Friday, 1 June 2012

An update on my glass panel

Good morning!  Only one day of work to get through then I have 4 days free!  You've got to love a bonus bank holiday, especially in this country where they are really stingy with bank holidays.  I plan on getting my Zakka Style SAL bag finished, I'm almost there, or I would be if I didn't keep making changes!

I've dropped in today to show you some progress shots of my glass window panel.  If you want to see the beginnings of this projects, the design can be found here.  I plan on blogging about it regularly so you, and I , can see it take shape.

Before I went to Tunisia, I cut out the pieces for the rose, you can also see my design and the pieces I'd cut for the geometric corner square at the back. 

I cut out a base piece in clear glass to provide a foundation, then I cut the rose in two colours.  They were glued onto the base glass to hold their position, leaving a bit of a gap between the joining parts.  They were fired whilst I was away and on Wednesday I collected this.

Here she is all fused up.  I've just realised this is a bad photo.  You can see my sharpie lines below the glass and it looks like it's on the glass!  Ooops, I'll take another one next time!

I did a lot of grinding on Wednesday, these little squares were quite badly cut!  I also spent quite a bit of time playing jigsaw to get them in position! They're now waiting to be fired.

Along with these leaves.  The geometric squares all touch to provide a clean piece of glass, the leaves will be done as the rose was, leaving a gap between the touching pieces to provide a more bumpy, organic texture.  Wooh, listen to me "organic texture", getting a bit above my station there I think!

This final picture shows some cutting work I'm now doing.  The stem will be made up of three pieces of fused glass, the outer sections are in the two shades of green, the inner section is a grid of different colours.  I suspect I'll be cutting quite a few of these as I'm not sure of my arrangement.

Right then ladies, I'll be back at the weekend to show you my Zakka Style bag.  Here's hoping it's a warm, dry weekend, but not too hot as I feel guilty sitting inside sewing when it's hot outside, despite the fact I can't bear the heat and my milk-white skin doesn't like it either!  Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Just-Do said...

Hi Wendy, your glass panel must become beautiful with these colours. It's a craft I don't imagine ever doing, but it really looks wonderful.

Fleur Cotton said...

I just love how you have a go at every type of craft...and you do them so well. I think this must be one of the more difficult time consuming crafts but exceedingly rewarding. I just love the glass colours you've chosen.

Have a great jubilee weekend!
Fleur xx

JoJo said...

It's looking great! I so want to take a stained glass class! I've made lampwork beads and glass marbles, but I have yet to try the stained glass medium. One of these days I will!

Marilyn said...

That is a good start. Will be watching the progress. Sounds like you have a great design worked out.

Celtic Thistle said...

Your glass rose looks wonderful, the course sounds great too, another thing to add to my "one day I'll ..." list!

Hope you have a great Jubilee weekend

Sandra :) said...

WOW that's going to be gorgeous when it's finished ! I have my messenger bag cut out but not started - I'll have to do it this weekend. It's supposed to rain here for the next few days so I won't mind hibernating in the dungeon downstairs!

Rosa said...

Nice of you to let us follow you on this glass adventure.
I too am a milky-white skinned and freckled person who can barely stand 25 degrees C, so I too hope for indoor weather;-)
Have a nice weekend!

Allie said...

Wendy the rose looks amazing - it all does - I LOVE your design!

mdgtjulie said...

I just love your rose, Wendy. It's beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Anita said...

Hi Wendy,
What an interesting craft with the glass!! You are using some great colours there, love to see how it ends up.
Regards, Anita.

Ady said...

Wow, Wendy! That's looking amazing!! Can't wait to see it finished. x

Melysa - Moments with the Montanos said...

Love it, can't wait to see the completed panel!

XOXO, Melysa

Meeha Meeha said...

Wow, it looks like a lot of work, but I know from experience how gratifying glass work can be! I can't wait for the next step!

The Dotty One said...

This is looking gorgeous Wendy and your fusing looks fab - v neat and professional! I'm so excited you are doing this - can't wait to see the results!

Partycraft Secrets said...

so sooooo nice! I'm your newest follower - I'd love you to come visit me too for some more crafty fun!

ToSewWith Love said...

It really looks to me like it's lot of work but it definitely looks pretty! be careful when working on them though (I know you do! ^^) thanks for sharing!

have a fab weekend!

Lelanie @