowers and cards), beads (jewerly and flower beads), yarns (knitting and crocheting), and fabrics (patchworks and lots of quilts).

Currently my love is making paper piecing, especially hand piecing and hand embroidery using #8 cotton perle.

Next on my list is to try spinning

Thank you for the great giveaway!

Mary said...

1.I've tried knitting and sewing.
2. I regularly sew.
3. I'd like to try...nothing. I don't need another hobby!

JuneBug said...

I'm with you on the following thing! I only want people who really want to follow to follow.... do you follow?

1. Which crafts have you tried? knitting, sewing, crocheting, origami, kidz crafts!
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?sewing knitting
3. Which crafts would you like to try?throwing pottery on a spinning wheel

Cathy said...

The fabric is lovely!
Mostly, I knit and sew clothes. I would love to try weaving.
bryghtrose at gmail dot com

Donna B. said...

Hello, thanks for the awesome fabric on offer! I have tried rug hooking, embroidery, cross-stitch ... all as kids. I thought I wasn't crafty -- none of it took! Now I do knitting, crocheting, just starting to sew, and am looking forward to getting back into tatting. I'd like to try ... quilting (although with my lack of color sense, this is scary) and woodworking (the best kind of craft, one with expensive and cool tools!).

Merete said...

I have tried quilting, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, decoupage, felting and probably more that I dont remember at the moment, I love making things and trying something new. I would love to be able to make my own clothes. At the moment I regularly quilt and knit.
And I do understand about the high prices, we have the same high level in Norway.
I love Tilda!!!

Anonymous said...

I've tried sewing, scrapbooking, some (very limited knitting). I regularly do sewing and scrapbooking. and I'd like to try crocheting one day...
fenna_otten at yahoo dot ca

james and bess said...

fabulous giveaway! let's see, i've tried crochet (i'm the world's slowest), knitting (i like it), quilting (LOVE it), and, most recently, stamping metal jewelry (LOVE it). i regularly sew/quilt. i wouldn't mind trying fabric dying (dyeing?) - you know what i mean. :)

jbknav at hotmail dot com

andrea creates said...

i mostly sew, knit and crochet :)

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Hi there, I hear you on the price of fabric, its the same here in Ireland so I buy it all from the USA and make out great on the exchange rate on the Euro!

Here's my answers;
1. Knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, embroidery, cross stitch
2. I quilt and sew every day, knit and crochet less often but still occasionally.
3. Well, I'm pretty happy in the space I'm in at the moment and feel like I've found my niche. But I would like to explore scrapbooking a little more.

Lovely giveaway :-) And I've had a little look through your blog and will definitely be back to read more!

Jingle said...

First of all...I lover your statement about following! I don't like to require it for entry, either. I'm guilty of offering extra entry, but I really do want people who enjoy my blog to follow. Anyway....your questions...I have tried TONS of crafts...too many to list. I regularly create art dolls, do paper crafts, mixed media projects, and stamping projects. I would love to try encaustic art, but I'm afraid of the supply costs and the mess! LOL!

jinglesells at gmail dot com

Kristi said...

1. I've tried just about everything I think!
2. I currently sew and knit
3. I'm trying NOT to try new crafts, as I barely have time for the ones I do now. But if I do ever find time I want to try soap and candle making.

WoolenSails said...

I loved that you said that. When I find new blogs during contests, I like to bookmark them and come back to see what is new and if it matches things I like to see and learn about, then I follow. That fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

Now for the answers:
I have tried way too many to list, I love working in a lot of different mediums.

I quilt, rug hook, and punch needle and dabble in a lot of other things in between.

I have always wanted to make baskets. I love using them and it would be fun to make my own to fit the areas and uses I would have for them.


aish82 said...

I have tried cross stitch, embroidery.
I am just starting to quilt and hopefully will become a regular.
I would like to try to make a bag.

Kelly said...

I have tried sewing, knitting, painting, crap with paper or maybe that is just what anything I do with it appears to be?

I sew several times a week, making various things for gifts or my kids.

I still want to figure out knitting.

Catskill Quilter said...

I have sewn clothes (they never fit!) and I love to sew quilts and smaller quilted items. I thought I wanted to do mixed media altered art -- just ended up collecting how to magazines and never got started with it! What I would most like to learn is pottery, or sculpting clay!

Krysta said...

1. I have tried sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, paper crafts.
2. I do a lot of paper crafts regularly. ie. cards, notebook covers. (I would sew more but I have no fabric or money for fabric. The joys of being a college student. lol.)
3. I would like to try my hand at appliqué quilts. I have this fun idea but need to practice appliquéing first. lol.

p.s. my email is khsmiles(at)juno(dot)com

Lisa said...

I sew. At first just simple quilts, bags, gifty things, but I'm gaining confidence for clothes and refashions now. I have a baby daughter an I'm loving making things for her to wear. I'd love to be better at knitting though.

Meikjn said...

this is plenty i don't think you need to apologize. I love these colors.

Cindy said...

1. I've tried crochet, embroidery and quilting.
2. I regularly quilt.
3. I'd like to learn several new skills in quilting, so that's keeping me busy for now :)


Captain Sharmie said...

1. i've done knitting, sewing, scrapbooking and a little bookbinding.
2. i'm a knitter, mostly!
3. QUILTING. it's next on my list as soon as i have enough of some related fabrics.

Joy said...

1. I have tried knit, crochet, cross-stitch, quilting...
2. I regularly crochet and quilt.
3. I would like to get into knitting more. I only learned how to knit (no perl, no anything else) and I found it tedious. I'm willing to bet that if I actually got into it, I'd enjoy it.

Jacey said...

I'm glad to stumble into your space today! Honestly, I've never heard of Tilda, but the fabrics are beautiful!

The crafts I do regularly are knitting, sewing, embroidery. I would love to finally try my hand at crochet one of these days, and I'm just starting to dabble in spinning yarn.

Megan said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
I have tried crochet, knitting, sewing, painting, and I do lots of different things with my children!
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
Right now its sewing. Next month I might switch to crochet again! I think I have a rotation!!
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I would love to make pottery!
megan.ritchie at yahoo dot com

Sonja said...

1.I tried a few, ....needle point, cross stiching, knitting, crochet, embriodery, scrap booking, quilting, locker hooking and so much more
2.Right now quilting and locker hooking
3. free motion quilting

ircabbit said...

1. I have tried... knitting, scrapbooking, crochetting, clothes sewing, quilting, origami, um... refurbishing furniture... I can't think of any more.
2. I regularly quilt, and semi-regularly sew clothing.
3. I actually don't have any crafts on my to-try list, although there are many that I would like to suddenly be excellent at. I don't seem to have enough time for what I'm already doing to think of starting something new. :)

The Feisty Redhead said...

I've tried a ton of crafts, and the only one I've failed miserably at was pottery.

Crafts I do regularly are sewing, knitting, crochet.

And a craft I'd like to try is needlefelting. I've had a kit for a while and just never had the motivation to break it out!

Karen en Marc said...

I think I've almost tried every craft I know. I do love quilting and cross stitching. I do knitting, but only in the winter, just love the feeling of wool then. I think the one craft I really love but never will try, just to afraid of it, is lace making. I just love old lacework

Ronny and Carla said...

I have tried crochet, knitting, sewing clothes, and a little embroidery. I found my niche in quilting and I love it. I would like to try more embroidery... crewel in particular.

katya said...

Ooooh, this fabric makes me smile!

1. I tried crochet, it was okay, but it didn't grab me.

2. I regularly knit and quilt, and sometimes I sew costumes.

3. I would like to try embroidery, but the next thing on my list is definitely hand applique.

Jessica Jo said...

Crafts I have tried might be too many to number. Sewing, embroidery, crochet, yarn spinning, glass etching, quilting, stamp making, locker hooking (he he, i'm a hooker)...
My current crafts are sewing crochet and yarn spinning. I love them all so much.
I might like to try knitting, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Really what I want to learn: everything!

Jennifer said...

I've tried crocheting before, but that was a total fail. I sew regularly, and I'd like to learn how to crochet and knit.

Kacey said...

I have tried almost every type of craft you can think of...except knitting.

I regularly draw, paint, sew, refinish thrifty finds, and make hair accessories.

I would like to take another stab at crochet and embroidery at some point...

Chelsea said...

hello! ok, i've:

tried needlepoint, x stitch, hooking (get your mind out of the gutter,there!), batik, fabric dying, screen and block printing, crochet, embroidery, quilting, knitting, felting... and lots more

stuck with quilting and crochet

been dreaming about taking up screen printing again.

and no tarnishing us canucks with the imperial brush - we're metric in canada, too!

Em said...

1. Which crafts have you tried? sewing, knitting, crochet, stained glass
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? sewing, stickers on construction paper
3. Which crafts would you like to try? oil paint, watercolor, paper making, glass blowing

Megan said...

1) I've tried sewing, knitting, origami (is that a craft?!), scrapbooking (hated it), and embroidery (no good at it)
2) I sew most in the spring/summer, and knit most in the fall/winter! Seasonal crafting :)
3) Ooh, something I'd like to try... bookbinding! No wait, pottery! Yup, pottery.

Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

1. Which crafts have you tried? sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking, canvas art, felt
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? sewing is my prefered and paper crafts
3. Which crafts would you like to try? I want to try quilting and wood crafts

NinjaEema said...

I have tried way too many crafts to list. Currently I sew for the most part. I would love to learn how to spin yarn.

limor477 at aol dot com

robin said...

1. I've done cross stitch, latch hook rugs, sewing, scrapbooking, and now starting quilting.
2. Now my interests are only quilting and scrapbooking.
3. I'd not like to try anything else new - I'd like to stick with quilting for my main craft.

Jenica said...

1. Which crafts have you tried? Geesh, tons! Scrapbooking, cards, stamping, altering, sewing, crochet, knitting, stenciling, jewelry making.... I'm sure there are more!
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? Sewing, crochet, scrapbooking
3. Which crafts would you like to try? I've tried but was very unsuccessful at knitting, lol!

jenicagirl at yahoo dot com

Janeybake said...

I have tried knitting, cardmaking, scrapbooking, recycling junk, jewellery making, decopatch and a whole load of kids stuff. All with varying success!

I spend my craft time with crochet and papercrafts. I am just starting sewing (very hesitantly).

I would love to sew more and would like to have a go at quilting.

Christie S. said...

1. I've tried Cross stitch, but my eye can't handle now.
2. I sew quite often. I like making tote bags right now.
3. I'd like to try redecorating thrift store items and give them new life.

H2Ogirl said...

Oh gads. I had to follow. I do hope that all your posts are as grand as this one. I must show some of my mess-up's more often.

What you asked questions. I'm crafty. I use thread and needles, yarn with a hook or sticks, fabric for clothing or quilts, paint for things. I have been sewing a lot anymore - my yarn is sad. I would love to try other messy crafty things. I am jealous my step-daughter is learning to screen prints. I wanna do that.

Peaceful Piecer said...

I think I've tried them all...sewing,cross stitch,embroidery,macrame,knitting,crochet.
Now I mostly make quilts and simple clothes for my grandbabies.
I would love to try painting one day.

Binks said...

1. I've dabbled in quite a few mainstream crafts: knitting, crochet, sewing, patchwork, embroidering
2. Right now I am regularly sewing and embroidering
3. I am actually trying to really quilt right now. well see how it goes.

Lisa said...

I sew, bake (does that count) and do some paper crafts. Out of all of these I think I love sewing the most. I would love to learn how to knit or crochet next though!

Gemma said...

1. I have tried all sorts of crafts - I get to do many new things as a member of the WI!
2. Embroidery - mostly goldwork at the moment.
3. Dressmaking.



Nancy Lee said...

I am amazed at the TILDA prints!
Very good giveaway, m'dear.
If it involves needle, thread and fabric I've done it.
Regularly, I embroider, sew and collect up materials to do all of that.
One fine day, I will break out serious power tools and build something from wood.

Linda said...

I've been a crafter since I was a teenager, so that's 40 years or so! I've knitted, crocheted, embroidered, sewn, needlepointed, quilted, and probably a few others I can't remember. I love to knit, crochet, and quilt, so those are my "regulars". I think I'd like to try needlefelting. I've seen some cute animals made that way.


Riel Nason said...

Thanks for the chance. I've tried quilting, painting, crochet, knitting ... I LOVE quilting and am 100% stuck on that. I want to keep quilting and improve my skills ... and maybe move on to sewing clothes too.

Sallie said...

I love your philosophy about following! I've tried card making, stamping, Irish folding, crocheting, knitting, macrame, sewing, jewelry making, quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, painting, and decoupage. I regularly piece and quilt. I would like to learn smocking. Thanks for the giveaway!

Carly said...

Great giveaway!
1. Which crafts have you tried? - Let's see, mostly sewing and a bit of quilting, but also some stamping and scrapbooking.
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
3. Which crafts would you like to try? Would love to get better at quilting!

Elke said...

I´ve tried sewing many years before, but I really didn´t like it. Now however, I love sewing and I already do it every day. I would like to try quilting.

Street Heart said...

What A beautiful blog! I cant wait to look around more!
1. I have tried painting,sewing,silkscreening, polymerclay,emboidery,jewelry making,scrapbooking...I think there might be more...
2.I sew, paint and make jewelry mostly
3. Iwould love to try and knit or scared of this!
streetheart art and boutique/facebook

Rebecca said...

What pretty fabrics! Thank you so much.

1. I've tried scrapbooking, sewing, card making and modpodging which to me is gluing random things together to make something pretty.
2. Currently I sew regularly. I have a list much too long of projects that I want to make. I used to scrapbook all the time but haven't in a year or so.
3. I would love to learn to crochet past the first chain but at the moment I don't have enough time for that. I think metal stamping would be fun to learn also.

MacGyver's Lovechild said...

I'm a terrible flirt. I started sewing 2 years ago, i knit (badly), crochet, a little worse...and well try almost everything

Vicki said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
quite a lot! Mostly textile based, like sewing knitting crochet felting etc..
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
crochet and knitting, I love them both but find the challenge of knitting much more rewarding
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I'd love to learn printing, either screenprinting or gocco or something similar.

Emilie said...

first of all, thanks for the giveaway!
so here are the answers to your questions:
I have knitted, sewn, made cards, done some painting and drawing.
I sew really often and make cards as I need them.
I would really like to do weaving!

crencestre said...

I make stuff. i've been making stiff since i could hold a pencil and use scissors (I remember getting my first roll of Blue Peter inspired double sided sticky tape and being overwhelmed with excitment) Between then and now, I've tried most materials ands crafts. I'm knitting steadily, learning finally to crochet and use beads and have dug out the sewing machine. I want to do stone sculpting at some point, HOpefully that answers your questions and thank you for doing this

@pril said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
3. Which crafts would you like to try?

Rachael said...

I've tried looming, rug looms, paint-by-numbers, basically any craft stuff that I've done! Except embroidery, that one I'd like to try.

I regularly like to do sewing, some home decor and bits and pieces :)

rachaelroyce [at] gmail [dot] com :)


Staci said...

Sometimes I think I've pretty much tried every craft know to crafter-kind! The things I still do regularly and love the most are decorative painting, quilting, scrabooking and a bit of embroidery.
I'd still like to learn to knit. Mother in law tried to teach me one day and pronounced me hopeless and told me never to ask again. I'd like to try again with a different teacher--one who actually might think kindly of me!
Thank you for participating in Giveaway Day!

Moira said...

1. I've done sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, jewelry making... lots of things really!
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? Lately, I've been drawing a lot. My job is jewelry so I do that all the time. I'd like to sew more!
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I really want to learn how to solder. I sorta can, but I want to get better. I'd also like to try wood burning. I have the tools, just haven't tried it out yet!

Regina said...

I have tried knitting,crochet, sewing, beading, polymer clay

I regularly knit, crochet and sew

I would love to try needle felting!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Sara said...

1. I have tried ATC, crochet, collage.
2. I am now a quilter. Period.
3. I would like to learn now to collect flea market items and turn them into something. But mostly I want to get better at quilting.

webmailaddress2 said...

Haven't heard of Tilda, but it's pretty! Now to answer the questions

1. Used to crossstitch, can sew something if I need to, and can quilt.
2. Enjoy quilting currently
3. Right now I'm pretty happy with my crafting.


Anya said...

I've tried crocheting, I quilt a lot regularly, and maybe I'd like to try knitting. thanks for the chance!

Piper Bella Boutique said...

Okay...first of all, waffling is one of my favorite words and when I read it in your post, I put an English accent on it and it has become much funnier! :)

1. Which crafts have you tried?
knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing, jewelry making, painting, beading, hair clip making, knot tying (I swear, it's really a craft!)

2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
knittng, crocheting, card making, jewelry making

3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I really want to do more sewing and I desperately want to learn how to needle felt!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up.
1. I've knitted, quilted, and currently sew.
2. I regularly sew and paint thriftstore finds.
3. I'd like to sew more and improve my technique (and try using zippers, etc) -- I'm pretty basic.

hollyctr said...

I've tried sewing crochet and paper crafts. I mainly do sewing and crochet. I would love to try embroidery or quilting.

Lindsay said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?
I have tried knitting, crochet and sewing (craft and quilting)
2. Which crafts do you regularly do?
I regularly sew.
3. Which crafts would you like to try?
I would love to try clothes making.

Lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I like to try all kinds of things - lately its been candle making, quilting, sewing clothes, wedding invitations and jewelry making.

Most often, I do sewing - either quilts or clothes.

I'd really love to try glass blowing or letterpressing, but neither of those are particularly learn-on-your-own friendly.

jewlia at gmail dot com

Mary P said...

1. I've tried sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting and scrapbooking.
2. I regularly sew and quilt.
3. I'd like to try knitting again.

Kristen said...

1. I've tried just about everything I can think of!!!

2. I regularly machine sew and crochet.

3. I would really love to polish up my knitting skills next.

THanks for the awesome opportunity..

leosmomma at live dot com

sarah said...

I've tried sewing, knitting, embroidery, cardmaking, and scrapbooking.
I knit a lot, and sew a little.
I'd really love to learn to be a better sewer of clothing, and to quilt!

Shelley said...

1. I've tried sewing, embroidery, ceramics, quilting, woodworking, and beading.
2. I regularly sew.
3. I'd love to try knitting, metalworking, and jewelry making.

Thanks for the great giveaway.
sforslund at yahoo dot com

andrea said...

we do a handmade gift exchange every year at Christmas with my extended family. I use this as an opportunity to try new crafts.

I have quilted, knitted, made etched glass pictures on mugs and glasses, painted, made jewelry and I write (if that counts as an art)

Regularly I quilt. I love to quilt.

I would really like to try making stained glass pictures/window thingys or mosaics.


Wild said...

1. tried knitting, crochet, sewing.
2.knitting and sewing
3. weaving


paulette said...

I have crafted just about everything...knitting, sewing, quilting, stain glass, dough art, mosaics, cement leaves and hypertufa pots, beading, scrap name it...I have tried it! My passion is quilting...and I now I write a quilting blog. I would really like to learn to decorate cakes. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely's expensive in Canada too!!
Take care!

Kelsey said...

1. Which crafts have you tried?

Quilting, sewing, crochet, drawing, painting.

2. Which crafts do you regularly do?

Quilting, sewing.

3. Which crafts would you like to try?


Another Fabric Addict said...

1. I've tried all sorts of stuff; cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, painting, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, beading.
2. Right now I've been sewing purses/bags and quilting.
3. I've always wanted to learn how to make hand-made lace.

Shannon said...

Love the fabric, so pretty.
1. Which crafts have you tried? So list looks so much like yours. I would also add, cardmaking, scrapbooking, painting, and gardening.
2. Which crafts do you regularly do? Sewing! In all of its many forms.
3. Which crafts would you like to try? Not to many. I have hit the one I love to my toes so I thing I am done. The only thing I can add is different sewing techniques.

Living Like Ziggy said...

1. I've crocheted, cross-stitched, scrapbooked, quilted, and other sewing things.

2. I regularly sew and quilt.

3. I would like to try embroidery. I've purchased several books and plan to make a "on the road" kit to work with this summer.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I agree. I want people to follow because they care. Anyway...

1. I quilt, scrapbook, bead, crochet, and knit. I did a tiny bit of painting. I've tried glass bead making too, that was fun.
2. I regularly sew and crochet (well, regularly by my standards) and will do more once my new craft room is set up...I think.
3. I wouldn't mind dabbling more with metalwork and glass bead making. It's not the simplest to do because of the supplies though.

Great giveaway! Tilda is very hard to come by...

Janet said...

Hi dearie. Just to let you know Canada has been metric for quite a number of years now. Fabric prices are outrageous where I live too - $20 a metre at my LQS and you can bet they would never carry Tilda! So thanks for a chance to win.
I have tried sewing, knitting, embroidery, crossstitch, stained glass, fabric and yarn dying, beading, paper tole, and snippets of jewelry making. These days my regular staple is sewing, mostly quilting, but I make some clothes and bags and other little items like dolls too. I do some knitting as well. I would love to try making things with Fimo (sp?) clay. Such cute items I've seen made with it. Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

patricia clearly said...

i love, LOVE that you don't bait people to follow you. for that you get high marks and i will, indeed, bookmark your page.
crafts i've done: sewing, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, hat making; jewelry making.
i regularly sew (quilting being my latest love), make jewelry & embroider;
hm...what to check out next? i'd like to distress paint furniture and make lampshade covers.
all the best to you and thanks for the great giveaway.

Pam said...

I have tried a few different things-knitting, painting, crocheting, sewing, basket weaving, quilting, weaving, flower arranging, drying flowers, sculpting, and things I don't even remember. Now I stick to the quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting. My greatest loves are sewing and quilting.

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