Sunday, 19 April 2015

It's finished!

Hello ladies, I'm checking in for the SAL run by Avis and Claire and ... my piece is finished!

For those that haven't seen this project before, this is my Save The Stitches blackwork sampler designed by Elizabeth Almond of Blackwork Journey.

All the blackwork is stitched, all the beads are added.  Since then it has also been backed and sent off to the Quilt and Stitch Village to take part in the embroidery show!  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos other than this one, taken on my tablet.  My camera had died by this point (this was last week) and so I just sent it off with the intention of taking pictures when I get to the show.  Cue lots of worrying about whether it'll get lost/damaged/stolen/run over by a fork-lift truck/eaten by a herd of cows...  

As you can see, it's very long, about 40" I seem to remember?  I will take some more pictures when I get to the show and I'll measure it when I get it home and post about it again.  I can't help strutting a bit about this one, it's almost a year's work!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Purple squares

I've been slowly working my way through 200 Crochet blocks by Jan Eaton, making squares for a possibly rainbow sampler blanket that I have in the back of my mind.  I still haven't got round to looking for the older ones I think I made a while back... I'm slowly sorting out my craft room so hopefully they'll come to light but that room is like a bottomless pit so who knows!

This is #3 Square Target, the colours are RUBBISH.  I just couldn't capture them properly and this turned out to be the last photo shoot of my camera's life so I think it was dying at this point.

#64 Sunshine Lace needs a good old block, in fact they all do, but this one is particularly curvy - tension issues?

I've still got a long way to go to work my way through the book, and then I should start on the 72 million squares that I've pinned...

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Finish Along 2015 Quarter 2 goals

I've been debating with myself about whether I should explain where I've been or if anyone had even noticed that my little blog went unupdated for 7 weeks.  Let's just say I've not been well at all but finally things are looking up and starting to feel a bit normal again.  Normal enough that I've decided to join in with Q2 of the 2015 FAL (Finish ALong)

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So here are my goals for the quarter.  I'm trying to operate completely without pressure at the minute so I don't care if I don't manage a single one of them, if I do, it will be a bonus.

1. Finish the Cuzco quilt.  This has since had the borders added, a back pieced and is fully basted.  I just need to get my sewing machine mended so I can quilt it.  

2. My nephew was 3 in March and I wanted this to be a birthday present for him.  No matter, it can be a just-because present instead.  I have so far cut out 3 pages, it all needs sewing.

3. I need to FMQ my And Sew On quilt.  It's quilted in the red borders and already bound, I just need to add some quilting to the blocks.

4. I want to make this circle of geese block into a trivet.  The two we have are so useful but get dirty often and so end up in the wash and we end up making do with a tea towel.  It needs bringing up to a useful size with borders, then quilting and binding.

5.  This orphan block from the Sew Kitschy BOM is destined to become a trivet too.  I have now added borders to it, so it just needs sandwiching and quilting, hopefully an easy one.

6. I think the Orange Peel QAL has now finished (I've lost track!) so this rather large mini quilt needs quilting and binding.

7. It would be nice to finally get the latch hook rug bound and on the floor somewhere.  Actually it is already on the floor, in my craft room, but it could do with being finished first!

I think that's more than enough.  With a bit of luck, I'll feel well enough this quarter to make a humongous list for Q3!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Half tila bracelet

Me and my lovely mum spent an entire Thursday at The Bead Shop Nottingham recently doing 2 workshops (and including lunch followed by cake at a local cafe).  One of the workshops was a beaded bracelet made using Tila beads.  Tila beads are flat square beads with 2 holes.

I chose these lovely silvery coloured Tilas and matched them with hematite seed beads in sizes 11/0 and 15/0.  The pattern was confusing at first, but as soon as the first couple of rows formed, I could see where I was going and spent the rest of the class happily weaving away.

It makes for a really slinky, tactile bracelet that feels nice worn.  I do love these shaped beads that have been coming out recently, like these Tilas and the Pips I've been playing with recently.  I'm quite tempted to do a bit of on line shopping and stock up on some more shapes, there are some interesting looking triangle beads I've got my eye on.

Part two of our day to follow soon.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Save the Stitches update

It's time for another update on my Save The Stitches blackwork sampler designed by Elizabeth Almond of Blackwork Journey.  I've entered this into the Quilt and Stitch Village show in April.  I need to get it framed before then so I've given myself the deadline of the end of February to get it stitched.  I finished the section below, then I started crocheting squares?!?  How exactly is that helping get it finished Wendy?

I have finished blocks 18, 19 and 20, including the metal thread work.  This means I have one full row to do (made of 4 blocks), then I just have to add the beading before getting it framed.  

Someone kick me in the arse please, I need to get working on this!

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

More pip beads

Following on from the pip bead class I took, I was inspired to use the 3 rivolis (sparkly bit in the centre, doesn't have a hole) I'd bought for more pip bead jewellery.  I knew I had some blue pip beads at home, so that was where I started.

I have load of blue seed beads so it was pretty easy to match these beautiful pips with some dark blue delicas and seed beads.  This one isn't going to be a brooch.

Instead I added a jump ring to the back so I can make it into a necklace.

I then made these little flowers.  6 of the pip beads fit perfectly together in a circle to form a bloom and I added a little clear seed bead in the centre of each.  I think I'll make a couple more of them and use them to flank the main flower.  

I'm afraid this isn't the last you'll see of pip bead flowers, I used all three rivolis...

I'd also like to say that I've had the most hectic couple of weeks at work, including working into the evening, so I haven't been visiting many blogs and I don't think I've commented on any.  I hope to catch up at some point soon, so don't think I've abandoned you!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

crochet squares

Remember I said I was going to whip up various granny squares using my odds and ends of yarn?  I have managed to make one more, though I'm hardly the hive of production I thought I might be!

This is number #89 Spinner from 200 Crochet blocks by Jan Eaton.  I fear I will need more than 3 to make a complete sampler blanket so I really should get on with this!