Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Necessary sewing

It was time to make myself a new lunch bag and September's meeting of the EMMQG was just the time to do it.

Above is the new lunch bag.  Below is the old lunch bag.  I made it back in April 2013 and, reading back through that post, I hated the Lamfix lining from day 1.

Look how manky that is!  It's been through the wash a couple of times, but it was gross and I was embarrassed about it.  Check out the inside:

Putting it through the was caused the adhesive-oilcloth-type-stuff that I'd ironing onto the cotton to peel away.  In some places, like where I'd attached the handles, it had ripped.  Over time more and more bits had ripped off.

And then the zip pull broke.  It was time.  It had to be done.

I didn't need a pattern this time, it's a basic pouch with handles.  I also decided there was no need to have a wipe-clean lining as I'd never needed to wipe it clean, it was more important that I could put it through the wash.  The main fabric is a gorgeous Rowan fabric, possibly Amy Butler?  It was given to me by Kerry-who-abandoned-me.  I used some Littlest on the ends and some Art Gallery elements.  The colours all matched perfectly, though I can't decide if they are blue or green!  

I did a diagonal cross hatch quilting to attach the fabric to the InsulBrite.

This time I attached the handles to the outside only, before I added the lining, and I put a strip of wadding in them to give them more body.

I don't know what the lining fabric is, I've had it in my stash since my first sewing days.  I made this one a couple of inches bigger in each direction than the previous one as some of my plastic sandwich boxes were a tight fit.

Hmmm, what was I trying to show with this photo?  I must have thought you'd want another look at the lining.  

One this that was not an improvement over the original - the ends of the zips.  What a mess!  I was really careful to make sure that the ends of the zip had a fabric piece on them big enough to be included in the seam allowance, with enough left over to sit neatly.  Didn't happen.

I don't know what the ends of the zip are so bulgy!

As I seem to be going for some kind of world record of number of photos of one lunch bag in one post, here's another!


margaret said...

what a snazzy lunch bag just the job for taking to clases etc

Bethany said...

What pretty fabrics! I can't decide if they're blue or green either, haha!
After what feels like a million zippers I've inserted, I STILL cannot get the ends to lay in a way that satisfies me. And when I try other folks' "sure-fire method"--well, that never works either.

Rachel said...

It looks cheering and practical, both at once!

Jane Galley said...

I tried that stuff and it didn't get as far as making anything with it, just didn't want to stay stuck. Love the new bag, great fabrics to use together

Shami Immanuel said...

the bag is nice and beautiful. and the fabric too is lovelyy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you learned loads from the last one! Love that bluey green colourway.

FlashinScissors said...

Zips ..... urgh, they can be a trial can't they!
Your fabric is very striking, and I do love the quilting!
Very pretty bag, Wendy! You'll enjoy all the admiring comments you receive when you are using it!
Barbara xx

Sarah in Stitches said...

I love it! I think you've done a great job :D

pennydog said...

Yay I really like it, so much better than the old one! Maybe Di has some zip tricks, I always have the same issue sadly. I think the secret is making the tabs even longer than you imagine they need to be.