Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Classes at the Knitting and Stitching Show

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 treats you all kindly (and me!)

Back in November last year, wonderful mum and I went to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate.  We spent 2 days there, staying at the hotel across the road so we didn't have to take our coats with us and could return excess shopping to the room during the day!  We also took part in 4 classes.  I have to say, I do not know the names of any of the tutors, very lax of me, I know.

One of the classes was wet felting a flower.

This is slightly different from the wet feting I've done in the past as we used short strands of wool rather than merino.  The felting technique included picking it up and splatting it against the table repeatedly!

My finished flower came out too large for a brooch, though I would like to have another go with a smaller one.  This class was brilliant, we all had such a good time.

Another excellent class was Broderie Anglais, where we used a stiletto to make the holes in the fabric.  I hadn't realised it was such a simple (though time consuming) technique and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The tutor was great as was her assistant.  I think she was from Peru.

The classes were only an hour which is why I didn't achieve very much.

We also did goldwork with Sarah from Golden Hinde.  I remember her name as I have met her a few times, she's lovely and very helpful.  We used pearl purl to make these simple but effective goldwork brooches.

The finished piece will fit in this brooch back.  Of course, I haven't yet completed either of the pieces from the classes!  They will show up in this year's WIP list.

The fourth class was absolutely appalling.  The teacher was rude, confrontational, disorganised and useless as a teacher.  We were supposed to be making ribbon flowers.  Apparently there are 2 techniques.  The one she showed us was different to the one on the hand out and she got very angry if we tried to follow the written instructions.  I actually walked out of the class.  

I'm going to be back later in the week with my list of WIPs to be tackled this year.  Then I need to find some linkies to help keep myself accountable.  If anyone knows of any, please let me know!


Shirlee Fassell said...

They all look interesting. I can see you all throwing your felt against a table I smile just thinking about it!

Rachel said...

There's "17 in 2017" at pomegranate'n'chintz, but I'm sure there will be others too.

The workshops at Harrogate are pretty varied, aren't they!

Bethany said...

That heart looks like it's going to be something delightful!!
Why would someone even teach if that was going to be their attitude?
Happy new year to you! Emphasis on the happy :)

margaret said...

I hope ypu cpmplained about the teacher from the last class very unprofessional. Certainly the three other classes were a great success the wet felting sounded fun. How good to stay over the road I travel but only come for 2 or maybe 3 days, maybe we could meet up next year at the show.

quirkyhannah said...

The wet felting sounds and looks like soo much fun! Ugh what a horrible end to your classes- hopefully you got your money back for it!

D1-D2 said...

All these classes look very interesting. Too bad about the last class :( Was it a payed class?

Jane Galley said...

Glad you had fun with your classes, horrible it had to end with a bad one. Welt felting is quite fun to do

Anonymous said...

Fabulous selection of techniques and results - taking some of the classes at Harrogate is something I keep meaning to try!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Sounds like some great classes! I'm sorry the last one was so useless...