Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along week 13 - Patchwork Potholders

I know, I know, I'm late.  I did manage to upload the picture of my finished potholders to Flickr to enter the giveaway, I just didn't have time to blog.  I didn't win the giveaway, but my potholder was featured!  Go and have a look!

The link up post is here, it's too late to link up, but you can see the other entries.  I don't think I'm going to join in with week 14 - the bottle holder, but if you want to, the link up is here, and this week's host is here.

So, back to my patchwork potholder.  I'd been reading that some people were finding the binding tricky, so I was a little worried.  I armed myself with the tutorial downloaded from Retro Mama's blog.  She's an amazing pattern designer, the cute little bunnies and elephant I made were from her patterns.

Oh, I'm getting distracted again, where were we?  Oh yes, potholder!  I decided to make a rainbow.  7 strips were required so that fit perfectly, I left off the linen strip.  I cut the pieces from the leftovers from the Robert Kaufman jelly roll I bought ages ago (I used it to make these wedding placemats).

Then I jabbed it with pins and began quilting.  I think I read somewhere that you should always quilt in the same direction.  So I did.

Hmm.  Maybe I'd read that you should quilt in different directions each time...  Anyone?

I quilted lines randomly spaced.  I'm not over the moon with it.  My quilting is rubbish, I can't sew in a straight line and my sewing machine was being an arse.  I'm not sure you can see from these pictures but the stitches are not neat.

I matched the thread for each section to the fabric.  Want to see the back?

What a mess!  The binding, on the other hand, was simple!  I didn't struggle with it at all.  Now, I'm not saying it's perfect, or even that it looks good, but it's on there!

The instructions told us to bind the back of the pockets with the linen too, but I went for one of the colour strips.

I'm not overly happy with this project and I don't think I'd make it again, mainly because it seems a bit useless.  I don't think potholders are particularly British.  We tend to use oven gloves, either double or single mitts.  I've never even seen a potholder in real life, let alone used one and I'm not sure how to use it!

Don't forget to enter my Something Old, Something New competition.  The deadline is 31st July and there is a prize!

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Celtic Thistle said...

Your binding looks good to me, and I like your rainbow spin on the potholders. This was the only project in the book that my d-in-law expressed any interest in, so I am going to knuckle down and get them done soon (hopefully!). Was a bit put off by the problems with the binding instructions, so glad to see that yours worked out :)

krista said...

ha! I love the odd differences between cultures, we use pot holders all the time over here! I have oven gloves, but rarely touch them. How odd! Anyways, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to start in the center and work you way out, in regards to quilting. Although usually on a small project like this it should make a whole lot of difference! I think it looks cute as a button, good work!

Eileen said...

I've never been very successful doing binding on a curve...yours looks perfect on that small circle. Pot holders are not only good for pulling things out of the oven but are a good resting spot on the table for a hot dish!

Anna said...

You make so many diferent crafts ! Amazing !
Love your potholder with the "rainbow" colors.
Thanks for the visit.
Have a lovely day...I hope with the sun.

Leslie Duran said...

I think your binding looks great, and I had to giggle when reading your musings on potholders! :o)
Pinning this to my rainbow board!

Etcetorize said...

Your pot holder is very cute! You'd never know you had so many problems with it. I think I end up using pot holders underneathe hot pots and bowls more than anything else. If you're looking for another place to share your creative projects, stop by Etcetorize. Would love to see you there!

Angela said...

I love it! So bright and cheery!

Teje said...

Hi! Your potholder is really beautiful! I love the colours and the quilting! I don't think the lines has to be straight - it's handmade! x Teje

JoJo said...

I love it!! Anything rainbow is tops with me!

Patchwork and Play said...

When quilting straight lines, don't worry about the wonkiness- you call that 'organic'! And start in the middle and alternate the direction you go...this is supposed to help with the 'pulling' issue. Also, next time do the quilting more spread out first then go back and fill in the spaces. this of course is easier if you are not changing thread colour all the time! Great potholder BTW!

Fiona said...

Great idea for a potholder.... the rainbow is so effective.... I would be happy with that quilting.... but then I am not one for perfectly straight anything... (you would never tell would you?)

Blooms And Bugs said...

Very pretty! Great work Wendy

Anonymous said...

But you could use the technique for so many other projects. Love it!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Lol! You've never seen a potholder in real life! That's funny! I think your potholder turned out great! It looks very modern!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my sorting post. Come back anytime :)

Judy Bagwell said...

VERY CUTE! Looks easy enough too. Thanks for sharing!

kendascrafts said...

looks great! I think to prevent warping you are supposed to start in the middle and work your way out. I never do this because then you have your starting point in the middle and that looks weird (to me). I just make sure its basted really well. It still warps a little bit, but good basting (spray basting and pins) helps.

sstone said...

I love the colors! It makes a great potholder. Quilting is definitely NOT my strong suit.

Hani@Craftionary said...

This is amazing, love the colors. I am pinning it. Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party.. :)

Monica said...

wow. this is such an awesome project. Congratz:)

Naptime Review said...

Cool potholders. Very colorful! Just found you from Moitivate Monday. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. I am following GFC.

I am hosting Mom's Monday Mingle. YOu are welcome to link up ;) We have over 150 mom blogs so far!


Lelanie Denso said...

this looks so pretty and i love the rainbow inspired colors. I a totally pinning this, thanks for sharing!