Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Arrharr me hearties!

What do you buy for a 16-year old goth/emo/individual, whatever they call themselves these days?  That was my dilemma with my step-neice who I don't really know very well as she lives far away from us with my brother in Bristol. I didn't buy her anything.  I bought myself some fabric and made her a bag.

It's quite a small bag as she only wears little ones, usually with a cross body strap.

I made the pattern up and was relatively pleased with it- check out my zipper ends!  That's the neatest they've ever been.

Unfortunately, they weren't meant to look like that.  I made a boxy pouch and wanted the side straps to come out of the boxy top corners.  I miscalculated, badly.  I hadn't left enough room at the sides and there was a strange pucker, so I ripped it out and had to sew the straps on the outside of the bag.  By hand as I'd already inserted the lining!

I don't think they look too bad though.  After inspecting the (appalling) quality of some of Mr CA and junior CA's shop-bought Christmas presents, I'm much less likely to worry about things like this.  Mr CA got a coat and the stitching is dreadful, it's coming apart already!

Lined with red.  No idea if she likes red, but it seems to go with the skull and crossbones.

It has an adjustable strap, I love making those though it took me AGES to figure out which bit to sew to where!

She said she loved it.  No idea if she really does!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Red is the perfect lining for black/white fabric. Great job on the bag.

Stitched Together said...

The bag is wonderful and I'm sure she was telling the truth when she said she loved it. I'm sure the care and time you spent making it will make her love it even more.

Samantha said...

Good work me matey! :)

(that zip is amazing btw!)

JoJo said...

I think it came out great!

Sandra :) said...

Cute bag! I have some skull fabric cut out too, for zipper bags :) I had a gift card with about 4 bucks left on it and I wanted to use it up, so I found an ebay auction for skull studs (free shipping) - I ordered them and will finish the bags when they come in in about a month :D I like skull fabric - it's fun!

Melody said...

Looks like the sort of thing a little goth/emo would like. I think you did a fabulous job.

Maria said...

I'm sure she loved it. You did a brilliant job. I always worry about whether my bags will hold up too but when I see the bought ones and how poorly some are made my mind is put to rest.

Katherine said...

Looks pretty fab to me! Well done, clever girl.

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