Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just a little something

I'm not sure what's wrong with me but I'm finding it hard to get into the swing of things.  I don't seem to have made anything and I don't seem to be blogging much.  It's going to get worse before it gets better as I'm off to Tunisia next week on business (potential burglars!  It's just me that's going, my husband will be at home!), so wont be making anything and wont be blogging.  I'm hoping to find time to still do my usual blog reading though!


I have managed to make a little something, a very little something, for the weekly sew along over at Sew Much 2 Luv.  I've actually made two little somethings as I royally buggered the first one up!  Let's dive straight in and show you the buggered-up one.

I've actually made these little trays on two previous occassions.  The first time, I made the same mistake as I did above.  I just went to look for the post so I could provide you with a link, but I can't find it.  I got the pattern from the 2011 Sewing Calendar but it is a free tutorial online.  Somewhere!  See what I did?  I sewed the ties too far down and where they cross so that you can't tie the corners properly.  I started again.

Edited to add: I thought I'd had a bit of strange comment on this post, then I looked and saw that Blogger has stolen half of my post again!  Damn you Blogger - why??

So, as I was saying before Blogger so rudely stole my words, I made another one.  This time it went much better.

I think I blathered on for a while after that, but I can't remember what about, it was last night after all! Right, back to my Bills of Lading...


Contented Caroline said...

Let's hope you get back the quilting mojo soon - I do know what you mean though I hadn't put two stitches together for ages until my last weekend project and was beginning to wonder if I knew how. I seem to have got both the love and inspiration back again but not yet at 100%. Keep working on it and you will get there. The tray isn't so bad.

Sandra :) said...

You know - I just haven't managed to get on track so far this year - I had some unspecific sewing goals but they're up in the air because I just don't feel like doing much, and the "eat better, exercise more!" goal - well, we just won't go there! It's as if everything is on "simmer" and I'm not getting much done. About all I can report is 10 owl blocks for a quilt - and I had to force myself to work on them! 2012 is defnitely not getting off to a good start for me!

Baye said...

Visiting from the sewing challenge! I go through times where I just can't come up with ideas for blogger. I finally decided to just blog when I felt like it! With the pressure off, I've actually been getting more done and blogging more often. I'm going to refer to it as blogger's block;-}

Ruth said...

What a great little tray. I've had something similar bookmarked for a vey long time so perhaps I should get on with it!

Allie said...

Give it up til you get back, girl....just relax and enjoy! Love that little basket, and had to laugh about the buggered up one. This is why I stick to quilts!