Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Productive Saturday

It has just taken me half an hour to upload these photos to Blogger.  I'm hating having to go out of the post each time, to another screen, then back to the post just to upload a single photo!  More frustrating is the fact I uploaded all these yesterday and Blogger stole them!

Something very exciting happened today.  I was sneakily checking my emails and saw that I've won a giveaway!!  My first!  I won a gorgeous bag over on Cathy's Blog.  Click here to visit Cathy and join in her Christmas challenge.  Come on girls, last push before December is on us and there are millions of things to do.

So, without further ado.  On Thursday night I "mastered" the crocheted flowers - well they kind of look like flowers so that will do for me!  I used Rowan HandKnit Cotton in the end and they seemed to hold their shape better.  What do you think?

 I went to the Craft Show on Friday, and on Saturday I spent the day sewing and making.  Luxury weekend!  I finished mum's birthday presents.  First up is a little pouch to hold her sewing machine accessories.  It matches the sewing machine cover I made. 

Did you spot the deliberate mistake?  Yep, I just can't seem to keep my animals the right way up!

The lining fabric matches the lining on the sewing machine cover.
I'm pretty pleased with how it came out as I didn't have a pattern.   I then made a little pin cushion to match.
It had to feature a pig as they are her favourite.  The back is in the lining fabric again.

And yes, I did even manage to mess a pin cushion up!  I hate slip stitching by hand, it's so messy, so I decided to stitch it on the machine.  It would have been a neat little line, except that the first two times I sewed it, I missed the fabric on the back!

Despite the problems, it only took 10 minutes to knock up so I made myself one too with this lovely Matroyshka fabric.  It has a red backside.  I do want to make a fancy pin cushion at some point, but this will do until then.

Next up was a needle book.  I took the pattern from Cath Kidston's Sew! but changed it a little to suit.

The inside has felt pages.  I made a mistake at first and cut the first one too small, but it worked out in the end...
Except for the fact the ribbon is upside down!  A mistake every single project.

Finally, I made a set of little notecards, they measure 9.5cm x 6.5cm.

And then I made a birthday card.  This is the first time I've machine sewn on paper and I loved it!  My cards will be featuring a lot of sewing from now on.

I also had to make mum a card from dad, so I put those crocheted flowers to good use!
And last, but not least, is an engagement card for my friend featuring an iron-on embroidery and a charm from the craft fair.

It's mum's birthday today so I'll get to find out tonight if she likes them.  Then I have to get on with dad's presents!


Sammi @ Stormy Hen Creations said...

Everything is so cute....love the little needle book. Can you possibly share the pattern for the flowers?

deepa said...

Lovely creations,Wendy. Love the little pig :)

Tracey said...

Hi Wendy,
The crochet flowers are great, i can only do a crochet square never tried a flower, not sure how to,
Love the cards,
Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful !
The sewing machine cover, accessory bag, pincushion, needle book, etc... all so cute !
The crocheted flower are lovely !

Katherine said...

Awesome gifts, Wendy! I love the animal fabric you choose - those little pigs are so cute.


Wow, you have been really busy! Your crochet flowers look great (I tried crocheting for the first time on Saturday and failed miserably!)

Can I ask where you got that fabric with the animals on it - I love it and WANT SOME!!! Love everything you have made and about to sign up as a follower of your lovely blog. Looking forward to seeing what you make next. x

Megan said...

How cute! I love the pigs!! You are so talented!