Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blog Award

I was incredibly surprised on opening my emails a couple of weeks ago to find I'd been given the Stylish Blogger Award by Mary Jo over at All This For Them.  Thanks for thinking of me Mary Jo, I have to say I'm pretty taken aback as I'm such a novice at all the crafts I attempt.

What I like about this award is that I get to promote some blogs which I love.  They're all going to be "small" blogs as I think some of the big blogs get all the attention. 

So the rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award 6 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award.

Seven things about me.  I know most bloggers say they hate this part, but I like it, I could talk about me all day!!

1. I lived in Warsaw, Poland for two years.  I love Poland.  I didn't speak any Polish when I arrived and I didn't know anyone.  I came away with some great friends and I could converse in Polish.
2. I studied at University in Toulouse, France for a year.  I did speak French when I arrived as it was part of my degree.
3. I've also studied Spanish, Russian and Japanese to varying degrees.
4. I love to travel.  I've travelled alone twice.  First at the age of 22 visiting the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenian.  I love Croatia and Slovenia.  The second time I travelled back from a weekend with a friend in Amsterdam to Poland, taking in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany on the way.
5. My best ever travelling gig was when I took the Trans-Siberian, travelling from Warsaw through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to St Petersburg, then on to Moscow where the Trans-Sib begins.  I then stopped at Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Yeketerinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkustsk and Ulan Ude before turning into Mongolia and on to Beijing.  Amazing.  All of it.  Except Perm.
6. I experienced an earthquake in Mongolia.  It was point 7 on the Richter scale and tremours were felt as far away as Beijing.  I didn't realised.  I had food poisoning and thought that the shaking was down to that.  I was in a ger at the time.
7. Well, the first 6 points were all about travelling/languages.  So something else...  I'm left handed, astigmatic and suffer from migraine and eczema.  Not that the left-handedness is a disease!

Onto my bloggy buddies.  I'm going to do this a bit differently.  I'm supposed to choose 6 blogs and give them the award.  I know that loads of bloggers don't like awards so instead, I'm going to tell you about some amazing blogs I like (all of them "small" blogs with less thank 90 followers and I'd like you to go and visit them.  Ladies, if you're listed below and you would like to accept the award, please do! 

A Fabric Affair - Tiffany does sewing, quilting and embroidery

Bags, Crafts and Happiness - Tuia makes bags, as the name suggests, but also does other sewing projects, crochet and knitting

Beanie G - Eileen is a quilter who also makes bags

Beauty in the Details - Alecia makes quilts and other sewing projects along with some embroidery

Belle & B - Belle (or is it Bee) makes some lovely sewing projects

Bev's Bits and Pieces - Bev is a fan of quilts and stitcheries

Blue Susan Makes - Susan makes a whole host of sewing projects

City House Studio - Michelle is a quilter who can be found sewing other things

Coco Stitch - Cocostitch is a sewist

Crafting at Heart - Tezzcan is a UK blogger who quilts, sews and embroiders along with trying to tempt me to buy more fabric by flashing her stash

Crafty Hour - this blog is full of sewing, cross stitch and jewellery projects but I don't know the blogger's name!

Curiouser and Curiouser - Hanakunoichi shows us her crochet projects

Eggbird Designs - Kim is another UK blogger, she spends her time knitting, crocheting and embroidering

Embroidery Corner - Paulina is an embroideress from Poland who I haven't seen around this month, so go and leave her a comment to encourage her to come back

Freckle Mama - Chris blogs about the quilts she makes

Handwash Only - Libby is a quilter and embroideress and was one of my first bloggy friends so go and say hello

Hanne Kristine In Stitches and Loops - Hanne Kristine is a Norweigian knitter who also dabbles in quilting

Heaven is Handmaid - Nancy writes about her sewing and also adds some recipes.  She's my lovely Canadian friend so make sure you visit her

I Make Stuff - Malea is a talented seamstress who does other sewing projects too

Is it just me or... - Sarah is a sewist, also from the UK

Jenn of All Trades - Jenn makes clothes and quilts and cushions and stuff.  She also won this award from someone else yesterday so doubt she'll accept

Joy's Quilts - Joy makes quilts (bet you guessed that!) and sews and talks about her incredible life living in Saudi Arabia

Just Do - Do is Dutch, she knits, crochets and sews

Just String - Jeanne does some incredible needlework, with explanations for novices like me

Kite & String - Nancey makes quilts and sews clothes for her kids

Lady Crochet - Inge is a Spanish crocheter, but fear not, she writes in English too!

Lilipopo - Lilipopo is a British embroideress who makes up her own beautiful patterns and sews them into little items.  She was one of the first blogs I found, and I can't believe she hasn't got a gazillion followers

Liz Taylor Handmade - Liz sews, quilts and embroiders

Made by Cata - Cata is from the Azores Islands but now lives in Ireland.  She crochets and sews

Making it up as I go along - Lisa blogs about quilting, sewing and embroidery

Mardi Meanderings - Marylin is a quilter who does some incredible applique and embroidery

My 1st Bambina! - A Puerto Rican living in the US, this lovely blogger whose name I don't know writes about embroidery, sewing, applique and quilting, not to mention her craft book addiction

Mistea Crafts - Mistea tackles a wide range of projects including knitting, quilting, cross stitch, making bears, sewing and embroidery

My Crazy World of Crazy Quilting - Laurie is a crazy quilter, her seam treatments and embroidery are exquisite

Nellie's Niceties - Mother and daughter team Yvonne and Reene showcase their sewing and quilting projects

Painting with Threads - Sandra Maria writes about crochet and knitting

Sandra Sews - My lovely friend Sandra writes from her home in Toronto about the charity sewing she does and her beaded book thongs.  She's extremely sarcastic but is a great lady so go and visit her now!

Scrap n Play's Blog - Stacy is a sewer and recently had a very generous giveaway which I won!

Patchwork Delights - This Irish blogger only just scraped into my list as she has 90 followers!  Her speciality is gorgeous modern patchwork
See Katie Sew - Katie is only a sporadic poster, but when she does she showcases some gorgeous sewing projects

Sheila's Stitches and Stuff - Sheila shares her embroidery and cross stitch projects

Stormy Hen Living - Stormy Hen sews and repurposes used items

Teacups and Tiskets - Fi hasn't been blogging much as she's busy with college work but I'm hoping she'll be back very soon to talk more about crochet, embroidery, felting and jewellery making

Terri's Place - Terri is a sewist and mum to some cute little bunnies, including a tiny baby

The Adventures of Angelcat - Angela sews and makes ATCs.  I think she's English but I might be wrong!

The Juju Bee - Julia is attempting to make a felt picture in an embroidery hoop for each week of the year.  Her pictures are stunning - seriously, check this one out

The Sewing Spider - Charlotte blogs about her quilting and sewing projects

Thimbelina - Thimbelina is a sewist who has a go at everything from stitcheries to kid's clothes

With Blueberry Heart Quilts - Ale is Spanish (or Spanish speaking, I'm not sure which!) and does some gorgeous quilting and sewing work

I don't seem to have many crochet blogs in here.  Of course I'm a massive fan of Attic24, Crochet with Raymond and The Crochet Spot, but they were over the 90-follower limit I set.  Does anyone know any more "small" crochet blogs?  Or large ones for that matter!

Well, I've listed 49 blogs there!  Slightly over my limit of 6, but who's counting?  Please go and visit them all and say hello from me!


Nancey said...

Wendy, thanks for including my blog on your list! I'd love to "accept" an award and do a post. I'll link back to you. Thanks again : )

Allie said...

Congratulations on your award Wendy! Lovely list of blogs there, some of which I already read - but I'll check the rest out, thank you!

LollyChops said...

Just wanted to drop by and leave you some hugs! Sounds like you have had some wonderful travels!!

Joy McD said...

Thank you for including me in your list Wendy!! And I also enjoyed learning a bit more about you :)

Just-Do said...

Congratulations! It is nice to read a little about you. Thank you for including me in your list. I will not accept the award though, since I already received it a few months ago. There are a few blogs you mentioned, which I didn't know yet, so I'm going to check them out now.
groetjes, Dorien

Libby said...

Congratulations! I love reading about your crafting adventures! and Thanks for the list! I find it so inspirational (and a kick in the pants) to see what everyone else is doing!

Sandra :) said...

Thanks for the delicious link of blogs - I'm going to have fun going on a blog tour!

Thanks too for the shout-out - now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find some delightfully esoteric toilet paper roll crafts made for and by adults :D

/end sarcasm ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the honorific mention of my blog... LOL!!! By the way, my name is Monika :-)!