Thursday, 27 October 2011

finishing up

I'm really not sure what came over me during the super-productive weekend, but I got loads done.  I managed to finish some WIPs.  First up was the Hardanger heart which I blogged about here.  That was the 15th September I see, so this hasn't been a WIP as long as I thought it had.

I backed the apertures with some satiny blue material which came from the cushion covers a relative made for me to match my curtains (back in my pre-sewing days of course!), and made the back in the same material.  For some bizarre reason, I thought the back piece needed to be double sided, so I cut out 3 pieces from the blue and sewed them together (by machine) before turning and stuffing with lavendar.  It was a right bugger getting the lavendar in because of the multiple layers which obviously weren't sewn up at the gap.  Stupid Wendy.

I wish I'd left it as a square shape now.  It will be a birthday present for my mum.

Do you remember this needlepoint bookmark, blogged about here?  That was the 6th August so this one has been a WIP for a long time, especially considering it just needed a back!

Whilst on my hand-stitching bender I folded the edges back and backed it with yellow acrylic felt.  Not bad.  I have since pulled of the little dangling wispy-type bits.

The hand stitching is far from invisible, but it does blend in enough I think.  This will be a Christmas present.  Watch out Allie, I'm coming to get you this month!


Cuckoo said...

I've just had a lovely catch up with your blog.

Sweet little bird with a dodgy wing. Though didn;t look dodgy to me. I spent a moment trying to work out if you meant his left wing or the wing on the left as you look at it.

Your needle point stuff is faberooni as it the knitting needle roll. Will be needing to make myself one of those soon. Think I'll be ready to pass on knitty gritty soon also.

I'm with you with the bin thing. Our council pi55es me right off. We pay the upper most council tax for our area and we get a poor rubbish collection service. They forget us every other week. We have no street lighting, no pavements, potholes in the road, no gas, no main sewage...I know not all of that list is a council issue but I do wonder what we get for our money.

Woops. Ranted a bit there.


Sandra :) said...

This must have been your "blue finishes" phase - very lovely! How many times have most of us cut out 3 when we needed 1 -- or worse - cut out 1 when we needed 3, lol! It's all part and parcel of the creative journey ... either that, or we all have CRS or CRAFT :D

Joysze said...

Love your hardanger heart, Wendy. One of these days I'm going to try hardanger... at least that's what I keep saying. :)

Bookmark looksgreat. :D

Holly U said...

Good job on the hardanger! I hope your mom loves it.

elizabethdee said...

Your work looks beautiful! Love the hardanger especially.