Friday, 6 January 2012

I am just so famous!

Oh yes, I am, famous that is!  I got home from work, sorted out poorly Tiff who'd been taken to the vet by my parents for an operation to sort out her overgrown teeth, then sat down with the latest issue of Simply Homemade which had been delivered.  My plan for the evening was to work on my embroidery journal for January, but I can't see that happening now, I'm too excited!  Flicking through the magazine I got to the page on "Crafty Blogs" and there I was!  I'd love to show you a picture but I can't get to the desktop computer which is attached to the scanner at the minute as there are rabbits in the way so I'm on my laptop, I'll take a picture tomorrow though as I just know you're all dying to see (don't worry, I'm not that deluded, I know I'm the only person in the world who is excited about it - Mr CA was pretty taken aback though, I'm not even sure he knew I had a blog and he certainly doesn't know what it looks like or what one is!).

Now I'm here, I suppose I should show you some photos.  Want to see my latest LANT?  I've had a go at needlefelting.  I'd bought the tools and then put them on a shelf.  I also had some of the merino wool tops as I'd bought them to do some wet felting, which still hasn't happened, so I thought I'd experiment a little.

Here's my equipment - some wool felt, a brush pad thingy that I'm not convinced is the right tool for the job, a needle felting tool and the book "Beginner's Guide to Needle Felting" - so this qualifies as a Craft Book Challenge too.

I put some wispy layers of white wool on the brush thing and jabbed away.  Quite satisfying.  I added some purple in an attempt to do a heart pattern.

Hm, not so sure about that border.  So it was time for the second experiment.  I'd bought some biscuit cutters in lieu of the very expensive needle felt moulds.

I pressed the biscuit cutter into the brush matt type thing and jabbed away.  Jab, jabbity jab.

Needle felting only takes tiny amounts of wool, but I seemed to be putting half a sheep in this mould!

Ta-da!  a couple of VERY thick flowers, one with a falling off petal.  Hmm, not quite sure I'm getting this.

So I had a go at a free-hand heart.  Yep, definitely not my forte!  And the backs?  Well, this is the reason I'm not sure the brush matt is the correct tool, the backs are really hairy:

I then thought I'd have a go at something like nuno needle felting.  Now I have no idea if this actually exists, I suspect not, but my first go at felting was on a workshop for nuno felting which is a version of wet felting where you use a piece of muslim as a base.  Have I spelt that right?  I assure you it was a piece of cloth and not a person of faith.  Anyway I cut a bit off one of my husband's old shirts (in my pile of old clothes which are waiting to be cut up and sewn with) and had a go at nuno needle felting.

Nope, don't think that working.  At this point I got fed up and went downstairs, but I will not be beaten by bits of sheep and a sharp needle.  I'll give 3d needle felting a go next - I mean, what's the point of being able to walk before you run??

Right, I'm off to bask in the glory of my fame, eat homemade fish and chips and go on and on and on about my magazine appearance to Mr CA.  I've got a lovely weekend ahead, after taking Tiff for her post-op check up (not part of the lovely weekend) and shovellling half a ton of poo out of the dinning room (rabbit poo that is), I've got a full body massage to go to and a day out for lunch and the cinema to see The Help on Sunday with my mum - who I will bore silly with talk of my fame of course!  I should be back over the weekend to show you my poor attempts at the TAST challenge week 1. 


Fiona said...

hhaha.. excellent post my famous friend....

Pam said...

Congrats!!! The felting looks interesting. I didn't know there was such a gadget...

Allie said...

OH MY GOSH - I always wanted to say this - I knew you before you were famous!!!!! I'm so excited! HURRY up and take those pics, girl!

I've not tried needle felting, so have no clue what the back is supposed to look like...but a falling off petal I'm sure is not good. I think you did fabulous on that heart! Enjoy seeing The Help, I'm watching it tomorrow with a friend!

Sandra :) said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder how you could possibly get a non-fuzzy backing with that brush pad thingy - it doesn't look possible - it would seem it needs something FIRM?! I think your freeform hearts and flowers are charming, actually, and would make lovely embellishments!

Sandra :) said...

P.S. Feel better soon, Miss Tiff - sending you maple syrup bunny kisses :)

Cameron said...

Congrats! That is exciting news!
Enjoy it and bask in it.....heehee! I know I would!!

Have a fantastic weekend :)

Joy McD said...

Coool!!! I have a famous blog friend!!! Woohooo!

Stitched Together said...

Well done on your magazine mention. I always feel so pleased when I blogger I regularly read gets a shout out from a magazine. It makes me feel like I know someone famous ;-)

Oh and the needle felting is very cute indeed.

Kandi said...

Ooohh well done, bet you were delighted!!
Kandi xx

Stitchin' time said...

Lol, I didn't know any famous people till now...maybe I should get your autograph!
I like the needlefelting shapes :).

Ady said...

Ooo - I've not come across that magazine before. I must go have a look. Congrats on getting a published mention. How very exciting!

Alison said...

Cool, well done for getting a mention!! I think my husband has got me a subscription to that mag for my christmas but he couldn't really remember and one has yet to fall through the letterbox!!

The Dotty One said...

Oooh get you with your new found fame. First the council rubbish bin stories and now this - soon you'll be too busy being papped to talk to us! Congratualtions though - that's great - I might even check out the mag now too.
Thanks for sharing your needlefelting too - that's something I've been meaning to try for a while.
PS. I'm amazed that your husband didn't think you had a blog up til now - all the time you spent on it, he must've thought you were having an affair!!

The Monko said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog. I was rooting around and noticed you didn't have any needle felting tutorials. Then I found this post. I don't know if you are still interested, but I discovered needle felting last year and found 3D stuff way easier than flat stuff. I did a little tutorial on needle felt gnomes which are really easy to make if you fancy another go at it.