Saturday, 19 May 2012

Something Old, Something New.... Competition!

Good morning everyone. I've been threatening you for ages with a competition and now the time has finally arrived!  Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present...

I have very kindly been sent £10 worth of materials from Will at Abakhan.  The aim of the challenge is to use those £10 worth of new materials along with "old" materials that I have to produce an entirely new item and I want you to join in!

The Challenge
You do not have to go out and purchase new materials!  You can use materials from your stash, but just to be clear here - your stash counts as new.  Old materials include old clothes, old bedding, an old jumper you've frogged for the yarn, an old piece of furniture, anything you like!  As the emphasis is on combining old and new, I've set my limit for new materials at £10, you don't have to stick to this limit, I won't be coming round to check, but the idea is to not have "spent" too much (of new materials or from your stash" on this challenge -  I wouldn't want to see a full-size quilt of new fabric with a small patch of an old shirt for example.

The Prize
You have just over a month - the deadline for entries is 30th June 2012Deadline extended to the 31st July! There will be a prize.  As this is open to international readers and as the Royal Mail has just hiked up their prices, I've decided the best way to reward you and not them is by sending you a voucher to your choice of online shop.  The value will be £20 which is $30 US, €25, or 70 Papua New Guinian Kina. 

I can only do this in countries where I am allowed to purchase in your currency via the internet using Paypal, if not, I will send you a voucher for a UK or US shop.

The prize winner will be chosen by Mr Random-Org, so each project means 1 entry, you can enter as many times as you like. 

The Rules
1. It must have been made by you sometime between May 19th and July 31st
2. You must use "old" materials
3. You must use some new materials, but not excessive amounts
4. The deadline is midnight on 31h July 2012 UK time
5. The winner will be selected in the first week of August, I will email the winner so please make sure I have a way to contact you
6. Your item DOES NOT have to be sewn - you can use any craft medium from crochet and knitting to painting and drawing and anything in between

To Enter
Post a blog entry on your blog and put the link in the comments on THIS post, you must link back to this post in your entry.  If you do not have a blog, you can post a link to a Flikr photo-set, please write about your project under the photo.  No blog or Flickr?  Email me (click on "view my full profile" in the top left of this page and it will bring up a link to email me), but don't forget to leave a comment as this is where I'll take the prize winner from.

Here's a button for you to use. 

The lovely Pam has made me a grabbable button!! It's over there on the right hand side at the top, so please take one and display it on your blog to help me spread the word.

My Challenge
I will be playing along with you, though I won't be eligible to win!  So, here is what I'm starting out with, these are my new materials all supplied by Abakhan:

2m of denim drill2m of black satin binding and 2m of 6mm piping cord.  Below is a picture of my old, a ripped poof that I'm going to reupholster.  I will be adding some further old materials to this in the form of old clothes, but you'll have to wait and see what I do!

For a little inspiration, here's a Something Old, Something New... project I did last weekend.  A mat for my very messy, very drippy coffee machine.

Here's what I used to use, an old tea-towel.

I used a piece of this gorgeous coffee fabric, I've completely forgotten who makes it!  And 2 old face clothes that were still in a good condition, but were getting a little worn around the edges. 

It was very simple to make, I joined the two washclothes, cut off all the hems (I did try unpicking but it was a bit of a nightmare), cut the joined washcloth to the same size as the fabric and sewed them rightsides together.  I turned through and top stitched.  It measures about 20 x 10 inches.

I have another 3 in the making, using more washclothes and an old teatowel, but the construction got delayed as I had a bit of a lace "issue".  I'll post about it more when they're finished.

Much better!

So ladies and gentlemen, get your thinking caps on, grab some old material and some "new" and get creating.  Don't forget to comment here, one comment for each project, with a blog link, a Flickr link or a comment to say you've emailed me your project.  I'll show all emailed projects on my blog.

P.S. You can also leave a non-competition comment if you like, I'll only count the actual competition ones when I do the drawing.



  1. Great idea, Wendy! Count me in!!!

  2. I'm in too, my dear! I'll grab the button and do the prep work after this long weekend --- I might even see if Nancy wants to do a thrift store run so we can look for goodies to upcycle!! ;)

  3. I like your coffee machine may very much! I need something like that. Great idea for a comp. I shall put my thinking cap on.

  4. This sounds fun.... hmmmm... I will need my thinking cap on..... I know some things I want to make... just need to work out the how and when....
    thanks Wendy.... and I am looking forward to seeing what you make...

  5. I'm going to try to do this - but either way, I'm adding your button to my blog!

  6. I can hardly wait to see what people come up with for this. I can't sew so I won't be doing it, but there are some really creative people out there!!

  7. This sounds like so much fun! I'm in... now to figure out what it is I want to make! Thanks for your visit to and comment on my blog. That's how I found you and I'm so glad I did!

  8. I will try to find some time for this challenge...I have so many old items that I love to keep. Hope by joining, I can make good use of it and clear my store. Thanks Karen for hosting.

  9. Can't wait to see what you do!

  10. Count me in as well. As Sandra knows, I am all for thrift shopping, but since I spent a lot of time diving in her scrap bin recently, as well as clearing out some stash of my very own, I am not hurting for upcycling items...

  11. I think I will have a crack at this! And I know just what I will do: I found a lamp base at a garage sale and it needs to be remade into a now lamp.

  12. What a great challange! Oh I love challanges and everything ecofriendly! I am thinking to join, it is an excellent idea!

  13. What a fun challenge! and I love the idea about the tea towels! thanks for sharing!


  14. Great contest! I made a trivet out of a thrifted pair of jeans:

  15. Here's my first entry: Denim Fabric Baskets...

  16. Great idea - I found it on Pam's blog. I may have one or two projects to submit here!
    My first is a playmat bag, posted on my blog here:
    The outside of the bag is the old part - made from a selection of old jeans. The inside is new; the fabric came all the way from Mombasa, Kenya, close to the orphanage and feeding programme I support by selling my recycled denim creations.

  17. OK, made on May 21st... Pocket purses.
    Old - the pockets from old jeans. New - the zips, and in case that doesn't count, the fabric at the top of the first set of purses!

  18. Second eligible submission: Sunflower totes. The main part of the bag is made from recycled denim; the linings for these were recycled curtains, and the feature panels are from a jelly roll. I made five bags in total and used fifteen strips from the jelly roll.

  19. Really hoping to be able to join in with this Wendy but struggling for time at the moment! Hopefully later in the month I'll be able to get cracking. Great idea for a competition!

  20. Owl purses - main fabric is yet more recycled denim; lining and wings from my stash; eyes and beak are felt and buttons (new).

  21. Monster purses
    Mostly from recycled jeans again; teeth and eyes are new felt and new buttons. Lining from stash.

  22. Belinda bags - outside is pieced from old jeans. Lining is a lovely printed linen all the way from Mombasa - about 20 minutes from the orphanage and feeding programme I support by selling the bags I make.

  23. Thanks for the heads up for this. I am submitting my men's tie to boy's tie tutorial. I have made about 10 of them in the last 3 weeks. Thanks for the challenge. I love re-purposing!!

  24. I created toddler dresses out of an adult men's dress shirt! I linked to your competition in my blog post! Thanks!!

  25. Here is my bag out of skirt

  26. Just finished my doorstop from the leg of a pair of jeans!

    Here is the link to the post

  27. First entry - 3 gift bags, made with a thrifted pillowcase (the floral print) and stash fabric :) Posted here - :)

  28. OH, I snagged your idea, but it was truly what I needed--I love it!!

  29. I'm so glad I found this. I just happened to have made a project that fits this theme, so why not show it off.

    (I did buy my "old" item from a thrift store, so I hope that still counts for the competition--if not, oh well, I still got to show it off!)

  30. Holy smokes why do I have 7.3 billion "Links to this Post" showing? I look like a LINK PIG!!!

    I finished a project today ( to enter - a zipper bag made from upholstery samples from a sample book - a while ago I ripped the book apart, cut off the cardboardy bits and washed the fabrics - now I'm going to start using them up!

  31. Here is my entry, prettied up coat hangers. Made from left over yarn from other makes and charity shop hangers.

  32. Wendy,
    Here is my entry:
    Old triclyle and new paint.
    Thanks for the great competition and chance to win!


  34. Here is my entry Wendy! I don't know if it posted, so I did it again:

    I hope that one works!
    Good on you for getting us to do some stuff with other stuff! Cheers!

  35. Here's my last entry - I hope I'm getting it in on time, lol. I used an old fleece blanket to make the batting for a tote bag - I had pinned the project months ago and am now finally getting around to it! Posted it here -

    Good luck everybody!

  36. I vote that Duff's post (linked to in her comment on July 13) win a special CUCUMBER prize!! :)


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