Monday, 4 April 2011

A follow-up to my Public Service Announcement

Wow, I've had quite a response to my post on blogging-as-I-see-it.  One of the major things seems to be bloggers who don't use Blogger as their platform being noreply.  I have been able to respond to Typepad and Wordpress users via email, so can any of you help me?  Can you tell me how to show your email/enable email response in other platforms so I can pass the word on?

Secondly, I think my message about replying to comments was misunderstood/badly written (*delete as appropriate).  I don't respond to every single comment I get (though it's only about 10 a day).  I love getting comments and I love comments that say "great job!" or "lovely cushion", but I don't necessarily respond to them.  If you say something more, ask a question, refer to something you've made or a tutorial you've seen, I'll be emailing you back.  After all, isn't that how we form links and make blogging buddies?  I responded to a comment left by suddenly Sandra months ago and I STILL can't get rid of her ( ;0) ).  I can't see this kind of friendship forming in the comments section.  But maybe I'm wrong.

On another blogging note, I've been asked a few times how I get my party buttons lined up so nicely at the bottom of my posts.  Check out this tutorial by Madigan Made for the answer.


Sandra :) said...

Heehee sending you maple syrup hugs, my little STALKEE!!!!!!!!!!!

arajane said...

hi wendy! such a lovely blog you have! and can i tell you how jealous i am of your productivity? as for big love, i am very sad to say that it was the last episode ever. they did five seasons and called it quits. the final season was really terrific, though, and i'm also envious that you have the rest of the show ahead of you to watch. enjoy!