Friday, 4 February 2011

All those hours of practicing, for THIS??

I don't know if you remember, but I recently posted about my free motion embroidery attempts.  I gave it up because the bobbin wouldn't stop looping.  Well, I went back to it at the weekend to try again.  Same problem.  So that project is abandonned, but I did practice my free drawing again so I haven't given up on the technique, just that particular project!! 

Anyway, I did manage to get one of them done before the bobbin declared war.  I sewed it up into a very simple little lavendar sachet.  Christmas gift number 2 all present and correct!


Casey said...

it's pretty!

Sandra :) said...

That's adorable!

Have you tried a new needle and checked that it's inserted correctly? Is it the right needle for the fabric? Is the bobbin seated correctly with bobbin thread coming out ACROSS the case instead of around it? (if it's a drop-in bobbin, that is). Is the bobbin wound correctly? Change to another bobbin to check. Is the machine threaded correctly? Rethread completely to check. Is the tension set properly for your fabrics? What kind of spool of thread are you using? Is it a big cone that might be feeding too quickly (I have that problem when I use cones with my old 201), or is it a biggish spool that might fly loosely on the spool spindle? The machines I use have very short spindles and I find the tall spools don't do well on them.

Sometimes if you undo and redo everything (threading, needle, bobbin) it will solve the problem - my fingers are crossed that you can get this figured out before it gets too frustrating!

Joysze said...

Love it, Wendy! It's so sweet and pretty.

Jacey said...

Very cute!!
My special lys is in Gedling, on main rd, used to be called Laines but has now been taken over by the wonderful Anita, the shops called Knitworking, you must visit !!! xx

Allie said...

Oh sweetie that is so cute!!! I love it and look at you, you're done! Egads I better kick it up a notch.

You might want to try the Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers for your free-motion. Here's a link:

lovestitch said...

It's so lovely and so sweet, Wendy!
Oh I didn't realize my email is a no-reply one before, silly me! Thanks for pointing that out! And (I shouldn't start a sentence with "and", sorry, hehe) could you please help me on fixing this problem?
Thank you in advance,
LS, x

lovestitch said...

Hi Wendy, thanks a lot for your help! I've just done, it's much easier than I thought! So thank you! Hope I will win a giveaway one day!!!
Have a lovely day!
LS, xxx

Malea said...

This is cute! I'm wanting to try some free motion embroidery/quilting one of these days. Now that I have a machine that can do it I'm so going to try soon!

dizzytina said...

so cute i really want to try free hand at some point too tina x x


Thanks for the comment on my blog. Funnily enough I had a go at Free motion quilting yesterday, I think I really need to practice doing this before I quilt something for real.

Nancy Lee said...

This is lovely!
I have heard good things about those bobbin washers, so maybe they will help you.
I am still nervous to try this, despite my machine having instructions in the manual about how to do it. I must give it a whirl.

Relish said...

Hi, thanks for popping by and checking out my mini quilts. I am enjoying making them and have another couple on the go right now.

Re your machine quilting, I'm agreeing with everything Sandra :) had to say but adding an extra tip - I was having a whole ship load of trouble with mine until I cleaned my machine. The plate on my machine where the feed dogs come out/needle goes in is removable. When I took it off, I nearly died seeing all the built up lint in there - it was filthy. After giving it a really good clean out and changing the needle, no more problems. Happy machining :)

Ms Muffin said...

Wow, this is beautiful! I have tried a bit of free motion embroidery ... but am not nearly as good as you!!! I am planning to practise ... but I would have to have time for it. SIGH
I will ... at some point ... ;-)