Tuesday, 5 March 2013

more mould making

Good morning!  I had intended to get a post up yesterday, but I didn't get home in time on Sunday night to write one.  We went down South for my nephew's first birthday party.  He's full of cold so it was a snotty one, but wonderful to see him.

I wrote about a mould making class I did a few weeks ago, and promised a follow up post to show you the items I'd made in the class and the moulding compound itself.  I can't seem to get this photo to load, but maybe you can see it?

If you can, that's moulding compound.  If you can't, it's a pot of blue and a pot of white putty like substance.  You take equal measures of each (by eye, scales not necessary) and mix them together.  You then have about 5 minutes to cast something before it sets.  When it's set it's still flexible, making it easy to pop the item out.

These are the two moulds I made in the class.  Below each mould (the blue thing) is the polymer clay version and below that is the resin version.  Clearly the blue button on the left looks like a blob, but it does have the pattern in it.  I much prefer the effect of the polymer clay though.

I had a good old dig in my button jar and made some more moulds, it's a bit addictive looking to see what you can cast!  Here is each mould next to it's buttony friend.  I haven't got round to moulding anything using these ones yet, for some reason I got sidetracked trying to make a skinner blend (unsuccessfully...)

I discovered that the wooden shapes I have cast very well and was able to make these two clay bunnies.  You can see on the mould where I pushed it in too far and didn't shape the sides, that involved a bit of trimming when I got the clay out of the mould.  I need to finish these bunnies off!

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Anonymous said...

Milliput is magic- and much cleaner than Silicone. Quite expensive though unless you're only moulding diddy things.

Samantha said...

Down south?! How did you cope? I like your moulds, especially the bunnies, perfect for easter! You could make bunny buttons if you poked some holes in them.

Kerryp77 said...

they look great, well done, the bunnies are very sweet

Cuckoo said...

I have some of that moulding compound stuff...somewhere. It's ages old. I wonder if it will be ok.

You've inspired me to have a bash. Just need to look up resin now. I see buttons in my future.


Celtic Thistle said...

Looks like fun, another one off the list?

JoJo said...

I can see how mould making would be addictive! Oh the possibilities!

Sandra :) said...

Seriously. LOVE.

I was putting together some projects this morning and thought that heart buttons would be the perfect embellishment. I just happened to have 3 in the right colour, but it would be fun to have a selection available in different colours - I already have the molding compound on my shopping list so I better not use those buttons until I can make a mold, lol! Quick like a bunny (see what I did there? HA!) make some buttons from your molds and give us a review of how easy it was!