Thursday, 29 December 2011

I'm making a quilt!

I am!  I'm making a quilt!  But before we get onto that, I wanted to show you the kindness of my blogging buddies in Canada.  After meeting these two lovely ladies through our blogs, we've struck up a real friendship and they generously sent me a Christmas parcel each!

From the lovely Sandra I got:

A set of pouches in the fabbest (is that a word, or would most fab be better?) fabric!  It's travel fabric so suits me down to the ground.  Each pouch had a little present inside.

 Embroideries including a sewing basket and lots of lovely bunnies!

Tiger jingle bells (which were a bit shy, they didn't want their photo taken and kept rolling away) and little mother-of-pearl bunnies, both in these lovely little draw-string bags.

The equally-lovely Nancy sent me a mountain of crafty goodies, all wrapped up in freezer paper!

FQs from Petit Ecole, Rounneries and Pom Pom de Paris!  She knows my taste so well.

A fabric panel, some horsey fabric and a thread-snipper ring!  Ingenious - wonder if I can take that on the plane?  I'm going to Tunisia with work in January (I really am going, this isn't like the whole China debacle, I have tickets and everything!) and want to take some crochet on the plane but don't know the rules...

Scrap booking goodies (including embellishments by Amy Butler - who knew?) and ribbon.

Amy Butler ribbon, a hardanger kit and a kit to make a beaded notebook.  How fabulous are my fabuloso mates?  Thanks ladies, I'm overwhelmed with your generosity - as ever!

So, want to see the quilt I'm making?

I found a pattern, not the original one I was going to do as that was too complicated, but an easier one.  Then I laid out my selection of Sunkissed charm squares.  That took ages.  I hope I got the right balance in the end.

I cut out all the sashing pieces and the edge triangles and started sewing the rows.

I was going really slowly and carefully as I so want to get this right.  This is for my little nephew who's to be born in February and so has to be perfect!

This is the last photo I took, but I've actually got a bit further.  All the rows are sewn and half the columns.  I stopped as I got a pucker and so unpicked but thought I was too tired to carry on.  So far, my sashing matches up!!  Oh no, I've just jinxed the rest of it, haven't I?  I did debate deleting that sentence, but it's too late, the jinx has been cast.... I'll let you know how I get on!!


Fiona said...

Fantastic gifts Wendy.... bloggy friends are amazing... I do love the quilt you are making.... good on you... so pretty

Sandra :) said...

I'm glad you like your goodies - you have fans in Aurora, LOLOL!!! ;)

The quilt for your nephew is going to be lovely - Sunkissed is very pretty! Which pattern is it? I have to make a nephew quilt as well, woooooooooohoooooooooooooo!!!! Babies are SO much fun to sew for!!!

Allie said...

Gorgeous gifts, hon! And your quilt is looking GREAT! You're right to stop when you're tired....and I bet you didn't jinx it!~

Joy McD said...

Woohooo! Can't wait to see the finished quilt! Merry Christmas, by the way :)

Jillayne said...

Jinxed indeed! I bet it'll be perfect!! So glad you decided to make a quilt - and it looks like you have some new crafts to try thanks to your friends - have fun!

Michelle said...

Oooh, I love all of those yellow fabrics together!