Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Things to dangle from your bag

Remind me never to get a job as a headline writer. 

I mentioned in my last post that I'd bought some beads at the craft fair.  I had a few ideas in mind for them and this was the first.  Bag charms.  I bought a kit to make these little angels and they whipped up in about 2 minutes each!  I made all ten the night I got back from the fair.

Here she is with her mates.

That should be enough guardian angels to keep anyone safe.  I also bought a kit to make a beaded bag charm.

Not too creative really, using kits.  Is it cheating?  But I also bought components to make some of my own design.  I really enjoyed making them.

I have some more to make, I couldn't finish them as I had to have an emergency visit to the over-pricedness that is Hobbycraft to get some more beads as I hadn't bought enough.  They're now just waiting to be finished.


Joysze said...

Pretty dangles, Wendy. :D I don't think there's anything wrong with using kits at all. Just see it as half the job has been done for you. :D

Sandra :) said...

Actually I think that blog title SHOULD get you a job as a headline writer :D

I like your bangles and beads and think they're perfect for blinging up bags -- nothing wrong with kits, either - they're a great way to get a wide variety of goodies quickly!

Kandi said...

Using kits is a great way to start then you get the hang of it and buy what you know you need. You are not cheating just being organised.
Kandi x

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty. My favourite though are the angels. Wishing you weren't across an ocean so that I could buy some from you.

Tezzcan said...

Ooh, pretty.
You must have tons of handbags ;)

Allie said...

These are so pretty they make me want to start getting beads again! Those angels are really darling. Nothing wrong with kits, you can get straight to the making - they save time!

PootleFlump said...

They are really lovely Wendy. x

Nancy Lee said...

Wrong with kits? No way, its like having a ready-meal every now and then. Brilliant, easy and half the work! These are lovely! Also, speaking as a one-time pro in the field of headline writing, you're getting to be da bomb.

emilysnan said...

hiya judy , what great makes you hae done , i love the little angels and i have e.thing i need to mske them in my shash and i just neer thought to make these ??? loe teh bag charms too x hae a question for you see at the ends of your post you have a list of partis you visit ? how do you get them in all small and neatly lined up ( refer to my blog to see my messiness ) if you could help it would be great x mail me if you need to tfs