Monday, 21 March 2011

Gratuitous bunny photos

I'm having a lull.  I need to make stuff and get good photos.  Whilst I'm doing that, I thought you might like to see my bunny-babies.

This is the handsome Colin.  Colin was a rescue rabbit.  We adopted him to be friends with Tiff, but they didn't like each other.  We had to separate them.  Poor Colin had been given up for adoption along with his brother.  They were adopted but then he was brought back to the rescue centre after being badly hurt by his brother.  He's such a loving little boy, he loves a cuddle and having his nose rubbed.  He's some kind of cross breed - Netherland dwarf and Old English I think.  He'll be three next month.

Whenever my bunnies are given the run of my small but completely-enclosed yard, they find the smallest place to squeeze into.  Why bunnies? 

This little cutie is Harry.  Harry is our latest addition, adopted to be a friend for Tiff.  They love each other even though she's twice his size.  He's a little tiny Netherland Dwarf with the strangest hop.  He hops with his legs firmly together, so dainty!  All I know about Harry's previous life is that the family he lived with was "chaotic".  He's still very scared and is slowly getting used to us.  For some reason he adores my brother - even though he's only met him twice - but is scared of everyone else.  Harry is 3.

Here are Tiff and Harry during hutch cleaning operations.  They spend the whole time I'm cleaning out trying to get back into, or under, their hutch, then when it's time to go in, they don't want to!  I think Tiff's thinking about jumping over the make-shift fence here.

Come on Harry, let's try to get round it...
I don't think you'll fit Tiff... you have got a very large bottom.

How rude!  I only ever eat salad...

Come on Tiff, let's go and sniff around near the bench instead.

Tiff was my first bunny and is definitely the Queen of the Castle.  Scared of no-one and nothing, she just wants ALL the attention, and all the carrots.  Bought from a petshop (yes, I know - I didn't know any better at the time but I'd NEVER do it again) at age 8 weeks, I think she thinks she's human.  She was alone for nearly 2 years before she bonded with Harry.  She is a little madam who just loves throwing toilet roll tubes and dinner bowls around! 

This little angel is Ellis.  Ellis doesn't photgraph well as the light shines off her pink eyes.  She's an Albino Netherland Dwarf.  She was badly treated before she came to live with us.  She was skin and bones but is now a healthy weight.  She was also terrified of everyone.  Now she's still scared of most people, but I'm allowed to stroke her.  Unless she's recently been to the vet for her jabs!

Ellis is 2 and a half, the youngest of the bunch and totally in love with her Colin.  She loves tunnels (she's claiming this one as her own) and has a hidey-cabin in her run which she loves to tip over.  She also loves to sit in the rain, getting soaked.

Colin?  Colin?  Are you under there?

So, where did the names come from?  Well when I got Tiff I told my stepdaughter that she could name her.  She named her off a character from her favourite soap - Eastenders.  Yes, that's right, my fat bunny is named after little red haired Tiffany from Eastenders!  I then named Colin as I think Colin is a great name for a bunny.  I wanted to call Ellis Matilda or Maude, but Craig refused and said it was his turn.  He wanted to call her snowy or something but I said she had to have a human name.  So he gave her a boy's name.  As for Harry, that was a compromise - I wanted to call him Humphrey but was vetoed.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting my bunnies.  If you have, I might post about them again in the future.


Angie said...

Too cute! When I was little my dad got me 2 bunnies from a neighbor. They were supposed to both be girls, well one wasn't and soon we eneded up with babies EVERYWHERE! It was nuts, I truly understand the expression 'breeds like rabbits'. They were so sweet. ;)

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Cute bunnies! We have 5 bunnies- mostly Lionhead mixes. They are adorable!!! :) I showed your bunnies to my 5yo and she wants to come see them. I tried to explain that you are in England, but she doesn't seem to think that is so far away. LOL!

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

I loved reading their stories, so great that you adopt rescues! They are all beautiful! xx

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Oh, here are pics of the babies we had last year (due to a gender mix-up!)

Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww I love the pictures of your bunny babies - I'd love to play with them and give them a little tickle :D

We never did see the stray bunny again outside - I hope he or she found a nice warm house to live in *fingers crossed* :)

Tezzcan said...

Aww, they are so cute!
We lost both of our bunnies last year.
We miss them both, they were house bunnies that had about 1/2 of the dining room to play in.

Nancy Lee said...

I LOVE Harry. I love all of them really, but Harry is so smooshy! We have a zillion wild bunnies in our neigbhourhood. They eat my lavender, but big deal, I don't mind sharing.

Allie said...

Oh Wendy they are SO sweet - how good of you to rescue them and give them a good home! And so funny you posted this today, I've been drawing bunnies today.....*G*

Joysze said...

Awwww, they're adorable!! Have to show hubby. :D

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute , cute!!!!