Tuesday, 9 October 2012

felt flowers

Morning ladies.  I've been on a bit of a felt flower making kick recently.  I think I showed you the beginnings recently?  I also said that I had some acrylic felt and some wool felt but didn't know which was which as I couldn't tell the difference.  Well, halfway through making the flowers I found my wool-felt stash.  Completely separate from the acrylic felt and feeling oh so sof.  So I can tell the difference!

Do you want to see the first batch?  They start off like this, with different layers of petals cut from different colours.

I layer them up and add a couple of buttons.  I thread wire through the button and then sew through all layers of felt at once by threading the wire into a chenille needle.  I also thread a button on the back to hold the wires in place without risk of it ripping the felt.

Once that's done, I use my gizmo to coil the two wire stems so they fit around a common or garden skewer.

I push the skewer up into one of the holes on the rear button and stretch the wire down so it holds the skewer tight.  I didn't take photos of any of this, but I have more flowers ready to skewer, so if you want a tutorial, I can do that.

The skewer/wire is then wrapped with floral tape to make a nice, neat finish.

I spent hours cutting out various colours and sizes of flowers, then spent a while layering them up in nice combinations.  I used the templates (but not the tutorials) from How Joyful's Camelias and Red Brolly.  Red Brolly embroiders her flowers.  I started to do that, but wanted something quicker so abandonned it.  I have one half embroidered that I will finish and use as a brooch.

There are 12 flowers here, 2 little ones and 10 big.  I have another 8 cut, layered, and buttoned, just waiting to be skewered!


Celtic Thistle said...

What a happy looking bouquet! Do you have plans for them?

JoJo said...

I love love love them! Finally flowers that are beautiful and won't die!

Little Treasures said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!
Love their layered appearance.
P.S. Thank you on the valuable input regarding the cruise!! Much obliged!

Sandra :) said...

LOL @ "waiting to be skewered"! Cute flowers -- happy and colourful!

Rhona said...

What a cheerful bunch of flowers! Happy skewering!!!

Oops-Lah said...

Lovely! Must try to make some myself as they are just gorgeous and as someone else said, they last!