Sunday, 6 January 2013

Oh yee of little faith - and why you are probably right

I started the year by telling you about my resolution to get through all my WIPs and kits and planned projects.  You responded by telling me I'm crazy!  I'm not mad, I completely agree BUT I have started...
I started this bathroom curtain back in June!  I can't believe it was so long ago.  I've been working on it....  Despite having cut out enough squares for a King size quilt, it will only be 3 blocks x 3 blocks.

The giant granny is an even older WIP, having been started way back in July 2011!  Oh, you will be finished blanky.  I'm now on round 50 and I think I've got enough wool for another 10-15 rounds before the border, each round now takes about an hour!  I couldn't remember what hook I was using so started using a 4mm, I think it might have been a 3.5mm as the middle is definitely tighter than the edge.

I can't find my original post for the next item, but I had taken photos so I think I'd written a post.  I've finished off the pink flower to the left and done all the blue "bits" so far.  I have done more than this now as I took this photo a few days ago.  I did this stitching straight after Christmas but then put it aside as I wasn't sure what to do with the "under-bits" under the blue...  It's done and I'll show you an update soon.

Considering I had all week off last week you might think I'd have made more progress, but alas, this little girl got in the way.

Excuse the dark photo, it was taken in my hall which has no natural light.  And that's a piece of banana in case you're wondering.  On Thursday I noticed she wasn't eating, VERY unusual for this little greed-bag.  Off to the vets who said it was her teeth so back to the vets on Friday for an operation to file them down.  She's fine now but caused me some worry, along with some quality time keeping an eye on her.  We have to do that in the hall as she hates the floor in the living room, dining room and kitchen (laminate/lino) - she's no good at skating! 

I would like to tell you I've vacuumed the dirty brown carpet since taking this photo, but it wouldn't be true.  I haven't.


  1. That's going to be a really lovely bathroom blind. I do love the look of Granny Square blocks- my quilt is 3 x 3 too.

  2. Aw she's adorable! Glad that she only needed her teeth filed down! You've inspired me to try and get my WIPs worked on too. So yesterday I started the beaded fringe for a lampshade. I will need to do approx 126 strands. I got as far as 5 before quitting for the day. lol Not a very good start!

  3. I think it's good to make a list of what you want to achieve, I have made a start on that but I think I need to do a post of it to make it more accountable.

    Your little girl is just adorable glad she is ok.

  4. glad bunny is ok. Love the quilt blocks. Looks fab.

  5. wow, what a fantastically hopeful post. I was hoping to hear about some other unpredictable debacle, but no, you're day is just fine. I'll check tomorrow as I love to revel in others' pain.

  6. I'm so glad your bunny is ok now.. and no wonder you didn't get a lot done - worrying about our lovley pets is a full time occupation at times. Love the ufo's you are working on though... need to go pick the ones I want to work on first..

  7. Good luck with your WIP's. Your bathroom will soon be sporting a lovely, new curtain I am sure!

  8. Good for you getting on with some of your WIP's! I'm going to do that too this year!!

  9. love the look and the idea for your bathroom curtain...

  10. awww...what a cute bunny. can't wait to see your finished embroidery!

  11. Good luck with your UFO's - I'm working on mine too :) I'm glad Miss Tiff's problem was only her teeth and that there was an (easy? easy-ish?) fix (although I doubt it was cheap!) - I hope she's OK now :) Miss Tiff, Mr. Zoomer sends his felicatations!

  12. LOVE the bathroom curtain!! Wendy, I can't tell you how impressed I am at how much you're getting done. I made a giant granny years ago for my grandmother, in only two colors - red and white. Still have it, she was clutching it when she died. She loved it. Your embroidery is lovely.

    So very glad it was only teeth, and hope your pretty baby is feeling all better now!

  13. Ah yes, there you are in Nottingham.=)

    Well, looking back at your plans for the year, I would say they were a little ambitious, but I don't see why you can't clear the decks of WIPs and do at least *some* other projects. Perhaps the CED challenge would help, as then you have almost an obligation to get on??

    Anyway, make sure your goals are achievable as, otherwise, you'll end up disappointed and down on yourself. Plan what you can manage. Make it a little bit of a stretch, but do-able. Then you can celebrate your success with me in December!!=)

  14. You put me to shame with your WIPs. Mine are so tiny and yet so unfinished! Tiff is so adorable. I am glad it was something fix-able. Hugs from Canada!

  15. Nothing wrong with setting high goals for yourself,as that helps to get us motivated in the right direction. Even if you only finish half of your list,any and all finishes mean less UFO's!


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