Thursday, 14 November 2013

chain maille

I've been chain mailling again.  Same pattern as I've done in the past herehere and here.  I know, I need to branch out!

This silver one was made for a lovely friend/stalker for her birthday. She's 52 now, don't let her try to tell you otherwise.

The photo above shows the new bracelet (on top) with my bracelet that I've been wearing a lot.  See the difference?  I must have very grimy skin.

While I had the Gizmo out, I thought I might as well whip up a red one for me.  Such a shame I don't have any matching lobster clasps.


Anonymous said...

52?! ha ha, I'm looking good on it, eh ;)

JoJo said...

When I was in high school and into punk rock, I used to use coloured nail polish on safety pins to make them more colourful. They lasted pretty long w/o flaking off, although I'm not sure how it would work on a clasp, but it's an option you could try if you want the clasp to match the rings.

Sandra :) said...

You could probably chain maille yourself a matching lobster clasp! ;)

margaret said...

very nice braclets

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Wendy.