Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cross stitch

I suppose the cross-stitch came before the knitting as several years ago I cross-stitched a tiny little Mouse-Loft pig for my mum and made it into a notebook.  I had the urge again just before mum's birthday in November and cross-stitched her a Peter Rabbit bookmark.  The pain of completing it!  If only I'd known about embroidery hoops!  It took me hours and hours and hours but was presentable by the end!  I then made about 4 cross-stitch Christmas cards before embarking on The Big One. 

The Big One was a kit by Heritage Crafts of a couple dancing the Tango, originally painted by John Clayton.  Bought for me as a Christmas present, I eagerly began in the new year.  After a couple of weeks of frantic stitching, I had to stop as I had to prepare for the wedding, so I picked it back up again on the odd evening and then after the wedding.  Then, on Saturday 21st August, 2010, I finished it!!  Here it is in all its glory:

I love it!  I know some people frown at the idea of crafts from kits, but they can be such a good way of introducing a new craft, and so enjoyable.  It was counted cross stitch so I feel a lot of work went into it from my point of view.  I did initially make a mistake, I didn't notice that the front of the girl's dress was in the pink tones and carried on in the flesh tones, it wasn't until I'd got down to her skirt that my husband pointed out that she was topless! 

I have 2 more of the kits to complete now, both by John Clayton for Heritage Crafts, but I'm having a little breather before I begin!  The worst part for me is sewing the canvas onto the frame!

I've been hunting around the internet for cross stitch inspiration and have found plenty of fantastic websites, mainly French or Italian with free cross stitch grids.  I found them through Craft Gossip which does stitchery round ups very often.  I have a bit supply of these grids saved on my computer, awaiting my next plunge into cross stitch!

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