Sunday, 4 December 2011

A swap

A few days ago I showed you the wonderful parcel that the lovely Katherine had sent me.  Well, now I'm a little ashamed to show you the pathetic parcel I sent her.  Rest assured, her generosity will not me going unreturned, there'll be another parcel going out to her next year - maybe for some event like Shrove Tuesday (eh, Sandra?).

Katherine had told me she liked red and blue.  To be honest, that didn't come as a surprise as I've been following her blog for ages!  I decided to make her a crafty accessory set in Bliss. 

Eagle-eyed and elephant-memoried (yes, I did just make that up) readers may remember that Katherine made me this exact same needle case from Sew Pretty Homestyle.

Except Katherine's was much more skillfully sewn!

I added a little pin cushion heart with a strange cut out and sewn flower type affair on the front.

It doesn't look quite so strange from this angle...

It has a naked backside.

I also made a little fabric tray from the 2010 Sewing Calendar, much like the one I made for myself.  A little confession here Katherine, that red dot print isn't Bliss... I just didn't have any more pieces big enough so had to break out some Michael Miller dots.

Hmmm... I've seen better but it was made with love and I was trying my hardest to make it neat.  It's not like I just whipped up any old thing.  The self-pity!  Stop whining Wendy.

Lastly came a little button bag from Sew Pretty Homestyle.  I really like this one and think it worked out quite well.

And here's the combined contents of my meagre parcel together.  I'm sorry Katherine, I didn't even send any chocolate.  What is wrong with me?!?



Fiona said...

they all look great Wendy... i love how you fussy cut to get the effects... (haha... I always forget the little extra's like chocolate too!!!)

Allie said...

Well I think it's darling - and I never send chocolate, it tends to melt. I'm sure she loved her gorgeous gifts, Wendy!

Sandra :) said...

I know how much you like to celebrate Shrove (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!) - you're just a shroving maniac! Lovely set - I'm becoming quite partial to that red/blue colour combo!

Katherine said...

I'm over the moon with such yummy handmade goodness, Wendy! It's all so beautiful and I'm placing it where I can admire it all in my sewing room. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful (and perfectly suited to me) gift.