Sunday, 5 September 2010

the knitting needle roll is finished!

My mum lent me her sewing machine last weekend and said I could keep it for a while.  I'm brand new to machine sewing so, not one to take things slowly, I immediately decided to make a knitting needle roll of my own design.

I'd bought some lovely fabrics which matched to a fat quarter I wanted to use.  I hadn't thought about the fact that the fat quarter was too small to make a knitting needle roll from, but after cutting it in half and stitching it up, I made it work!  I finally finished on Friday night, after many hours of pinning and tacking and sewing, and ripping out the seam and sewing it again!  In the end I did manage to sew the front on upside down so the two little pockets are a in a bit of a strange place but hey, I made it!

Here are the photos:

Here is the inside with all my needles in it, the top folds down to cover them and stop them falling out like this:

(That pocket shouldn't be there!)  And here is the outside:
And here it is all rolled up:

Although frustrating, I did enjoy making this and it gave me some confidence.  I think I just need to make sure things are facing the right way before sewing them on!

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