Saturday, 17 December 2011

FSNI - December

Last night I joined in with the Friday Night Sew In. 

Handmade by Heidi

I signed up for the last one which was last Friday, then spent the evening snoozing on the sofa.  This week I actually did something, but not much more to be honest!  I'm now on day 8 of a continuous headache that is making me feel sick and dizzy and is not very conductive to Christmas present producing.  Which is unfortunate with there now being just one week left til Christmas!  I'm up early today, headache and all, and after I've had another coffee and done a bit of blog browsing (I'm still days and days behind!), I'm going to get on with it before I have to go to the work's Christmas do this evening. 

All this waffling is covering up the fact I've only got one photo to show you!  It was hastily taken this morning as I fed the buns...

FFS!  I just wrote this post, published it, then went to have a look and Blogger had stolen the second half of it.  What is going on with Blogger??

Right, can I remember what I just wrote?  I was telling you that these are the front panels for glasses cases for my dad and FIL.  The one at the front is for my dad as he's well-known for cursing very loudly at his computer.  It's based on this pattern from the Split Stitch, I was going to cross stitch it as per the pattern, but it turned out my panel wasn't large enough so I just free hand embroidered it.  I'm not happy with the shape of the speech bubble, but as I'd fused the fleece to the back of the panel in advance, the holes left from unpicking were really visible so it's staying like that.

The second one, unfinished, is for my FIL and will be his initials.  I've cross stitched it using soluble canvas so I'll show you how that works out (or not) in a post later in the week.

I think I then went on to waffle a bit more, possibly about how time is running out and I shouldn't be sat here on my arse when I have Christmas present making to do...  I think I mentioned I'm going to the work's Christmas do tonight, don't think I mentioned that I'm dreading it.  Want to know a little secret?  I hate parties.  Yep, I'm a weirdo but we knew that anyway.

I think that was it!  I should be back often this week with lots of finishes to show you...  or my family isn't get presents this year!!


Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww sorry about your headache, kiddo - I hope it goes away post-haste!

LOVE the !@#()*$&@#$ stitchery - what a hoot!!!

Mistea said...

The glasses cases will be cool - love the idea of the exclamations in the speech bubble.
I commiserate with you about the work do - I don't dislike parties as such but work ones are a completely different story. Ours is on break up day or should I say break out day!
Happy creating.

Nancy Lee said...

Love that speech bubble! I can imagine doing something similar for someone I know...
I am almost finished. I don't want to be almost finished, but usually, I just decide I have to stop. Cheers, and have a great party!

Allie said...

Oh Wendy I love those - especially the cursing one, lol! Too funny! I'm sorry to hear you still have your headache, egads. And that you have to go to a party - I don't like them much either - not unless it's family, then it's lovely. Feel better soon hon!

Stitchin' time said...

This FNSI was a washout for me as I spent the night on the couch fighting off some rotten virus.
I like your "curses" glasses case! Don't expect blogger to improve as it's having a seasonal overload too along with any social internet site. Actually just the internet...I think it's all the last minute electronic greeting cards and email messages. This is the time of year that tries out your "patience is a virtue" mode ;P!
I resort to typing it in a word document, copying and pasting then popping in pictures that I hope will end up in the right place *eek*. Takes about the same time as typing it twice and I don't have to remember what I said the first time :).
Must return to my unfinished family presents too.

The Dotty One said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good - not great timing when you need to make all those pressies! Hope you feel better soon.
Your embroidery looks great - I love the speech bubble expletives. Looking forward to seeing the finished items.
Good luck with all your making! I need to get a move on with mine too!!