Thursday, 2 September 2010

Toddler t-shirts

It was my friends' daughter's second birthday last week.  I decided I'd have a go at appliquéing her a t-shirt.  I went to a supermarket on my way home from work as I didn't have time to go into town.  Almost all the toddler tops were printed or embroidered already!  I finally settled on a pack of 3 tops, one was purple with long sleeves, one white with long sleeves and one was purple with white dots and short sleeves.

When I got them home I found I had a square of fabric which exactly matched the purple spotty top!  I decided to make the set of three for her and do an elephant on the white one as I loved the results of my elephant for the alphabet chart.  So, I bondawebbed and cut out and ironed on, then I began to stitch.  I knew I had to do a satin stitch over the raw edges as a toddler top will get a lot of washing, so I started to hand-sew.  Hours later I was still hand sewing it!  The result?  Helena only got one t-shirt for her birthday and I need to get the other 2 sewn up to give to Rebecca next week!  Luckily I have one more square of that purple spotty fabric...


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karen said...

Hi Wendy, this looks so pretty! thanks too for the lovely words about my work, Karen