Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow glorious snow, but not in this post

In a previous post I showed you how to mess up a simple coaster, well this week I've gone one step further and messed up a notebook cover.  So, here's how to turn this:

Into this:

Looking a little "loose" and "crinkley"... It's a present for my dad (and I forgot to turn it the right way up!) who has just been made Chairman of the local branch of CAMRA after years of organising the Beer Festival.  Coupled with his footie team's colours, it is him all over!  Except he's not loose or crinkly...

I covered a little box with the fabric and put a little cushion inside to hide the mess in the bottom, this is to hold the drawing pins I covered for him.

It didn't turn out so well as the fabric glue has made it kind of dirty.

I finally got round to doing something with the Forever Friends bear I stitched, I made it into a drawstring bag.  It didn't go as well as last time as it has a bit of an unintended pleat in the back.  I didn't photograph it for you as I was already feeling pretty rubbish about my lack of sewing skills by this point!

I spent a couple of hours stitching up this Spitfire design for my father-in-law's birthday card.  The design came from one of the 15 old cross stitch magazines I picked up for £3 in a charity shop.  He was in the RAF as was his father who was a Paratrouper during WWII so I thought this would be appropriate.
I also finally did something with the Angel Friends stitchery that I completed a month or so ago.  I made it into a cushion.  This cushion has a zip in the top!  My first ever zip!  It was really easy...  unless I've done it wrong, I don't know what my major fear of zips was.  There is however a mistake in this cushion - the zip is at the top!!

Finally this weekend I got started on some knitting:

I've still got some more pieces to go.  Can you tell what it is?  This was my first attempt at moss stitch and that also was pretty easy, though I did mess up one bit of the pink part...  I got confused with the stitches and decreasing.

I've been feeling a bit down about my lack of sewing ability this weekend.  The notebook was a disaster and I'm sure it should have been a lot easier, then everything else seemed to go wrong too.  Maybe I should give up and go back to making cards.

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Ms Muffin said...

You know I truly think your things look good! Maybe the photos do not show the mistakes very well ... but when I saw the notebook in the post I thought to myself "Wow, that looks cute. I want to make one!"
I am not a good sewer myself ... but one thing I have learned: Sewing has ALOT to do with practise!!!! So, do not give up! Things will get better, I am sure!
I do not get to sew alot right now. Unfortunately. But when I do ... well, sometimes I manage to create something really pretty that I love (even if it still has mistakes in it). But sometimes I screw things up that I did not even consider to be hard ... that really gets me down. But there are always again times when things just work out ... and that feeling is just too good to give up! :-)