Friday, 15 October 2010

Work in Progress and Craft Book Challenge Round 2

Good afternoon everyone.  I have not finished anything new for Finished by Friday, but as Libby says we can link to any post during the week, I've put my pig and bag up there. 

I still have one part of my Craft Book Challenge left to do, the cross stitch from the Classic Story Book Cross Stitch book.  I bought the relevant DMC threads, but I still haven't started it yet.  The problem is the pattern calls for 28 threads per inch linen.  I discovered (by counting!) that my linen is 32 TPI.  The idea was to make a drawstring bag and cross stitch directly onto the linen, but I'm too inexperienced to know how it will work out if I use the higher-count linen.  I have some 14 count Aida, I assume this is 28 TPI??  It seemed to be when I counted it.  Anyway, amongst all this dithering and counting, I pulled out a cross stitch kit I'd forgotten I'd bought and decided to stitch it up, then make it into a present for the mother-in-law...

So it looks like the StoryBook cross stitch will be waiting a little longer!!  I did enjoy getting projects finished from the other two books I used, so I'm continuing with the Challenge and adding another 3 books onto the list.  I don't think two of these books have made it onto the craft book list yet, in fact I have another 5 or so at home that definitely haven't.  I have to stop feeding my habit!!  I haven't chosen projects out of these yet, I'm just going to go for it.
Quilt a Gift by Barri Sue Gaudet

Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long
Bean Bag Buddies by Nicki Wheeler

I seem to have chosen 2 books of cuddly toys, but I'm sure I can find someone to gift them to, adults like toys too!

I did some more knitting last night, I only got a few rows of my basket-weave scarf done before my hands started hurting which is strange.  This will be for the father-in-law (it's actually a deep red, not orange as it looks on the photo!).  I will be ready for Christmas, I will!!


Tracey said...

hi wendy, great start on the gift your stitching, also i like the look of that book quilt a gift, im new to quilting and i have a lot to learn stil,
take care,

Bev said...

i love this forever friends chart, i was going to stitch this one

Mistea said...

Lots of inspiration in those books.

Love the look of that scarf.

I see you have been busy with needles and hooks while I have been absent. I really like the patchwork pig, good on you for getting that bag together dodgy instructions and all.