Saturday, 6 July 2013

more lighting up (getting a bit repetitive here!)

Not last Wednesday but the Wednesday before was the last glass class of the term, no more classes until October!  The previous class I'd only got as far as cutting out the pieces for another tea light holder so I had to work really quickly this time!

There was grinding and wrapping in copper foiling and soldering and balancing and soldering and soldering and more soldering!

I really should have cleaned the solder off the glass and washed off the sharpie marker before taking the photos!

Seeing them together, I definitely need to add wire and beads to the orange/yellow/red one.  I think it looks quite plain in comparison.

I could also do with improving my soldering.  I'm considering buying a soldering iron so I can make these at home, to use up the scraps of glass I have and to practice, but if I can't cut the glass cleanly enough, I don't have access to a grinder...  decisions, decisions!


Baye said...

I love both of them. The beads do really add a touch of whimsy, but the orange one is beautiful, too.

Would a small Dremel drill with all those little attachments do the trick with the glass? I'm sure they have some attachments that are for sanding things down.

Anna said...

Beautiful in both colors !
Have a nice weekend !
Thanks for your "french" comments !

JoJo said...

Another beautiful project!

Joy McD said...

Oh, how very clever of you! That is one thing I have never tried... but looks like fun! xxx

Kara @ Petals to Picots Crochet said...

I think they came out great!

Jane Galley said...

You could have a lovely collection of these, all in different colours. Do you know what project you'll be making when the class restarts?

Astri said...

These are so modern and awesome! I like that post about the blue tea light down there as well! Nice job Wendy.

ukcitycrafter said...

These look good. My Dad used to make terrariums for a living years ago and never had a grinder so it can be done - with practise :)

Sheila said...

They are very nice. I love them.