Monday, 3 December 2012

Public Service announcement

I have noticed quite a few bloggers over the past few days saying they have reached their Blogger photo maximum and will have to pay or delete photos.

No ladies, you don't!

Here's what you do:

1. Open a FREE photo account on Flickr or, my preference, Photobucket. 
2. Upload your photos to said account.
3. When you go to upload a photo to Blogger chose "from a URL" (the bottom option).
4. In Photobucket, you can be in your main album where you see many images.  Select "Direct Link", copy, go back to Blogger and paste.
5. For Flickr I believe you select "share" then the url will appear, copy and paste it into the space on Blogger.

Quick, easy, free. 


Samantha said...

Lol, I've just posted on this too :D Not the flickr storage bit though, I did that to start but now i'm getting fed up of it! x

Allie said...

Flickr is free up to about 200 photos - or something like that - I upgraded to pro a few years ago and really love it. It's well worth the investment to me, especially having my pics online somewhere in case my computer gets seriously ill, lol.

JoJo said...

Yeah i've had to start using Photobucket even though I hate them. I don't understand why Blogger has a limit but it has to do with Picasa. I tell you, having to do one photo at a time off Photobucket is a major league pain and I may have to suck it up and pay the $2.99 a month so that I can upload tons of pics at a time.

Maria said...

Thanks for the information. I have a photobucket account which I have never used so this is another option for me if I need it.

gracie said...

Thanks for the picture info...I do have some pictures in Photo-bucket already.