Saturday, 15 December 2012

what's that coming over the hill?

Good morning ladies.  Today is a historic day.  Today I will be having my hair trimmed and it's only been 3 months since the last time.  A real acheivement for me, Mrs 1-haircut-every-2-years.

You didn't come here to listen to me prattle about my hair though, so have a look at this little fella.

It was about a week before the craft fair and I realised I had 3 owls and a solitary elephant in terms of soft toys.  A toy making frenzy ensued.  I sort of used this tutorial for this monster.  I didn't have my PC back so couldn't print from my laptop so I just sort of followed the shape of him.  He's quite dinky, about 6" high.

But what of this toy making frenzy?  I cut out another monster, about twice the size, 2 elephants from Retro Mama's pattern and an "abstract bunny".  I'd sewn all the facial features and done all the machine sewing, all that was left was to stuff and whip stitch.  This was the day before the craft fair.

I ran out of stuffing halfway through the rabbit, only this boy was finished.  I left to go to my mum's for our practice stall set-up.  10 minutes in I realised we had too much stuff and I didn't need the stuffies.

So they're still sitting by my chair and the stuffing remains unbought.

I WILL finish them though!  This little fella will be for my gorgeous nephew instead, he didn't want to be sold anyway.


JoJo said...

I love that little fella!!!!! SO CUTE!

Samantha said...

Were you at a fair today? x

Hanni said...

Yay hair issues... since I have shoulder length hair I {should} have to go more often to the hairdresser. Nice hair vs. other things 0:1
This blue softie is so cuddly :)

Maria said...

Ahhhhh he's sooooo cute.

CeLynn said...

Love your dotty little monster! Bet your nephew does too ;)

Pam @Threading My Way said...

What a cute, little monster, Wendy. I'm hoping to make something like this before Christmas day.