Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I have always been adverse to sewing.  I could about manage to sew a button on, but that was where it ended.  I really was surprised when I was overcome with an urge to sew some little lavender sachets.  It all began before last Christmas and I'd been seeing lots of heart everywhere, including sewn ones.  I decided I HAD to make some for Christmas presents.

I bought a fat quarter bundle in Christmasy colours and set to work.  After a couple of setbacks, I got the shape right and started sewing.  I made 22 in all but didn't take a single photo and gave them all away! 

Since the wedding I was overcome with the urge to sew yet again so I bought another couple of fat quarter bundles - one in bright colour and one in the same colours with white polka dots.  I sewed one heart from each and tracked some lavender down to stuff them. 

Sorry about the rubbish photo!  I threaded them with embroidery thread and they are hanging in the hall cupboard to try to counteract the shoe smell in there!  They are all plain on the back.  It was at this point that I also realised the importance of matching thread in making them neat.  My first set of hearts were all sewn with white thread and it showed at the edges.

I had my first sewing machine lesson in June, with my mum.  She has now lent me her machine so I can practice and I'm in the middle of making a knitting needle roll from some gorgeous fabrics I bought.  More on that later.

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