Monday, 15 August 2011

shopping bag

Once again, I have forgotten to upload my photos onto the computer, so today I only have one thing to show you.  I made a fold up shopping bag for my mother-in-law's birthday last Saturday.

I used a tutorial I'd spotten a while ago and bookmarked by Crafty Ady, this link takes you to her blog, the link to the pdf tutorial is in her left hand side bar.

The bag has a really clever construction which means you can roll it up and keep it in your handbag for when you "accidentally" buy loads of fabric/threads/books/chocolate.

I think the fabric is Riley Blake Merry something, I bought it ages ago for a bag lining, but as I'd bought it off line, in the flesh it didn't really go with the other fabric I'd chosen. 

I made a couple of mistakes with this.  First I put the popper on the wrong side of the bag.  Ooops.  I couldn't get it off as it'd been hammered in place so I left it there and told her it was decoration!  I'm also pretty sure I sewed the main bag up wrong, as you can see, the seam goes down the front and back which means that the gussetted bottom is also the wrong way round, but I think that works better as a bag anyway.  My excuse, I'm sticking to it.

I used these poppers.  I bought them, then became convinced I needed a special set of pliers which were about £30, luckily I didn't need them, just a hammer.

And look, binding!  Oh yes, I did it again!  This time, it's fully machined in place as this is, after all, a shopping bag, not a work of art.  It was really, really easy.  I didn't pin it in place this time and that seemed to work better for me around the curves, I just kind of fed it in.  I did miss the back of the binding in places when I stitched the second side but I don't think it matters in a shopping bag - a quilt maybe.

And here it is all rolled up.  Aahh, cute.  Thanks Ady, I'll be making half a ton of these for presents!


Libby said...

Cute! and a great gift! I love that it rolls up too!

Craftyrider said...

There has to be errors in something hand made, otherwise you may as well just go to the store and buy it. The more custom details, the more chance of slight errors. If I get almost to the end of a large project with no mistakes, I will put one in it. Not that that happens verry often. The last thing I made, I put the lace on the inside.

Nancy Lee said...

This was what I tried to make for Sandra last Christmas, although with the pants instructions from THAT book. I will give it another whirl with this tutorial -- Sandra -- don't read this comment.
Cheers, Wendy! I think it turned out well. Do you have a piping foot? It might help with the binding issues. Alternatively, basting it on, pressing it, then sewing always helps. It seems like a lot of steps, but you'll be happy with the results. Honest.

Joysze said...

Oh.... CUTE!!!!! :D

Stitchin' time said...

Mistakes, what mistakes? Where you exercised your artistic creativity to make it a bit different to the original,lol?
I have downloaded this pattern but haven't made it yet. Love the material you've used - very cheerful. I'm also going to try the glasses case when I buy the flex frames.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

I think you did a wonderful job! Glad you and the bunnies are ok.
xx, shell

Pootle said...

Looks great and your binding looks brilliant. I am yet to conquer binding (and piping which I cant do either!) Nice job! x

Ady said...

It looks wonderful! You did a fab job. I am so glad you found the tute helpful.

Thendral said...

Lovely! Thanks for sahring!

Sandra :) said...

Great bag - that fabric is yummy! Those weren't mistakes - they were design decisions, right? :)

Rose and Heather said...

Love this! What a great idea too.... Need to try this out ourselves.
We would love to have you join us next week at our link party. Carfty Lassie Tuesday
Heather & Rose

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Q @ JAQS said...

OOO love that little snap button - so useful!

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SJ @ Creative DIYers Club said...

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