Friday, 17 December 2010

Embroidered Photo Frame - a proud moment!

I finished the embroidered photo frame I'd been working on on Wednesday night, but didn't get round to ironing it until last night.  Unfortunately it was very dark when I took the photos, so they're not great, but then my photos never are and I shouldn't really blame the light!!

This was my fourth finish for my Craft Book Challenge.  The project came from the book Quilt a Gift by Barrie Sue Gaudet.  This book is full of gorgeous projects using fabric and wool felt.  There are 1-2 evening projects and projects that will take a week or longer.  Although I love this project, the instructions weren't great - at no point did she state whether there were seam allowances, and if so what they were which meant I made the machined part twice to get it right.  I basically made up my own measurements the second time.  I chose to do the hearts and the vines/flowers free hand rather than tracing her template.  Templates are provided but need to be enlarged which I always find a real pain.  They'd been reduced by 50% so it wouldn't have taken many more pages to put them in full size.

Anyway, here it is, under the glass, in the frame but minus photo:

Here's a photo of it without the glass:

 And a detail of the corner - I'm not sure if you can make it out but there are little white seed beads to represent flowers:

I really am proud of this project and have plans to make more.  This one will have a wedding photo of me and my husband in, but I'd like to make some to show family photos so will have to change the colour scheme and the hearts - I'll work something out.

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Kirie said...

It looks amazing o.O Great work, wonderful idea and I just love those little embroidered flowers :)

Chris said...

You added so many lovely details. This frame looks fabulous.

Beedeebabee said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) Paulette

Megan said...

So dainty and lovely! You SHOULD be proud!!