Friday, 24 September 2010

Finished by Friday! Though I might be cheating...

Good morning,

I have finished the stitcher part of my angel friends and I'm really happy with it.  Here it is:
Now, the stitchery part IS finished and it was finished last night, i.e. by Friday, so the cheating?  Well, I'm going to make this into a cushion so it's not a finished article, but I really wanted to join in Finished by Friday and I failed last week. Considering that this has taken me a week to stitch (damn you lazy daisies!) I think it counts!!

I also made two more hats for the Big Knit - though I haven't sewed them on as I lost my darning needles. 

I'm going to have to go to the craft shop tonight (oh what a hardship!) to replace them - so no doubt they'll turn up when I get home!  I'll also get another bobbin holder box for the rest of my threads to finish sorting that out.  I thought I'd set myself some goals of things I have to finish and make a little side bar list as I have a memory like a sieve.  I'm not going to get much done this weekend.  I have some birthday cards to make tonight, then we've got the step daughter staying over this weekend and I've got my crochet class on Sunday, but these are the things I need to finish over the next couple of weeks:

1. The Big Knit hats - due in the 15th October
2. Make the stitchery into a cushion
3. Get started on my Scabious embroidery for the 2010 weekly SAL, I need to post on Sunday!
4. Make a pin cushion so I stop standing on pins in my bare feet
5. Make a needle book so I stop loosing my needles
6. Finish sorting my threads out
7. Decorate the box I bought to be my Wedding Memories box
8. Make covers for the CDs of wedding photos people have given me
9. Make some Christmas presents!

I was thinking about making Christmas presents this morning whilst leafing through Crafts Beautiful magazine (and drying my hair - I like to multi task) when I came across an advert for their new website for craft books - click here for link - and I immediately started salivating.  I have a real addiction to craft books.  I love to read them, leaf through them time and time again and dream about things I can make.  Here are a few pictures of my collection:

The one thing I rarely do with my craft books is make anything out of them!!  So, I'm going to start.  I've set myself a challenge - I'm going to select 3 different books and make one Christmas present out of each book.  I'll post next week to let you know which books I've selected and maybe which presents if I've decided yet.  This way, I hope to go through all my books by Christmas and make something, then maybe I can start on the magazines I've been hoarding (or the new books I'm about to buy, I just can't stop myself!!)


Libby said...

Your stitching turned out beautiful!!! I sure would count that as a finish! I love books and mags too...but don't make things out of them as much as I should!
Have a great day!

Miri said...

Lovely stitchery! And I always think finishing the stitchery is a Big Finish...making it into a cushion is much less time and effort!

karen said...

I'm a bit of a hoarder of books myslef, a good habit to have in my opinion!! Good luck with your ''to do'' list...

Hazel said...

Gorgeous piece of stitching. Thanks for popping by my blog. Yours is lovely. x