Monday, 22 November 2010

FNSI results - sort of!

Hello and happy Monday.

I know I'm supposed to post my Friday Night Sew In results on a Saturday, but I never get a chance.  Better late than never though.  Except it's not as I've forgotten to take a picture! I had embroidered some words for a notebook cover for my dad, but as I then took it upstairs ready to be sewed to the notebook cover, I forgot to take a photo!  I will post it when the notebook is done. 

It's not all I did on Friday night though, I also made these little drawing pins.  Not great, but my dad should appreciate them!  They're to go with the fabric covered notice board I'm yet to make him!

We also had a bit of a Sunday Morning Sew In with my stepdaughter and her friend - both aged 11.  They were sitting right next to me staring as I finished one of the drawing pins above so I asked them if they wanted to make something, oh they did!  So I got out my basket of felt and fetched down The Cute Book and Felties and asked them to choose one each.

Abi decided to make the panda, but with purple and white felt, and Alex wanted to make a monkey, with an orange face.  I quite enjoyed teaching them to sew, despite the chorus of "I can't do it!" when threading the needle, tying a knot, doing an overstitch!!  Here are the results:

I made sure to tell Mr Crafter'sApprentice to say they were fantastic, just in case he forgot!!  It was so hard resisting the urge to snatch the needle out of their hands and do it myself! 

The rest of the weekend was taken up with family stuff, but I did get a chance to get some cards made as the girls wanted to make cards.  I took them into my craft room and let them use my stuff for the first time, vetted of course, there were many things they couldn't use, but with a stash like mine, there was a LOT of stuff they could use.  Again we had a chorus of "I can't do it!" about double sided tape and cutting out stickers and they refused to follow my advice of placing things on the card and getting the overall design right before sticking anything down!

I didn't think to take a photo of their cards, but here are mine.

Masculine cards are hard to make so I'm always pleased when I come up with not one, but two designs.

Sorry about the photo quality.

I've been making cards for many years but over the last year had lost my urge and my creativity.  Now that I'm knitting, crocheting, embroidering, cross stitching and sewing like it's going out of fashion, I find it really easy to make a card and so inspiring.  Not sure how that works!

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