Thursday, 28 June 2012


Wow ladies, it's been a long time since I did a LANT (Learn A New Technique) feature.  I'm sitting at home on Thursday afternoon.  Why, I hear you cry?  Well, around 10am it started raining.  Around 11am it was absolutely torrential - the sky was black and the rain was thundering down.  Suddenly, a colleague screached and jumped up, water was coming in on him and his desk.  Not dripping, mind, we're not talking tap-you-haven't-quite-turned-off-properly, we're talking waterfall.  All of a sudden, it spread.  Water was cascading down through the ceiling along the entire window wall of the office.  We all jumped into action and I went to check the MD and Sales Director's office as they were out.  Ceiling tiles were falling and the water was a couple of inches deep. 

We're on the first floor (that's second floor to you Americans!) and the water was spreading out from the walls and dripping downstairs into the design studio.  Everyone and everything was drenched.  The power cut out.  Water started to come through the factory, people were rushing everywhere and alarms were going off.  Talk about drama! 

I'd already asked my lovely boss if I could come home early today and work from home as the Olympic torch is passing through Nottingham.  Not that I want to see it - I know it may sound crazy to some of you but I have NO interest at all - but because there are only 2 bridges taking you over the river from the direction I work, to the centre where I live and both are closed from 4-8!  Is it a snail bearing that torch???  When the flooding occurred and after we'd cleaned up as much as possible, I came home.  It rained on the way back and I could barely see, I was going through huge pond-like puddles, scary.  So, anyway, I thought I'd knock up a quick post and as I haven't made anything, I thought I'd do a long overdue LANT round up.

No idea what I'm talking about?  I'm trying to encourage crafters of all disciplines to try something new.  Whether it's a completely new craft or a new technique within a craft you already do, I want to hear about it!  You can link up here - it's ongoing.  Need some inspiration?  I'm trying to work my way through my master crafts list.  I'm not trying to do it in a year or anything crazy, just at some point in my life!  Oh, and if I'm missing any crafts, let me know!

Pam at Threading My Way had a go at shirring, and was very successful!

Good Golly Miss Molly tried crochet for the first time and made some lovely snowflakes.

Dotty tried her hand at bookbinding - spectacular!

Fiona at the Celtic Thistle made polymer clay buttons - I have to try this!

She also tried paper piecing.  I have some patterns for this but it scares me.

And the most recent list-joiner, the one that sparked me into writing this long overdue post was Fiona at Bubzrugz who made her own soap!

I hope these adventurous ladies have inspired you to try something new, and when you do, come and link up!

I haven't LANTed too much recently, there's: fused glass that I've been doing as part of my glass course (I'll post about that later), brickstitching which is a form of beadweaving, blackwork, copper foiling which went so well but ended so badly, and needle felting which I desperately need more practice at!

I have other LANTs in the pipelines though.  There's a bead embroidery piece I've been working on for a while that I keep forgetting to show you and I'm also making a stained glass window so I'll link that up when it's finished.  I'm also booked onto several course.  I'm going to attend 4 at the Bead Shop Nottingham with my mum - designing wire jewellery with a wig jig, mixed media jewellery, polymer clay and silver clay jewellery.  I've also bought myself a Craftsy course (they were a tenner!  I'm surprised I stopped at one!) to learn shuttle tatting.  I just need to find the time! 
If you're interested in learning to make jewellery, Oksana is doing a free series for beginner jewellery makers, go and check it out.

That's not all for me though.  I bought this.

Yes, that's right.  I think I can learn to draw.  To be honest, I'm so crap at drawing I'm not convinced, but it's about time I tried!  I was also gifted the following sharp crochet hook for crocheting borders on fabric from a lovely blogging friend.  Lovely blogging friend!  I didn't know if you wanted to stay anonymous or not - if you don't, I'll link you up!

See how it's sharp?  I'm dying to have a go at it, but it's a time thing.  So why aren't you crafting now?  I hear you cry.  Because I'm working!  Obviously!!

Don't forget to enter my Something Old, Something New competition.  The deadline is 31st July and there is a prize!

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Sandra :) said...

OOooOO I haven't LANT'ed in a while - those polymer clay buttons intrigue me - I've pinned a tutorial or two on Pinterest for that very technique - I should get some FIMO and give it a try!

Celtic Thistle said...

At last some good coming out of all the bad weather you have been having :)

The bookbinding looks wonderful!

Good luck with the drawing.

Fiona said...

oh wow... such a lot of rain and drama.... definitely need to go home for a cuppa (or stronger) after that... lots of fun LANTS there.... it's great to try some thing different every now and then

Making It Vintage said...

I've just been poking around in my teen girls art box and found some Fimo that I bought her when she was about 11.........she's now nearly 19 so I don't think she'll miss I may partake of a little Lant---ing myself.

That rain yesterday was of almost biblical proportions.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar but not quite as dramatic experience at the office a bit further down from you in Leicestershire yesterday. I was alone in the already leaky office and water was coming through the light fittings and it got into the cupboard where the controls for the swipe card door locks are based and there was an alarm going off. I just put bins under as many holes as I could, but because the water was all along the ceiling, it was leaking out of all of the corners of the ceiling tiles. I do wish they'd fallen in though because I have been wanting them to fix the roof for almost 5 years now (i.e. as long as I've worked here) and it would have been the perfect I-told-you-so!

Pam said...

Fiona's cushion is amazing, isn't it!!! Glad you remained safe with all that water leaking everywhere. Does that mean you'll time off while they fix everything? You've just reminded me that I have another LANT to link up... flat felled seams. Thanks for the link back.

krista said...

well hey, this sounds pretty cool. not the drowning at work part, but the LANTing part. I've never done applique before, so maybe I'll try that out and link up!